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Bose 3-2-1 system...anybody tried it?

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#1 of 23 OFFLINE   John B.

John B.

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted November 03 2002 - 06:28 AM

I'm considering this http://www.bose.com/...ht_systems/321/ as a gift for someone. Someone who doesn't need a massive HT system or a complicated one, etc. Has anyone heard this system? I like it bc you only need to run wiring for the 2 spkrs and the sub (the room would require lots of wiring thru the attic, etc that i want to avoid, if i were to get one w/ 5 or 6 spkrs).

#2 of 23 OFFLINE   RussKon


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted November 03 2002 - 11:46 AM

i had a chance to hear this system at the mall of america in th bose store....i would strongly urge you not to buy it! it does produce effects that seem to be coming from the sides...but it does not produce the accurate imaging of a quality 5.1 surround system....it wouldn't be bad if it was only about $200...but we both know it's alot higher...

#3 of 23 OFFLINE   Richard.J



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Posted November 03 2002 - 12:39 PM

I find that most Bose systems don't deliver the impact or dynamic range that I look for in a speaker system, but depending on the application, it could make a good gift - personally I think you could spend the same amount and get better equipment elsewhere though.

#4 of 23 OFFLINE   Jerry St.Marie

Jerry St.Marie


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Posted November 03 2002 - 05:13 PM

I'm curious why none of the Bose units have the DD or DTS logos on them.

#5 of 23 OFFLINE   Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson


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Posted November 03 2002 - 05:24 PM

$999 for that thing? Absolutely not. You could get better sound by spending no more than half that on a home theater in a box surround sound system. If you're shopping for something simple you could buy a decent pair of speakers and a separate receiver and still get better sound while saving hundreds of dollars.

#6 of 23 OFFLINE   Grant B

Grant B


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Posted November 03 2002 - 07:30 PM

Commericals arent cheap! Act now so you can get the free base;l so your Tv can sound like a clock radio! A very very expensive clock radio.
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#7 of 23 OFFLINE   Travis G

Travis G

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted November 03 2002 - 07:47 PM

I read a review for this system. The reviewers gave it a poor review. I wish I could remember where I read it. Travis

#8 of 23 OFFLINE   MikeRP


    Supporting Actor

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Posted November 03 2002 - 09:24 PM

You'll get killed on this forum with a question about Bose....... But, I'd guess the question is - who are you buying it for? If its someone who has limited knowledge of electronics - has a hard time with seperate CD and DVD players and also someone who would have trouble setting up a 5.1 system (no room, you don't have time to do it for them) Then the Bose if it fits your pocket may work.. the room has to be small though...... If they can work a remote, and you can help set up the system - then there are better choices. Good Luck!! Mike

#9 of 23 OFFLINE   AntonS


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted November 04 2002 - 01:37 AM

Even if buying for somebody who has limited knowledge or does not want to run wires for surround channels, you still can do much better by buying a decent receiver and 3 speakers (mains and center). You may even have some money left for a small sub. I think all modern DSPs can create you some kind of pseudo-surround from 3 front speakers, Bose has done nothing new. On the other hand if 5.1 system is an option and all you want is simplicity, I'd look at some all-in-one home theater packages - other than Bose.

#10 of 23 OFFLINE   JoanPablo_T


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted November 04 2002 - 02:51 AM

the DD and DTS logos are on the bottom. Just FYI Posted Image

#11 of 23 OFFLINE   James_T


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted November 04 2002 - 03:28 AM

FYI, there seems to be a serious quality control issue with this system. Read the reviews at audioreview.com. We sell it where I work, and though I only gave it a listen for a few minutes, I was not all that impressed, especially not for $1000.
James Tedesco
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#12 of 23 OFFLINE   Jack Briggs

Jack Briggs

    Executive Producer

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Posted November 04 2002 - 03:56 AM

Here's some equipment that is genuinely good and will set you back for far less: * The top-rated, well-reviewed Acoustic Research HC6 speaker suite, which retails for $799, may be had from J&R Music World for only $399 plus shipping. * A decent receiver to drive those ARs would be an Outlaw 1050 ($499, Internet-direct) or even a Denon AVR-1603 (only about $400 at most online sources). Result? A much better-sounding system comprised of components that are respected by the home-theater community (in the magazines and at the online forums).

#13 of 23 OFFLINE   Siravut



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Posted November 04 2002 - 04:33 AM

bought it and returned it in a week. Not true surround sound...and not good in sound quality Posted Image

#14 of 23 OFFLINE   Garrett Lundy

Garrett Lundy


  • 3,764 posts
  • Join Date: Mar 05 2002

Posted November 04 2002 - 07:27 AM

I figured for $999 the dvd-player portion of the 3-2-1 should support progressive-scan and component video cables. But it never fails to amaze me how small the thing is. It's like the scale-model toy of HT (And sounds like it). For the price I'd buy a dvd-player, a stereo reciever, and a pair of good speakers.
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#15 of 23 OFFLINE   RussKon


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted November 04 2002 - 11:51 AM

I feel that it comes down to this. This bose system (as well as the whole acoustimass/lifestyle stuff) has limited and poor frequency response. This has been shown by outside reviewers (http://www.intellexual.net/bose.htm) This reviewer shows the frequency response of the bose stuff.

People who love bose do it for one of two reasons.

a. They are truly ignorant of the basic facts about audio systems, what is out there, and what good audio really sounds like.

b. They are trying to justify their expensive plastic boxes mounted on their walls. "Of course it sounds good, I spent $2500 on this system." (or $1000, $1500 or whatever)

If you have done any research online...(yes, taking it for what's it worth) don't spend a dime on bose with out listening to alot of other stuff first. If you don't bother to listen to other stuff, then you deserve what you get.

#16 of 23 OFFLINE   ReggieW



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Posted November 04 2002 - 01:28 PM

How about this, Denon 1603 or Onkyo 500 350.00 JBL NSP-1 Package 225.00 Panasonic RP-82 - Progressive Scan and DVD-A 210.00 Sony SWM40 subwoofer 150.00 ALL of this for the price of a measly Bose 321 system whichs boasts to ALMOST give you full surround from three speakers. Well, you can get REAL surround and quality components for less money. Reg
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#17 of 23 OFFLINE   Yogi



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Posted November 05 2002 - 07:48 AM

I will take plain old stereo from a decent stereo receiver and a set of two speakers, over some phoney simulated surround sound from Bose.
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#18 of 23 OFFLINE   LanceJ



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Posted November 05 2002 - 05:12 PM

John B.: Do these people want a full-fledged 5.1 theater system? Because if they don't, an "old-fashioned" stereo system can still sound excellent, just without the gee-whiz sound effects.

The reason I ask is the fact that a 5.1 system is a real bear to set-up for non-HT people (heck, it can be a major chore for us hobbyists). I've found through frustrating personal experience owners of 5.1 systems that don't care about 5.1 sound either totally foul up the settings....and don't notice or even care; or they just give up & listen through the TV's speakers; rear speakers are set on top of the front mains because mounting them in the proper places is "too much of a hassle"; or the center channel is behind a potted plant "since it is so ugly & doesn't match my furniture" (friend's wife).

If they are this extreme type, buy one of the many beautifully designed "executive" systems that are out there-many even have powered subs. Then you just have to hookup a DVD player.

Or if they want good sound & don't mind a little more clutter, there are some stereo receivers still available. Two examples:

Denon DRA-395 (Not intimidating to use; powerful amp; video switching; even has a sub output!):

Yamaha RX-396 (Trust me: 50 watts/channel can be LOUD-and I don't mean only if you use horn-loaded speakers either): http://yamaha.com/cg....AVR00010RX-396

Personally, I wouldn't buy a sub/sat system unless they are at least kind of picky about sound quality: subs require careful placement & if they don't care it could very likely get shoved behind the TV stand, under a chair, etc. where it will sound lousy. Instead, buy some high quality bookshelfs and some nice stands for them. One nice looking/sounding choice I like (I think Circuit City sells these in a slightly upgraded version called the "Interlude" series): http://infinitysyste....s=ENT&Status=C

Just some ideas.


#19 of 23 OFFLINE   Oscar_R


    Second Unit

  • 346 posts
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Posted November 05 2002 - 08:36 PM

you just don't understand the power of video stage 5.....

#20 of 23 OFFLINE   Jeremy Hopkins

Jeremy Hopkins


  • 48 posts
  • Join Date: Jul 09 2002

Posted November 05 2002 - 11:17 PM

I'd watch the video stage 5 comments Oscar.....Its super inteligent....If they find out you've been talking about them the systems will jump off the wall at you next time your in a store with Bose.....You never know what they might do to you....hell....why do you think everything Bose is overpriced? Its the artifical Inteligence.....OOOO

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