4 Stars

Moving more into the ethos of baseball is Field of Dreams, Phil Alden Robinson’s 1989 visit to Iowan corn country.

Generally, I love the look of this release, although at times I wonder if HDR has been over-applied a bit. I can’t say, as I’m not familiar with the negative, or the way that it was printed.

DTS-X has given a upgrade to the audio.

A film that I’ve always loved, and which has many fans.

Image – 5 (HDR10)

Audio – 5 (DTS-X)

Pass / Fail – Pass

Upgrade from Blu-ray – Yes

Highly Recommended


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Mar 28, 2016
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Moving more into the ethos of baseball is Field of Dreams, Phil Alden Robinson's 1989 visit to Idaho corn country.

Living in the state just to their north (the home of Moonlight Graham), I can tell you that if you don't correct that, an Iowan is likely to send cow pies to the Harris house ;)
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Mark Booth

Aug 25, 1999
We're showing 'Field of Dreams' 4K in the Garage Theater this weekend. We don't have a 4K projector in there (yet) so the UB9000 will be downsampling the 4K to 1080p. Since the included Blu-ray wasn't remastered, gotta use the 4K disc.