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which cables for dreamcast?

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#1 of 10 Tino D'Voe

Tino D'Voe


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Posted May 19 2002 - 04:49 PM

I just recieved a dreamcast for free from a friend. It didn't come with any video cable though. What can use to hook it up to my projector for the best possible picture? Do they sell any component cables for it?

#2 of 10 Scott L

Scott L


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Posted May 19 2002 - 05:03 PM

Posted Image No component but there is S-video. You can also get a VGA adapter for it that outputs a true 640x480 progressive signal. Perfect for a projector.

#3 of 10 Dave E H

Dave E H

    Supporting Actor

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Posted May 20 2002 - 06:01 AM

Get a VGA Adapter. I just sold my spare - they rock! I've got one for my HDTV - and the picture quality rivals a PS2.

#4 of 10 NickSo



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Posted May 20 2002 - 09:51 AM

Yeah, if you've got a projector, highly recommend finding yourself a VGA box... I can only imagine what the dreamcast looks like on a projector with VGA Posted Image

#5 of 10 Steve Bjorg

Steve Bjorg

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted May 21 2002 - 04:44 AM

Make sure the VGA box also has s-video out. That way you can switch signals easily for games that don't support VGA. BTW, with exception to Bangai-O, I haven't seen a game that couldn't be forced into VGA mode using the DC-X boot disc. And yes, it looks awesome on a projector. That's why I never got a PS2 or Cube (not enough VGA titles). I can't stand the softness of the s-video output anymore (don't even get me started on composite Posted Image ).

Have fun!!!
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#6 of 10 Robert Mee

Robert Mee


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Posted June 04 2002 - 04:43 AM

I just got my DC from a fellow member along with my VGA box from Dave E H. Some of the games won't load and flash the message "Incompatible A/V Cable. Please turn off power and insert new cable". Specifically the games Hydro Thunder and Evolution. I ran across the DC-X CD Loader ad. Is that what I need to play the "non-compatible" VGA games with the VGA box?

Also, what's a good source for buying DC games, other than E-Bay, and for VGA on a projector what are some of the more awesome titles to look for. I currently have:

Hydro Thunder (NON-VGA at the moment)
Evolution (NON-VGA at the moment)
Kiss Psycho Circus
Phantasy Star
Crazy Taxi 2
Sonic 2
NBA 2k1

I was a huge fan of Gauntlet at the Video arcade. Is Gauntlet Legends any good?

Thanks for any insight!

#7 of 10 Cameron Yee

Cameron Yee

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Posted June 04 2002 - 05:17 AM

VGA is definitely the way to go for the best possible image, but at times I found the clarity to be too revealing of the graphics. For those of who have to decide between playing on a 32" standard TV and a 17" VGA monitor, S-Video on a standard tube is a nice middle ground between startling VGA clarity and composite fuzziness. If I had a projector though, I would definitely go with VGA.

Recommended games with nice graphics:

Soul Calibur
Dead or Alive 2
Metropolis Street Racer
Sonic Adventure
Crazy Taxi 1 and 2
Grandia 2
Skies of Arcadia
Phantasy Star Online
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#8 of 10 Travis Kolesar

Travis Kolesar

    Second Unit

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Posted June 04 2002 - 09:21 AM

Another game with some sparkling, almost psychedelic graphics was Samba de Amigo. IF you don't mind dropping the cash for the maraca controllers, it's a ton of fun and I believe supports a VGA box output. It was THE game that convinced my friends they needed to own a Dreamcast, well, Soul Caliber helped too.
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#9 of 10 Steve Bjorg

Steve Bjorg

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted June 04 2002 - 11:36 AM


Hydro Thunder will definitely load with the DC-X disc (that should be that add you saw). I don't have Evolution (anymore), so I can't comment on that title. However, I do have Gauntlets and I'm a very big fan of the series. That said, Gauntlets DC was pretty much the biggest letdown ever. Yes, the graphics are better than on N64, but they only give the 4 base classes and none of the other cool looking guys. However, I still played it, but I wish it had had more extra featurese like the PS2 version.
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#10 of 10 Robert Mee

Robert Mee


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Posted June 04 2002 - 03:16 PM


When I read the promo for Gauntlet's legend, it mentions 8 different characters?