A few words about…™ The Tall Men – in Blu-ray

A nice job from Fox, and a terrific Twilight Time release. 4 Stars

Raoul Walsh, for those who may be unaware, was one of the great American filmmakers, going back to 1912. For those who may care, yes, he worked on The Klansman.

His 1955 Fox production, The Tall Men, is one of the quintessential Clark Gable films.

Victor Young is responsible for the score. The film was shot by Leo Tover, and it’s a quality production, all around.

Which means, at least to me, that Twilight Time’s release of the film, is a cause for celebration.

Is it worth your time?


How does it look?

After viewing the screen grabs, far better than I surmised. I’m seeing no apparent x/y problems. Color appears extremely accurate for the early 5248 era, grain is appropriate, cut-in printer functions have been handled neatly, and the stereo tracks work beautifully.

A nice job from Fox, and a terrific Twilight Time release.

Image – 4.75

Audio – 5

Pass / Fail – Pass

Upgrade from DVD – Yes



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Robert Harris



  1. Keith Cobby

    Anyone know how it compares to the Koch?

    According to Bruce Kimmel in another thread, this is supposed to be a new image harvest. I never bought the German BD, so I can't comment, though I'm definitely getting the TT, as this has always been one of my favorite films.

  2. Randy Korstick

    Good to hear it looks and sounds great. This is a great western and somewhat overlooked.

    Would have preferred Whispering Smith with Alan Ladd, it's a far better western film from 1948.

  3. Nick*Z

    I'll agree the Blu looks fine, if you don't immediately notice the heavy cropping on the left side of the frame. Any thoughts on that?

    I’ve not seen examples, but one might surmise that if they come from a video source, that they’re open matte, revealing the sound track area.

    By the time of the film’s release date, September 1955, I believe all magnetic prints were mag/opt 2.35, although it could have been a 2.55 outlier.

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