A few words about…™ Shutter Island — in 4k UHD Blu-ray

4 Stars

For those who have not yet experience Mr. Scorsese’s Shutter Island, my advice would be to not read reviews.

There are a myriad of differing points of view, and narrators running through the film, which I found of great interest. Some reviewers found discomfort in that fact.

For one of it’s rare 4k releases, Paramount has given us something special. A bit darker, and gloomier, overall than it’s Blu-ray counterpart, but a glorious effort that works on it’s own, even in projection.

Rich black blacks, beautiful color, and the overall organic feel of film.

On an OLED panel, things get even better.

Absolutely worth one’s time and investment.

Final thought. Where Best Buy charges an additional $5 for a steelbook, Paramount throws it in as part of the package. Current street price is set at $28, and one might expect it to go down from there.

A quality release, all around.

Image – 5

Audio – 5 (DTS-HD MA 5.1)

Upgrade from Blu-ray – Yes

Pass / Fail – Pass

Highly Recommended


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Robert Harris



  1. I finally watched the Blu-ray last October. Scorsese rarely disappoints and this is a fun puzzle box of a film. I don't know if I'm in a hurry to upgrade since the Blu looks and sounds incredible, but this is going on my eventual list. Anyone who doesn't own it already or haven't seen it should make this a priority.

  2. Worth

    I found this to be one of Scorsese's lesser films, and the "twist" utterly lame.

    I think Scorsese struggles when he makes movies where he doesn't have some personal connection to the material.

    He basically feels like "director for hire" here and I don't think he pulls off the story well…

  3. I really like the movie and think it’s a nifty little period piece spin on the whole haunted house/hospital genre. But it also at times feels like something that desperately wants to be a b-movie, being pulled into prestige territory. My brain got to the ending before Scorsese did.

    Casino is three hours but it flies by for me. But most of his movies since then, for me at least, feel longer than they need to be. And it’s not that I hate long movies (Casino might by me favorite of his) but sometimes less is more. I love Hugo too but I think it would have played better at 105 mins than at 130.

  4. I say why I love this movie in my review, but I think why it stands out to me is, as Josh alludes to, it is a B-style movie with the craftsmanship of A+ movie making. I also don’t think the twist is meant to surprise really because so much of it is laid out, and rather think this film is about the journey through the settings and the deceptiveness of a human mind. I think Scorsese pulls it off nicely and is a fun excursion from his more familiar wheelhouse.

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