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Color is wonderful, as would befit a recent image harvest.

As his second directorial effort, Mr. Eastwood didn’t steer far from home.

High Plains Drifter (1973) returned to the wonders of the films of the Leone era, and the “Man with No Name.”

Kino’s new Blu-ray, which is also available via the Universal Blu-ray, released two years ago, gives us some
worthwhile extras, inclusive of a commentary from Alex Cox.

It arrives on October 27, along with Two Mules for Sister Sara.

This is presumably derived from the same master used for the Universal version, and it’s a quality effort. I don’t know
the film well enough to opine on the accuracy of some of the black levels, but they create a rich environment for the

Color is wonderful, as would befit a recent image harvest.

Audio, like wise, is perfect.

For those who might not already have a Blu, this is a worthwhile product for a quality film.

As I was viewing this film, I was thinking about the way that certain actors portrayed western character.

To compare the persona of the typical Eastwood character, vs (for example) Cooper, Wayne and others is a subject ripe for discussion.

Image – 5

Audio – 5

Pass / Fail – Pass

Upgrade from previous Blu-ray – Yes, but only for the extras



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Robert Harris


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Lou Sytsma

Senior HTF Member
Nov 1, 1998
Real Name
Lou Sytsma
My personal favorite Eastwood western. Love the otherworldly aspects. And his 'arrival' shot is so simply done yet so powerful.

Can't wait to upgrade this version.
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Dave H

Senior HTF Member
Aug 13, 2000
I watched the Universal disc last night (which I presume is about the same PQ as Kino) and it's a rather nice presentation and looks great projected. This is one of my very favorite Eastwood westerns.


Nov 11, 2007
Paris, France
Real Name
The Kino has sightly better contrast and colors, making it more pleasurable in motion.

However be warned that the mono mix included actually is stereo. It's probably a down mix of the 5.1 track, or a produced stereo track made at the same time as the 5.1.

Since no foley and sound effects seems to have been changed from the original mono mix, the 5.1 and stereo sound make for a very good experience, with more defined bottom. I love the film, and the Kino for now is my to go disc for it.

For the foreign dubs, you have to keep the old disc. For the full on original mono english mix, you have to keep the original DVD.

Malcolm Bmoor

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 27, 2004
Real Name
Malcolm Blackmoor
Why the determination that the mono is more desirable than a 5.1 version? The majority of films were mono only because the makers were cutting corners and in earlier times (until Dolby Stereo was installed in the majority of cinemas) only first run cinemas could run stereo. Would you also prefer your Blu-rays to carry the distorted terrible quality optical track as that is far more authentically nostalgically 'original' than even the mono from the magnetic Master?

It's all similar to people, usually too young to have been frustrated by by all the problems inherent in LPs, being obsessed with 'vinyl', preferably mono, when properly Mastered CDs are capable of infinitely better quality.

I'm grateful to the film makers who are now providing vastly superior sound for older films that I paid to see in dreadful sound at the time.


Stunt Coordinator
Aug 15, 2013
Real Name
Hugh S.
Kinda' wish they would stop milking Eastwoods older films to death and start getting them out on some quality 4K discs.