A League of Their Own 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Review

A League of Their Own is quite a well-crafted film, and the new 25th Anniversary Blu-ray will be a great way for fans of the movie to experience it again. Newer viewers to it may find that it doesn’t really live up to its hype – it’s actually a fairly ordinary film with occasional [...]

Underworld: Blood Wars Blu-ray Review

Underworld: Blood Wars is probably a reviewer-proof movie. It’s the fifth installment in a fairly successful series of vampire/werewolf bloody action pieces, and it’s made enough money that there will undoubtedly be another one inflicted before too long.   That doesn’t make it a good movie – just something that clearly has a fan base [...]

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter UHD Review

Movies based on video games is a genre that sees more failures than successes. It’s hard to imagine that Paul W.S. Anderson’s Resident Evil movie franchise managed to survive six films, supposedly coming to its conclusion with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. The film is a fun ride, with some nice action […]

My Life as a Zucchini Blu-ray Review

A story of damaged children, their fears and foes, their friends and families: that’s Claude Barras’ My Life as a Zucchini, one of the more delicately handled and bittersweet animated films of this or any other year.

Get Out Blu-ray Review

A horror movie with deeper sociological implications that are only partially realized, Jordan Peele’s Get Out to its credit strives for more of the psychological horror of The Shining or Rosemary’s Baby rather than the gross-out gore fests of most of today’s horror films.

Weekly RoundUp 5-16-2017

  Where to find the Best Deals on Movies & TV Shows on 4k/UHD, Blu-ray and DVD… The Features – Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – 2016 – xXx: The Return of Xander Cage – 2017 – Inferno 3-D – 1953 – The Space Between Us – 2017 – Willard […]

The Expendables UHD Review

The Expendables was Sylvester Stallone’s attempt to recapture the spirit of the 1980s action movie, allowing many icons from those films to appear on-screen together for the first time. On that basis, the movie works, but the movie would have benefitted from a more accomplished director.