Arrival UHD Review

Arrival is the type of science fiction film that comes along once in a blue moon (pardon the pun), a film more concerned about its message and drama, taking its time to tell its story, rather than wow its audience with visual effects set pieces.


Fences Blu-ray Review

A masterfully performed, beautifully written and faithfully directed feature from Denzel Washington, Fences has the power to stay with you once the film has finished. The film never attempts to stray too far from the atmosphere of the originating Broadway play, but that doesn’t mean it should have. Rather, the […]

Netflix Unveils 2017 Line-Up of Recommended TVs

Netflix has unveiled its 2017 line-up of ‘recommended TVs’ that it says offer a superior Netflix viewing experience. The streaming video company has named three new models as the first Netflix-recommended TVs of the year: the 2017 range of LG 4K UHD TVs with WebOS 3.5; the 2017 Samsung 7, […]

Compulsion Blu-ray Review

The notorious 1924 trial of killers Leopold and Loeb, disguised somewhat as cinematic historical fiction, gets something of an unusual treatment in Richard Fleischer’s Compulsion.

LG Takes Aim at Samsung With New Nano Cell TV

LG, which has poured more resources into the still-nascent but more lucrative organic light-emitting diode TV, now has come up with its own upgraded version of the LCD, the Nano Cell. LG said its Nano Cell uses 1-nanometer uniform particles to create more subtle, accurate colors that retain their integrity […]