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Eddie Murphy's career over with?

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#1 of 29 OFFLINE   Blu



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Posted August 26 2002 - 10:33 AM

After the bomb that is Pluto Nash (like 3 million gross on a 100 million dollar movie)
Are Eddie Murphy's days as any kind of a movie draw over with?
I think he has to get back to the kind of comedy that made him famous in the first place, the raw raunchy kind.

#2 of 29 OFFLINE   Anthony_Kleiner



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Posted August 26 2002 - 10:55 AM

Well. He is already making his next movie which is coming out in November. Called "I SPY" with the guy from "Behind Enemy Lines". The one with the wierd nose.

It looks good from the trailer. However, it remains to be seen how it will do in the box office.

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#3 of 29 OFFLINE   Michael Reuben

Michael Reuben

    Studio Mogul

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Posted August 26 2002 - 10:55 AM

You could easily have said the same thing (and people did) after Beverly Hills Cop III and Vampire in Brooklyn. But Murphy went on to make box office successes like the Nutty Professor series and the Dr. Dolittle films.

One bad movie does not kill a career. Do you think people won't hire Harrison Ford again because of The Widowmaker or Random Hearts? Murphy's had more hits than most stars, and he'll have them again in the future. I don't know whether I Spy will be one of them, but I'm curious to see it.

I think he has to get back to the kind of comedy that made him famous in the first place, the raw raunchy kind.
I would say it was his character work that made him famous, starting with SNL (where you couldn't get away with raw and raunchy). It's still what he does best.

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#4 of 29 OFFLINE   Terrell



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Posted August 26 2002 - 11:01 AM

I agree! Good post Michael. If putting out bad movies that don't do well at the box office kills careers, then Stallone would have long been dead, and probably Arnold as well.

#5 of 29 OFFLINE   Robert Crawford

Robert Crawford


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Posted August 26 2002 - 11:07 AM

Good post and the "I Spy" film looks like it could do some good box office business.




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#6 of 29 OFFLINE   Mitty


    Supporting Actor

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Posted August 26 2002 - 11:46 AM

I think he'll be fine, because he has talent.

There'll always be a place for him in Hollywood, even if he's not "opening" blockbuster movies and pulling in $20M paychecks.

Case in point, his smallish role in Bowfinger, IMO his best part(s) in years.

#7 of 29 OFFLINE   Marshall Alsup

Marshall Alsup

    Second Unit

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Posted August 26 2002 - 11:55 AM

Well, I for one am with Blu. I LOVE his "R" flicks like BHC, 48Hrs, etc. much better than his newer ones.

I haven't really enjoyed most of his newer stuff (haven't seen Pluto Nash) nearly as much.

I am going to be "that guy" here... He gave in to the PG/PG-13 "wussafying" of movies.

Just my opinion man.
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#8 of 29 OFFLINE   Thik Nongyow

Thik Nongyow

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted August 26 2002 - 12:03 PM

I had heard word that the Golden Raspberry Foundation may put "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" as one of its "worst picture of the year" list. The same goes for "The Master of Disguises," and "Serving Sara."

#9 of 29 OFFLINE   Anthony_Kleiner



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Posted August 26 2002 - 12:08 PM

"The Master of Disguises" and "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" I agree with being the worst movies of all time.

However, "Serving Sara" was actually a funny and quite decent movie.

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#10 of 29 OFFLINE   Seth Paxton

Seth Paxton

    Lead Actor

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Posted August 26 2002 - 06:33 PM

Murphy is fine, but not making his best comedy either.

Bowfinger and Showtime are both examples of how he has talent, can still be funny, but has worked with lesser scripts/direction.

Some of his decline can be directly marked by his own frustration with being the guy with that laugh, etc. He decided to move away from that and it shows. Not so much because only that can be funny from him, but I think he has struggled to find a "new" identity. He is still best when being himself and I wish he would just accept that and go with it.

You know what I mean, the Murphy that delivers lines like "I ain't gonna fall for no bannana in the tailpipe" with his unique style. It feels very genuine and he's naturally funny.

But he just hasn't been as strong with the "new" Murphy. I think he slips into the old from time to time in every film, and it ends up being some of the funniest stuff.

Unfortunately I think I Spy looks to be real trouble. Probably no better than Showtime I would guess. But like Showtime I think we can expect at least a few real laughs from Eddie (like "This IS a sock"). I just think what they have done with the film as a whole doesn't look promising.

#11 of 29 OFFLINE   Mark Pfeiffer

Mark Pfeiffer


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Posted August 27 2002 - 03:14 AM

Pluto Nash was considered dead on arrival. The studio had held back releasing it for some time because they knew they had an enormous dud on their hands. Whether Murphy was in it was irrelevant, really. Whether you like or don't like everything he's made in the last few years, the guy has shown, more often than not, the ability to draw audiences. Good grief, Doctor Doolittle 2 was awfully successful, and Murphy was responsibile for a large part of that.

Part of the problem, as well, is runaway production costs. Pluto Nash and Showtime cost way more than they ever should have.
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#12 of 29 OFFLINE   Scott Leopold

Scott Leopold

    Supporting Actor

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Posted August 27 2002 - 03:50 AM

I've always liked Eddie Murphy, so I personally hope he can pull off a few more great roles--even if they are just needless sequels to 48hrs and BHC. I didn't enjoy either of the Nutty Professor or Dolittle movies, and don't think I've really seen him in anything else since Another 48hrs. I Spy could be good, but the recent track record on rehashes of old TV shows hasn't been the best. I haven't seen the previews, but I like both EM & whichever Wilson brother it is in the movie, so I'm hoping it turns out good.

#13 of 29 OFFLINE   Carlo Medina

Carlo Medina

    Lead Actor

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Posted August 27 2002 - 04:36 AM

Eddie's career is typical of most Hollywood stars: hits and bombs and everything in between.

I agree, he is talented in what he does (comedy, characters, etc.). As long as there is a market for that, there will be a market for him.

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#14 of 29 OFFLINE   Qui-Gon John

Qui-Gon John


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Posted August 27 2002 - 04:42 AM

I liked Showtime and Eddie's portrayal in it. When his character wasn't 'acting' that was like the old Eddie. When his character was trying to be emotional, that was purposefully bad.

And on Harrison Ford, I thought Widowmaker was OK and I really liked Random Hearts.

#15 of 29 OFFLINE   Mike Broadman

Mike Broadman


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Posted August 27 2002 - 05:44 AM

Blu, I believe Murphy specifically wants to avoid the real racey stuff. IIRC, he expressed regret over the harsh nature of his Delirious and Raw stand-up days.

Which is a shame, because that stuff was his funniest work.

No matter what happends to him, he can always fall back on his singing career.

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#16 of 29 OFFLINE   DanHaya


    Second Unit

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Posted August 27 2002 - 05:50 AM

I read on CNN.com sometime last year that Murphy was working on a script for a possible fourth Beverly Hills Cop, but I haven't heard or read anything more about it since. If he could capture the same combination of action and comedy that BHC II had, it could put him right back on top.

#17 of 29 OFFLINE   FrankT


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted August 27 2002 - 02:51 PM

With a good script I still think he is very good. I thought he was excellent in Shrek and could not imagine anyone else being as good.

#18 of 29 OFFLINE   Eric F

Eric F


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Posted August 28 2002 - 04:25 AM

I see Dr. Dolittle 3 and Shrek 2 in Eddie's future...

#19 of 29 OFFLINE   Paul_Medenwaldt


    Supporting Actor

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Posted August 28 2002 - 05:15 AM

I've seen the trailer for ISPY a few times now and just from a marketing point of view it looks like they are focusing on Owen Wilson as the lead in this movie instead of Eddie Murphy.

I'm looking forward to seeing this movie just because of Owen Wilson.

As for Eddie, yea he'll have some stinkers, but I hope he doesn't make the mistake of wanting success so much that he'll make more sequals to his successful movies.

I really don't want to see a Dr. Dolittle 3 or a Beverly Hills Cop 4. But for some reason i would like to see a Nutty Professor 3! Posted Image

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#20 of 29 OFFLINE   JakeR


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted August 28 2002 - 10:08 AM

No one, and I mean no one, is going to run out to see a fourth Cop film. The last two were abysmal, and the third was DOA at theaters. It would be a horrendous misstep.

I think Murphy is doing fine. I think he exhausted his "raunchy" gimmicks back in the '80s and has moved on to lighter fare as a chance to try something new.

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