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My SVS 20-39CS w/Samson 700 has arrived!!!

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Posted July 10 2001 - 11:12 AM

Let me start by saying that it's sooooo nice to be able to FEEL scenes from movies that you'd only heard before.

That having been said, you can probably guess that this is my first subwoofer purchase, although I did audition a few when I was shopping for my mains about a year ago. At all the hi-end audio stores that I went to, I was surprised (I was a virgin newbie here, remember) that many good subwoofers cost just as much as the pair of my mains! Knowing that I wanted a sub, but then seeing the price, caused me to hold off the purchase for a while.

Thank heavens I did wait. I say this because if I hadn't I wouldn't have heard of SVS from audioreview.com or this forum, and I would have spent a lot more money than I needed to in order to get really nice bass. Thanks to everyone who has posted about SVS and therefore saved me some $$$.

I did have some hesitation at first, though. I believe strongly in the whole "Audition, audition, audition" mantra, and was a little nervous about ordering an unheard audio component via a company that I knew nothing of other than what was available on their website. However, after having read all of the reviews that are available over at AR and reading the forums and e-mailing SVS with questions before I ever slapped down the plastic, I became confident that I was set to get a good thing.

Once it arrived and it was set up, I threw in some movies: Das Boot, The Matrix, Unbreakable, Gladiator, and Saving Private Ryan. YUMMY! The SVS ended up doing everything I was hoping it would do and more.

My dad and brother came over and their first response was one of awe. That was just seeing the thing sitting in the corner behind my right main. Then the fun started. I played them a compare/contrast. I put in Unbreakable and played the tail end of the train scene with the subwoofer signal turned off. I then played it again with it on. Smiles from ear to ear and they asked for more. We began to do the same with the other movies listed until they told me just to leave it on and run with it. A good time had by all.

OK. I'm officially an SVS fan. I recommend them highly to any and all that want great bass without having to sell their first-born to get it.

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Trey Jones

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Posted July 10 2001 - 11:47 AM

I hope my experience is as good as your's. I just ordered a 20-39cs yesterday thanks to all the good SVS love you guys give on this forum. I wish I could say I have heard one, but I haven't, but I have heard some good subs. I just want that goofy smile, the one that makes being a hometheater lover worth while. I think you all know that smile. Posted Image

What speakers did you use in your setup with the SVS? I have Paradigm Monitor 9's as my mains which give rather nice bass in the upper frequencies. I am slightly worried that sound with the SVS will be really boomy in the upper bass frequencies. Did you have that problem. Anyone have that problem?
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Posted July 10 2001 - 12:22 PM

Trey, don't worry about any boominess with the SVS, the great thing about them is the lack of boom, or their flat frequency response. Just enjoy it when it comes.

I had 2 20-39's and they were awesome, now I have a single Ultra and am breaking it in gentley.

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Robert G

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Posted July 10 2001 - 01:48 PM

Stop it !! Your making me drool. My SVS has now made it to Texas but not to my house yet. I'm hoping for tomorrow.

Really though. Congrats and enjoy.

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Posted July 10 2001 - 02:28 PM

Chauncey welcome to the club Posted Image

I own 2 16-46 cs with the Samson and the eq. Depending on your room size I predict you will soon be starting that second job to get one more. Once set up these subs sure do make movies more enjoyable and adventurous.

Have you listened to any good music and compared it with/with out the sub? They are amazing for music, at least to my ears.

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Posted July 10 2001 - 02:33 PM

Congrats on the sub! My 20-39cs arrived today but have not hooked it up yet.I am curious to see how it will blend with my Servo 15a.From all I've heard I'm in for a great experience!
Pete, can't wait to read your reviews on the ultra!If the 20-39 does as good as the posts say I might be selling a Servo15a for an Ultra!


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Posted July 11 2001 - 03:32 AM

Thanks for the replies, folks. It's nice to be part of the "in" crowd! Posted Image

Trey, my mains are a pair of B&W CDM 7NT's and the SVS seems to be doing really well with them. I haven't noticed any boominess to the bass at all. Very clean and tight.

Joe, I tried out some good bass classical. I used Carl Orff's Carmina Burana and Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture (with real cannons, of course). It was very sweet. Haven't really had a chance to try other stuff yet, but hey, this puppy's less than a week old! I'll be listening to whatever I can get my hands on sooner or later! Posted Image