Having always been a fan of Mr. Keaton’s 1927 College, I spent some quality time viewing the new

And was unamused.

After a long explanation of the number of elements harvested for image, and the work performed, the Blu-ray
appeared far worse than I might have imagined.

Are these the finest materials that came from Rohauer? And world-wide archives?

Main titles, inter-titles, had what I can only reference as swimming grain. Like a myriad of tadpoles having
just hatched, and finding their way around the screen.

There’s virtually no shadow detail. Black levels are horrific. Basically, the entire film appears to be a dupe of
a dupe of a dupe. It doesn’t appear any better than a quality 16mm print.

Think a big close -up of King Kong – all eyes and teeth.

I recall the old Blackhawk prints were superior in 16mm.

Go West, which is a couple of years older, faired better, but still not great. Speed correction was extremely
evident, as grain would move haltingly.

There’s decent shadow detail, and an overall more pleasant experience.

College is decidedly not.

Image – College – 2.5,
Go West – 3.25

Audio – Nice tracks, but not applicable

Pass / Fail – College – Fail,
Go West – Pass


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Nov 7, 2012
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Kevin Oppegaard
How do these compare to the previously issued Kino? I have the region B Masters Of Cinema, but I haven't checked it out yet. I am assuming that the transfers are the same ones as used on the Cohen, as they have been on the previous releases.