Best to take a look, and find out for yourselves. 4 Stars

Stanley Kramer’s Oklahoma Crude is a difficult film to categorize.

Possibly a dramedy, but not precisely.

It occurs in 1913, the year of the filmmaker’s birth, and concerns a young woman set on success toward her own oil rig. But big business arrives, and it isn’t a good situation.

We have several superb performances, George C. Scott, doing roguish comedy, Faye Dunaway as the driller, John Mills as her unwanted dad, and Jack Palance, as the bad dude.

Mr. Kramer was known for sending messages in his tales. This isn’t one of those.

It’s a film that, at least to me, plays better now that it did in 1973, especially with its strong heroine, and her sexual concepts.

It also seems to be the closest to crowd favorite, Mad World, for any number of reasons.

The score by Henry Mancini plays toward comedy, but that’s not what’s going on here.

Best to take a look, and find out for yourselves.

As to quality, it’s from Columbia.

‘Nuff said.

Image – 5

Audio – 5

Pass / Fail – Pass



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May 6, 2015
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Twilight Time.
...and don't forget to mention, it's another work by DP Robert Surtees.
Oh yes, this could prove to be one beauty of a disc.
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Oct 8, 2018
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One movie that fills used record store soundtrack sections but rarely played on TV. I always thought the cover looked like a box office killer: George C. Scott in a "wifebeater" shirt with porkpie hat and shotgun. Hilarious.

Charles Smith

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Jun 27, 2007
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Charles Smith
I remember its release, and that I never saw it. I have no idea why, since I was most definitely crazy about Scott and Dunaway et al. But going on this description, I must have had absolutely no idea then what kind of film it really was. It certainly sounds appealing now!
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