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My HT showing disturbing images

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Cees Alons

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Posted September 15 2001 - 10:35 PM

I haven't seen a movie in my HT for several days. I think many of you haven't.

All that was on my screens was the horror movie that is the recent reality. For many of us CNN and local news channels have been the main source of information and thus have become the main programming of our HT.

This time it doesn't make us feel "safe at home" as compared to the ugly little world of the public movie theatres outside. We feel insecure, we sense change. We want to cling together with other people and try to find comfort in a larger community. We want to discuss what's going on, what to expect, how this will end.

We want to contribute, to tell other people about our thoughts, our solutions and our feelings. We want to hear their opinions, we want to interact and have our mistakes corrected. Yes, interacting with other people also allows us to check the usefulness and the acceptability of our solutions, in the practical as well as social or moral sense. Generally we want that from people we feel we respect and trust. People of a similar mind as our own.

This forum is about Home Theater, and that is what binds us together. This forum simply could not close it's eyes for what's on those screens. It could not go on discussing movies and DVDs while ignoring the content we all were absorbing.

In another thread, Rob Gillespie explained what we try to achieve here. We feel the recent discussions somehow belonged here, but we also feel the real discussions now have to shift back to the public domain. After all, what was shown on our screens wasn't a movie at all.


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Andrew 'Ange Hamm' Hamm

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Posted September 16 2001 - 12:07 AM

Cees, I'm just beginning to be ready to agree with you. I actually visited the "Software" section yesterday for the first time since Tuesday morning, and I was ready to watch a movie last night.

Of course, this was helped greatly by the fact that Willy Wonka was on TV last night in all it's pan & scan (NOT to be confused with open-matte) glory.

(I'm still not ready to post in or read any Star Wars thread, though. That embargo is going on 2 years now.)

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Andrew 'Ange Hamm' Hamm

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Posted September 16 2001 - 12:43 AM

We've been hearing a lot about "returning to normal," and "the new normal" in the past few days. Since posting the above, I found a quote by Washington Post sports columnist Tony Kornheiser that I thought I would share:

I believe every day changes us forever in ways big and small. The assassination of President Kennedy, putting a man on the moon, the Salk vaccine, the Challenger blowing up, the Internet, the bombing of Oklahoma City, Mark McGwire hitting 70 home runs -- it all changes us forever. We can get back to normalcy. Normalcy moves. We just can't get back to yesterday. As Paul Simon says, "These are the days of miracle and wonder, and don't cry baby, don't cry, don't cry."[/quote]

Normalcy moves. We will never be back to what was "normal" at 8:30 AM on Tuesday, but it's time to start finding what "normal" is going to become and to get on with it.

Go to church today.

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Posted September 16 2001 - 01:15 AM

Andrew, that's a very interesting and insightful post by Mr. Kornheiser. Thanks for sharing that.

I listened to music on Monday night, alternating between it and the Giants-Broncos football game. I don't mean to sound melodramatic, but that seems like so long ago. I remember coming home from work on Monday evening with no concerns other than listening to music and watching football. By Tuesday morning, of course, none of that mattered. I didn't touch any of my components again until Friday evening. From Tuesday evening when I got home from work until Friday evening, all I could really do was watch the news and speak to loved ones. I have listened to some music this weekend, however. Yesterday was the first day since the incident that I could watch anything on TV other than the news for a prolonged period of time. I'm starting to get back to "normal", but it isn't easy.

To give you an idea just how quickly things change in peoples' lives, I'll share a personal story from the other day. Many of you may have experienced something similar in the last few days. I was in a car dealer having a minor repair done on my new car Friday (having a scraped wheelcover replaced). While I was waiting for the repair to be completed, I was chatting with the salesman I bought the car from in the showroom. As we were talking and watching the news in the showroom, we heard a siren out on the road. We both immediately dropped the conversation and in a panic looked out the window. It was "just" an ambulance. It's amazing how sensitive we are to such things now. I get a bit jumpy at the sound of sirens now, and suddenly, the siren being an ambulance rushing down the road is a relief. It reminds of the time before the incidents on Tuesday when an ambulance rushing down the road was typically the worst thing one would see in a day. It is a relatively common occurrence. Seeing an ambulance rushing down the road and knowing that the siren was nothing more than that was a "relief". It's sad.

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Eric Scott

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Posted September 16 2001 - 01:56 AM

Cees, that is a very well put and reflective post of how many of us feel.

finding what "normal" is going to become
Accordingly, I believe the forum will have greater depth of what we are made of, what we have inside and our personal qualities as human beings. Putting the significance of how our movies, cables and equipment are made into proper perspective.

Have a nice day...I'm off to work.

#6 of 11 OFFLINE   Bruce Abar

Bruce Abar

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Posted September 16 2001 - 05:30 AM

My wife and I are having a hard time to get back into movies. Our T.V. has been focused only on CNN since Tuesday.We will be watching something this week, but our choices will stream into a more comedy or drama selection.I think I will be a little more relaxed when I know what Mr. Bush is going to do about the attacts. As a Canadian I proudly display the USA flag on my house to show total support of any move USA makes.


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Posted September 16 2001 - 06:33 AM

All of our lifes have change in the last 5 days. Most of u weren't there, but we all spent hours watching in disbelief as the events unfolded.

You can't help but be changed by daily events. Let's just hope that the recent events in N.Y. will allow us to grow as a people.

Beyond the growth we need to get back to our own lives. Let's try to enjoy our days, our friends and families,HTs, and even the sun and how beautiful it is when it rises on a new day.

Will I be watching any terrorist dramas soon....probably not.

Will I be watching something to raise my spirits...yep. Probably a movie from simpler times.... Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

It's good to have people to talk to.

Brent L

#8 of 11 OFFLINE   Rob Gillespie

Rob Gillespie


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Posted September 16 2001 - 06:51 AM

I actually watched Three Kings this afternoon. I've no idea why, but I was just drawn to it (again).
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Inspector Hammer!

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Posted September 16 2001 - 11:50 AM

I know what you mean when you talk about being jumpy and nervous. Friday morning as I was waiting to go to work, I heard some distant thunder, and I swear for a second I thought it was a bomb going off somewhere in the area! I was so relieved when I realized we were just having a thunderstorm moving in.

I don't know about the rest of you but I love listening to Bush speak! He really knows how to comfort people i'll tell ya, and I actually felt alot better after his speaches! I feel a level of confidence unlike any i've known in my government to be on top of this situation and to eventually do what must be done to take care of the problem of terrorism. It makes me feel good seeing everyone with American flags on their cars and porches too.

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#10 of 11 OFFLINE   Brian Harnish

Brian Harnish


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Posted September 16 2001 - 12:35 PM

Like everyone else, I was deeply affected by the WTC tragedy. But, that doesn't stop me from watching some of my favorite movies (True Lies, Independence Day, The Matrix, The Die Hard Trilogy, The Lethal Weapon Saga, etc.). I try not to let reality interfere with my movie watching. One thing about the above-mentioned movies is that, despite some minor relations to the current events in New York, they are FUN to watch. It helps to have fun sometimes in an era where fun is seldom achieved. The fact is that -- the current actions in movies aren't killing anyone IRL. I keep that in mind as I'm watching such films. That does NOT bother me. Just as long as no one is killed IRL, I'm fine with it. Posted Image

- Brian

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David Stucky


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Posted September 16 2001 - 01:56 PM

I just wanted to chime in and say I just started visiting HTF for the first time in like four months, because I needed a break from the news....

My wife ordered The Hobit, Lord of the Rings, Return of the King, and Never Ending Story for me and they this weekend.
I watched The Hobbint this afternoon...then went to my local juggling club.

Now I am home again and thinking hard about putting Lord of the Rings in the DVD player.