Visiting Criterion Collection

For show notes, please visit our corresponding discussion thread.  Full Criterion visit documented in the podcast episode, available via the audio player below. Sam Posten and Home Theater Forum Co-Owner Ron Epstein visit Criterion Collection in New York.  Sam interviews Technical Director Lee Kline, Producer Abbey Lustgarten and Audio Supervisor […]

For Those Who Still Think Physical Media Has No Place in the 21st century……tflix-for-physical-media-20191115-p53b1o.html An interesting piece that reinforces the old adage “can’t we all just get along?!?” Enjoy and be hopeful. Physical media isn’t dying. While streaming services would like everyone to think they are hastening its extinguishing, they’re not, and a whole cottage industry is starting to take advantage of it!

Red Heat – UHD Review

A Russian Police Officer, Ivan Danko (Arnold Schwarzeneggar), is sent to America to track down a Georgian drug lord, Viktor Rostavili (Ed O’Ross). Arriving in Chicago he is paired with street cop Art Ridzik (Jim Belushi). Hijinks and high explosives ensue when the pair buddy up to take down their […]

Universal Soldier UHD Review

Universal Solider is now 27 years old and is, despite all its clunky nature, is still a very entertaining concept action picture. It’s all preposterous and yet, wisely, doesn’t take itself too seriously. The blend of martial arts, gunplay, vehicular carnage, and solid action set pieces combine to make something […]

The Major and the Minor – Blu-ray Review

By the 1940’s, Billy Wilder had already established himself in Hollywood as a successful screenwriter, but had expressed issues with the way his scripts were being handled by other directors (Hold Back the Dawn being one example). Hoping for a chance to direct in order to maintain control of what […]

MIXXTAPE introduces player that looks like a cassette

Regular readers of our news bulletins will know that we rarely cover music players or, heaven forfend, budget headphones. But we couldn’t ignore this new player from MIXXTAPE, funded by Kickstarter, and which resembles a cassette – a product that even got recognition at CES earlier this year in the […]

MartinLogan releases ‘Artists in Motion’ short films

Speaker manufacturer MartinLogan is presenting “Artists in Motion,” a collection of short films spotlighting musicians who are passionate about their craft. The company says that the artists whose names you might not know (yet) all share a common goal: to achieve “Truth in Sound.” MartinLogan is known for its electrostatic […]

Alfred Hitchcock films in 4K??

So Vertigo was screened in 4K last year.. is there any rumors or movement on some of his films coming to UHd Blu ray or 4K digital streaming?