Pan’s Labyrinth Blu-Ray Review

The dark and magical originality of Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth is most deserving of its continued praise and popularity. A labor of love that saw del Toro waive his directorial fee and other remunerations to protect realization of his vision. That unbridled passion and uncompromised dedication to vision is […]


Weekly RoundUp 1-17-2017

Where to find the Best Deals on Movies & TV Shows on 4k/UHD, Blu-ray and DVD… The Features – Bad Day at Black Rock – 1955 – The Girl on the Train – 2016 – The Mad Magician – 1953 – Comes a Horseman – 1978 – Two for the […]

Foxconn and Sharp To USA

Foxconn and Sharp are scrambling to establish its foothold in the United States in a bid to secure its position as an Apple supplier. This is recently demonstrated by Sharp’s announcement that it is mulling the opening of an LCD plant in the country. Foxconn has acquired Sharp last year […]

LG Firmware Update For Dolby Vision

LG plans to win sales from Panasonic and Samsung by announcing a Dolby Vision firmware update for later this year.  The UP970 is also HDR10. Warner Bros, Lionsgate and Universal are expected to release the first UHD discs later this year.  Dolby Vision uses dynamic metadata to optimize a TV’s […]

I Love Lucy Superstar Special #2 DVD Review

In the spring of 2016, CBS once again presented two newly colorized episodes of its legendary sitcom I Love Lucy under the banner Superstar Special #2. These colorized episodes of one of the all-time great comedy series have always been ratings winners for the network, and this latest edition was […]

ATSC 3.0

When I first purchased my house, not that long ago, I made sure that I was going to keep by bills low.  Basically, I have the internet, and a cell phone.  I got a pretty nifty antenna so that I could watch some local things, maybe stay up to date […]

New Generation Of Sonos

I have always liked the Sonos brand.  I liked where they were headed, and what they had to offer.  Today, we got some big news. John MacFarlane, the CEO of Sonos, is stepping down, he announced in a blog post Tuesday. MacFarlane, who has been the CEO since the company […]