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Would you buy one of your Fav. Movies if it was ONLY on P&S DVD?.... I Did :(

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#1 of 150 OFFLINE   Marc Carra

Marc Carra

    Supporting Actor

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Posted April 29 2002 - 01:24 PM

Well I broke down and finlly did it. I swore I never would, but I did....... and now I feel dirty. "White Fang" has been one of my favourite Disney movies since I first bought it on laserdisc , years ago. When I heard of an immenent DVD release, I was overjoyed. Then came the news that it was full frame only. My joy turned to sorrow, and then to anger. Anyway, the disc hit the streets last week. I could not turn down the temptation of owning one of my favorite movies, once again. Granted, the full frame transfer looks pretty good, even on my widescreen set, I still feel dirty for not resisting the tempation. Has anyone else ever bought a DVD that wasn't available in widescreen, just because they enjoyed that particular title???? Marc.

#2 of 150 OFFLINE   Cynthia


    Stunt Coordinator

  • 199 posts
  • Join Date: Jan 02 2001

Posted April 29 2002 - 01:28 PM

Yes, but I try to buy second-hand (eBay or Half.com). It's a weakness. Posted Image

#3 of 150 OFFLINE   Ron Reda

Ron Reda


  • 2,281 posts
  • Join Date: Jul 27 2001

Posted April 29 2002 - 01:31 PM

Only once and it was only because I was a newbie at the time and didn't know better. The title? Spies Like us! :b
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#4 of 150 OFFLINE   Mike boettner

Mike boettner

    Stunt Coordinator

  • 230 posts
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Posted April 29 2002 - 01:38 PM

Nooooooooooooo..... Dont give into the dark side!!!!! I've been lucky, my favorite movies all come in widescreen. But if they weren't I still woundn't buy them. Pan and Scan makes me sick! Mike
"Dreams Do Come True"

#5 of 150 OFFLINE   AllenD


    Second Unit

  • 417 posts
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Posted April 29 2002 - 01:47 PM

I did, once, on accident. It was The Shadow. Never again!Posted Image

#6 of 150 OFFLINE   Michael St. Clair

Michael St. Clair


  • 6,009 posts
  • Join Date: May 03 1999

Posted April 29 2002 - 01:52 PM

If it is truly full-frame, you can matte it. How is that different from non-anamorphic letterboxed? Who here owns no non-anamorphic letterboxed discs? And I know there are several people here with 4:3 'Amazon Women on the Moon' discs.

#7 of 150 OFFLINE   Malcolm R

Malcolm R

    Executive Producer

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  • Real Name:Malcolm
  • LocationVermont

Posted April 29 2002 - 01:56 PM

Sounds like you fit the profile of Disney's perfect customer. An HT enthusiast who prefers OAR, but will give in and buy the P&S anyway if it's a film you really, really, really want.

Haven't been faced with that dilemma yet, but may when the Muppet films are released. I believe I only have 2 P&S titles, "Driving Miss Daisy" (received as a gift) and "Wrongfully Accused" (bought before I realized there even *was* such a thing as P&S DVD). I haven't watched either.

The war of attrition is how the studios will win the P&S fight. If we all cave in for our few "favorite" titles, then our numbers against P&S are greatly diminished. We gotta stick together! We need P&S will power!! Posted Image
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#8 of 150 OFFLINE   Seung Kim

Seung Kim


  • 35 posts
  • Join Date: Apr 01 1999

Posted April 29 2002 - 02:07 PM

No way! Ever since LD collecting days back in high school, never bought P&S. Bridges of Madison County is one of my favoite romantic movies, and still waiting for WS version so far...

#9 of 150 OFFLINE   Adam_WM



  • 1,630 posts
  • Join Date: Oct 25 2001

Posted April 29 2002 - 02:09 PM

I wouldn't. I have all of my favorite movies on full-frame VHS already. Why double dip? Posted Image


#10 of 150 OFFLINE   Dana Rodakis

Dana Rodakis


  • 22 posts
  • Join Date: Feb 13 2000

Posted April 29 2002 - 02:15 PM

I recently bought "House Arrest" to replace my widescreen laserdisc. I did not give in and set it back to DVD Empire for credit. I will not downgrade!
Dana's HT Page
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#11 of 150 OFFLINE   Todd_Brown


    Second Unit

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Posted April 29 2002 - 02:19 PM

Christmas Vacation, was a must own for me. Todd
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#12 of 150 OFFLINE   Andrew s wells

Andrew s wells

    Second Unit

  • 449 posts
  • Join Date: Nov 20 2001

Posted April 29 2002 - 02:20 PM

i have two in my collection. Spies like us and billy madison. Never again. NO reason for these companies not to offer a widescreen version of all movies. I keep hoping for widescreen transfers (animorphic of course) of the 2 puke and scan movies i have now.)

#13 of 150 OFFLINE   Robert Floto

Robert Floto

    Supporting Actor

  • 739 posts
  • Join Date: Jul 27 1999

Posted April 29 2002 - 02:22 PM

I would NEVER purchase a movie on DVD that was not OAR! Several personal favorites are only available in Pan & Scam, but I will not relent!
Movies I would purchase instantly if they were available in their correct aspect ratio:
Death Trap, Innocent Blood, The Shadow, and Remo Williams

#14 of 150 OFFLINE   Andrew Grall

Andrew Grall

    Supporting Actor

  • 646 posts
  • Join Date: May 17 1999

Posted April 29 2002 - 02:37 PM


#15 of 150 OFFLINE   Justin_S



  • 3,577 posts
  • Join Date: Mar 04 2001

Posted April 29 2002 - 02:42 PM

Nope. CUJO is a HUGE favorite of mine, and I had to battle the urge to get the pan and scan Artisan DVD, and I finally decided against it. Artisan had damn well better release an OAR version soon! Posted Image

#16 of 150 OFFLINE   StephenA



  • 1,514 posts
  • Join Date: Nov 30 2001

Posted April 29 2002 - 02:52 PM

I got Willy Wonka, a favorite of mine, in pan and scan for Christmas. Someday I'll upgrade it to widescreen.

#17 of 150 OFFLINE   Bjorn Olav Nyberg

Bjorn Olav Nyberg

    Supporting Actor

  • 948 posts
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Posted April 29 2002 - 02:53 PM

My first fullframe DVD was Showdown in little Tokyo, which was also one of the first DVD's ever. After that, I've also got some Disney animated DVD that were fullframe when the theatrical presentation was wider, in addition to this some Warner Kubrick DVD's. Other than that, I can't think of any else. At least there are no Pan & Scan movies in my collection (as opposed to full frame) but hopefully I will resist getting any else...
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#18 of 150 OFFLINE   Jesse Skeen

Jesse Skeen


  • 4,172 posts
  • Join Date: Apr 24 1999

Posted April 29 2002 - 03:01 PM

If it says "Formatted to fit your screen", I don't buy it. It's that simple. Same goes for any other alterations (music rights, etc)
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#19 of 150 OFFLINE   Randy B A

Randy B A

    Supporting Actor

  • 785 posts
  • Join Date: Feb 11 2002

Posted April 29 2002 - 03:05 PM

absolutely not. there are many DVDs that i am not buying until they are redone in WS.

#20 of 150 OFFLINE   LukeB



  • 2,179 posts
  • Join Date: Apr 26 2000

Posted April 29 2002 - 03:14 PM

Billy Madison is widescreen.

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