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Why do people feel the need to eat in movie theaters?

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#1 of 70 OFFLINE   MickeS



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Posted April 17 2002 - 10:03 AM

it's getting worse and worse. A little bag of candy or popcorn is fine and unobtrusive, but nowadays they sell pizza, burritos, cheese-covered chips and other stuff, that smells, makes noise and is generally slobby. Why do people have to buy this WHILE watching the movie? Isn't it enough if you eat it before or after the movie? And of course they bring in the super-sized sodas, so they have to go to the restroom halfway through the movie... How many here eat food like this when you're in the theater? /Mike

#2 of 70 OFFLINE   Luc D

Luc D

    Second Unit

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Posted April 17 2002 - 10:10 AM

You'd think people would know better than to eat a movie theatre hot dog. Posted Image

#3 of 70 OFFLINE   Julie K

Julie K


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Posted April 17 2002 - 10:11 AM

I like to eat while watching a movie. I don't do it often in the theater simply because mine only has stale popcorn with disgusting fake butter or hotdogs that will make you run to the toilet faster than a super-sized-big-gulp-five-gallons-o-soda drink will. But damn, I'd love to have pizza in the theater. Alas, my movie munching is confined mostly to the house and now with new carpet and sofa I have to be ultra-careful, so sometimes it's too much trouble. *sigh*
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#4 of 70 OFFLINE   JasenP



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Posted April 17 2002 - 10:27 AM

I only get a large "bladder buster" Coke and maybe some Junior Mints (they are very refreshing.) The total usually comes to less than $50 Posted Image I open the box BEFORE the start of the previews so as not to make noise.

BTW: People that think it's "OK" to talk through the trailers need a beating!

They should remove all noisy food from the concession stand. Some may argue that popcorn, the most traditional of movie foods is noisy, it is no longer so. The popcorn they serve at the UA theater I frequent is so soggy with psuedo butter that it is more mush than crunch.

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#5 of 70 OFFLINE   Will K

Will K


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Posted April 17 2002 - 10:32 AM

I enjoy popcorn as much as the next bloke, but I'm not sure I understand the concept of eating in the dark. Personally, I like to see what I'm eating. And what's with those humongous, gallon-gulper drinks these days? Shamu doesn't need that much friggin' liquid!
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#6 of 70 OFFLINE   JasenP



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  • Real Name:Jasen Potts
  • LocationKalamazoo, MI

Posted April 17 2002 - 10:36 AM


Shamu doesn't need that much friggin' liquid!


The ultimate irony being that they offer free refills on only the largest size!!!

3D is always a compromise. 


#7 of 70 OFFLINE   Scott Weinberg

Scott Weinberg

    Lead Actor

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Posted April 17 2002 - 10:36 AM

The rustling of wrappers is truly annoying, but I'd rather have that than the non-stop TALKING I often have to deal with.

People at movie theaters around here like to talk in fully conversational volumes. I'm stunned that I haven't been arrested yet. Posted Image

#8 of 70 OFFLINE   Craig Brandstetter

Craig Brandstetter


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Posted April 17 2002 - 10:36 AM

I never buy any food or drink at the theater. The prices are a rip off. I'm not paying that much for a freaking drink or popcorn! And if more people were like me, nobody else would have to pay that much either. I usually try to eat before I go. And I don't want to drink a lot and have to go to the bathroom and miss something. -Craig

#9 of 70 OFFLINE   Jason Seaver

Jason Seaver

    Lead Actor

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Posted April 17 2002 - 10:46 AM

Well, I often walk a mile or so to the theater during the summer, so I am often ready for something cold to drink, at least. And if it's a Brattle double feature, especially if I've rushed there directly from work... Yeah, then I'm hungry.
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#10 of 70 OFFLINE   Mike Graham

Mike Graham

    Supporting Actor

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Posted April 17 2002 - 10:58 AM

The bloated concession prices for popcorn and drinks go more towards the screen you're watching then the food you eat. The movie studios take well over 2/3 the ticket sales ; the bulk of the money that supports theaters are the popcorn and drink combos. Personally, I find the popcorn they serve at my theater (run by Empire Theatres of Atlantic Canada) delicious. The fresh popcorn and decent butter serve to enhance the movie-going experience. I believe Roger Ebert even commented on food in theaters, saying that it helped people prepare to sit still for the 2 hour duration of a movie.

#11 of 70 OFFLINE   David Ruiz

David Ruiz

    Second Unit

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Posted April 17 2002 - 11:01 AM

I know EXACTLY what you mean! I also hate for people to be eating during a movie, because they are SO loud! I hate for people to be moving their soda straw, up and down and making un-godly noises! What about those horrible people who buy BOXED candy, and they keep shaking the box back and forth, making all the candy slide from one side of the box to the other, making horrible LOUD noise! I can't STAND any noise during a movie! In my Home Theater, I make sure that no one brings in anything to eat. Absolutely no sodas either, because of the SLURPING sounds they make with their mouths! Don't *EVEN* get me started on Cell Phones or talking teenagers, because I'll explode!

#12 of 70 OFFLINE   Andrew_Sch



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Posted April 17 2002 - 11:14 AM

That's another thing I love about the Senator. They have popcorn, candy, soda, and THAT'S IT. Just the basics.Posted Image

My rule is never to get any food for a movie that's over two hours long, because they you'll need a drink to quench your thirst, and then you'll have to piss for at least 1/3 of the movie.
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#13 of 70 OFFLINE   Jack Briggs

Jack Briggs

    Executive Producer

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Posted April 17 2002 - 12:08 PM

Depends on the flick, really. If it's a group outing for some sort of popcorn-type movie, my attitude is whatever. If it's a film I care deeply about, no food or drink. But I rarely go to commercial theaters any longer. And in my home theater, beer is the liquid consumed. (Praise be to the Pause control.)

#14 of 70 OFFLINE   Brook K

Brook K

    Lead Actor

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Posted April 17 2002 - 12:21 PM

I don't really like to pay the prices at the movies, but usually do the AMC Moviewatcher thing, so when it's time for a free popcorn/soda, I get something. On the rare occasions my wife goes with me we bring our own soda in her purse. At the art theater where I'm by myself and would have to pay $6 for a combo, I pass unless I'm starving. But at home I almost always eat something while watching. I usually eat dinner during the movie.
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#15 of 70 OFFLINE   Anthony Hom

Anthony Hom

    Supporting Actor

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Posted April 17 2002 - 12:35 PM

Historically, the reason people in theaters is because they used to have double features (most movies at that time were 60-70 minutes in length) and they would have an intermission. during the intermission you could get food and a pit stop. But with the elimination of intermission, double features and longer films (now hitting the 3 hour mark is commonplace). Its hard to get people to see movies, so the theaters have to market to the comforts of the average viewer.

Sure, the die-hard viewers will not eat or drink anything during a film, but the average viewer wants that. There's actually an incentive to theater owners to have food, because if a film turns out to be bad, a person with food is less likely to walk out Posted Image

Now that selling food is the only way a theater can make any profits, food is here to stay, and they have to make more and more of what people want to snack on if people are to buy at all. that may explain the appearance of Nachos, mini- pizzas, ice cream cups to newer theaters. People generally can get tired of popcorn and hot dogs. Actually, I had a Century dog recently and it wasn't bad.

So considering the profit need, food is not likely to go away any time soon unless you can come up with a alternative to making any money for the theaters.

#16 of 70 OFFLINE   Matt Stone

Matt Stone

    Lead Actor

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Posted April 17 2002 - 12:36 PM

I never eat at the theater...don't know why. It isn't the prices...I just never feel like eating. At home it's a different story though, I'll have a sandwich or something while I'm watching a DVD.
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#17 of 70 OFFLINE   Duane Robinson

Duane Robinson

    Second Unit

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Posted April 17 2002 - 01:12 PM

I've been known to eat a full course meal at home while watching a film. At the theater however I usually just watch the movie with a soda or something. I haven't lost control over my bladder yet so I can hold it through the lenght of most movies especially if I go right before I go in. When I go to the theater right by my house for a matinee or a double feature then I stop of at Target and get a box of Junior Mints instead for a dollar instead of paying like 3 times that amount for it at the concession stand. To me Junio Mints are the perfect theater snack because it doesn't make as much noise in the box as other candies. Just be careful not to hold it too close to you as your body heat could melt the chocolates and cause them to stick to themselves and the box.
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#18 of 70 OFFLINE   Bill J

Bill J


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Posted April 17 2002 - 01:37 PM

I always get a large popcorn and a a 46 oz drink (I forgot the exact amount.) One of the theaters near me lets you put the butter on the popcorn yourself and I always put enough on so the bottom of the bag falls out.


That's another thing I love about the Senator. They have popcorn, candy, soda, and THAT'S IT.


Andrew, I love that theater too, but the parking there is awful.

#19 of 70 OFFLINE   Anthony Hom

Anthony Hom

    Supporting Actor

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Posted April 17 2002 - 02:11 PM

Bill, you sound like Homer Simpson, when he asked that his box of milk duds be filled to the top with melted butter (Poke of Zorro episode) . Posted Image Posted Image

#20 of 70 OFFLINE   Jeremiah



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Posted April 17 2002 - 02:23 PM

When I go to the movie I just get a regular Coke(and I will not get a large for 25 cents more) and a box of Junior Mints or Peanut M&M's. I never really hear people eating the times I go so maybe I just get lucky.
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