Another quality effort from Warner Archive. 4 Stars

In CinemaScope.

While not a particularly good film, it will be of importance to horror completists and Karloff fans – and both of those groups will be quite pleased by Warner Archive’s new offering.

Lovingly rendered in black & white, with an image that clean enough for government work, and only the slightest occasional shimmering, which may be part of the original photography.

According to notes found on IMDb, the film was shot in eight days at WB, on sets used for the Errol Flynn film, Too Much, Too Soon. As Carl Guthrie had just completed the Flynn film, he was hired for F1970, as he know how to light the sets.

Look for The Maltese Falcon, as set dressing.

Another quality effort from Warner Archive.

Image – 4

Audio – 5

Pass / Fail – Pass


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Robert Harris



Senior HTF Member
May 22, 1999
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Saw this on t.v. as a kid and didn't think much of it. A decent 2.35:1 black and white transfer has engaged my interest, however.


Second Unit
May 30, 2011
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David B.
The opening scene scared the daylights out of us kids sitting in the local theater with our feet up on the seats. Big let down when we found out what was really going on. lol. Then there was that moment when the door was opened and, shocker, there was the bandage wrapped monster standing there! I don't remember much else about it being very scary. But Karloff is always a pleasure to watch at work.