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Specs for Monsters, Inc. and Pearl Harbor

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#1 of 17 Jon Robertson

Jon Robertson


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Posted March 01 2002 - 04:28 AM

Here's the link

Monsters, Inc. looks absolutely spectacular!

#2 of 17 Kajs


    Second Unit

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Posted March 01 2002 - 04:34 AM

I love DVD

#3 of 17 Chuck Mayer

Chuck Mayer

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Posted March 01 2002 - 04:36 AM

Must-buys for me. Love 'emPosted Image

Take care,

PH extras looking snazzy.
Hey buddy...did you just see a real bright light?

#4 of 17 Matt Bloxham

Matt Bloxham


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Posted March 01 2002 - 04:43 AM

My family and I can't wait for Monsters, INC to come out on DVDPosted Image Those features sure do sound great and look to rival the Shrek DVD, can't waitPosted Image

#5 of 17 Adam_WM



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Posted March 01 2002 - 04:55 AM

Monsters, Inc. looks like a great DVD. Pixar always delivers. The one thing that people are probably going to start pissing and moaning about, though, is going to be no DTS. "NO DTS = NO BUY" they'll say. boo-hoo.


#6 of 17 Jeff Kleist

Jeff Kleist

    Executive Producer

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Posted March 01 2002 - 06:37 AM

Dear GOD! Look how many extras!

Pixar just keeps having to outdo themselves don't they? I'll be buying PH because A-I like Michael Bay, and B-the supplements are worth the price of admission

#7 of 17 Craig_T


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Posted March 01 2002 - 06:54 AM

I'm definitely getting Monsters Inc. the day it's released. I won't be getting Pearl Harbor unless I need an extra boat anchor.

#8 of 17 Marc_E


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Posted March 01 2002 - 08:10 AM


Hey! I am one who wanted DTS, but I WILL WILL WILL buy it anyway! It looks awesome, my family will love it! DAMN 9/17 is a long way off!


#9 of 17 Rob Tomlin

Rob Tomlin


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Posted March 01 2002 - 08:41 AM

I did not see this in the Theater, but since it is a Pixar release, it is a definite purchase.

September is a long wait, but it should be worth it!

For ordinary men, it's a burning, fiery furnace.

#10 of 17 Tim RH

Tim RH

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Posted March 01 2002 - 09:03 AM

The 2-disc Special Edition DVD MONSTERS, INC. will feature:
Disc One:

Choice of Viewing Presentation:
-- Fullscreen Version of the Film (1.33:1) - Specially Reframed For
Standard TV
-- Widescreen Version of the Film (1.85:1) Enhanced for 16x9 Televisions
(Original Theatrical Aspect Ratio)
-- Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround EX
-- Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround EX Sound Effects Only Track
-- THX® Certified with THX Optimizer
-- Audio Commentary by the filmmakers -- Director Pete Docter,
Co-Director Lee Unkrich, Executive Producer John Lasseter and
Executive Producer and Screenwriter Andrew Stanton
Disc Two:
(Divided Into Two Worlds: The Monster World and The Human World)
-- Outtakes: Including "Company Play" -- Performance of "Put That Thing
Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me" -- Written, Choreographed,
Produced, Directed and Catered by Mike Wazowski
-- "For the Birds" -- the 2001 Oscar® nominated Pixar Animated Short
-- Music Featurette "If I Didn't Have You" Performed by Billy Crystal and
John Goodman
-- Exclusive Sneak Peek of FINDING NEMO, Disney/Pixar's New Upcoming

Monsters, Inc. Orientation
Welcome to Monsters, Inc. -- viewers enter the factory and start
their first day on the job with Roz! Viewers can peruse their
company handbook as they learn about their monster co-workers.
-- Welcome To Monsters, Inc.
-- Your First Day
-- History of the Monster World - How Monsters Evolved
-- Employees' Handbook Menu Screens
-- Your Fellow Employees
-- Hazard I.D. Symbols
-- Repetitive Scare Injury
-- C.D.A. (Child Detection Agency)
-- Contamination Safety Check & Alert Procedures
-- The Cafeteria
-- Top 10 Ways To Get Fired
-- Sample Scare Report
-- Gain 10,000 Pounds
-- Personals
-- And More
-- Monster of the Month Awards
-- Scarer Cards -- Fun-Filled Facts About All The Monsters
New Monster Adventures
-- Special Animation Created For This Release, Including
"Mike's New Car" -- All-New Animated Short Created Exclusively For The
MONSTERS, INC. DVD (with the voices of John Goodman and Billy Crystal)
-- Monsters, Inc. TV Treats
-- Boo's Door Game -- The mischievous Randall has shredded Boo's door.
Help Mike find the pieces and put it back together.
-- Disney/Pixar Storytime -- "Welcome To Monstropolis." Discover More
About Mike and Sulley In This All-New Storybook of New Monster
-- Music Feature "If I Didn't Have You"
Behind the Screams
-- On The Job With Mike and Sulley

Go Behind the Scenes and See How MONSTERS, INC. Was Created
-- Discover How Computer Animation Works
-- See How Monstropolis Was Created
-- Animation Gags
-- Location Flyarounds
-- Never-Before-Seen Tests
-- Abandoned Concepts
-- Monsters, Inc. Guide to Inside Jokes
Pixar Tour
-- Pixar's Animation Studio
-- Take a Tour Through Pixar's Fabulous Animation Studio, Where the
Animation Comes To Life
From Story to Storyboard
-- Story Is King
-- Monsters Are Real
-- Original Treatment
-- Story Pitch
-- Abandoned Concepts
-- Original Opening
-- Storyboard To Film Comparison
Monster Files
-- Cast of Characters
-- What Makes A Great Monster?
-- Character Design
-- Monstropolis
-- Setting the Scene
-- Color Scripts
-- Location Flyarounds
-- Monstropolis Art Gallery
-- Guide to "In Jokes"
-- The Animation Process
-- Early Tests
-- Opening Title Animation
-- Shots Department
-- Master Lighting
-- Production Demonstration
Music and Sound Design
-- Monster Songs -- includes "If I Didn't Have You"
-- Mixing Demo
-- Binaural Recording
-- Sound Design
Theatrical Release
-- Premiere
-- Theatrical Teaser
-- Theatrical Trailer #1
-- Theatrical Trailer #2
-- TV Spots
-- International Elements
-- Toys
-- Posters

#11 of 17 Tim RH

Tim RH

    Second Unit

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Posted March 01 2002 - 09:05 AM


Disc One:
-- Director Michael Bay's cut of PEARL HARBOR
-- Audio Commentary With:
-- Director Michael Bay
-- Producer Jerry Bruckheimer
-- Wesleyan Film Professor Jeanine Basinger
-- Director of Photography John Schwartzman
-- Costume Designer Michael Kaplan
-- Production Designer Nigel Phelps
-- Ben Affleck (Rafe)
-- Alec Baldwin (Colonel James H. Doolittle)
-- Josh Hartnett (Danny Walker)
Disc Two:
-- Audio Commentary Continues With:
-- Director Michael Bay
-- Producer Jerry Bruckheimer
-- Wesleyan Film Professor Jeanine Basinger
-- Director of Photography John Schwartzman
-- Costume Designer Michael Kaplan
-- Production Designer Nigel Phelps
-- Ben Affleck (Rafe)
-- Alec Baldwin (Colonel James H. Doolittle)
-- Josh Hartnett (Danny Walker)
-- Journey To The Screen: The Making of Pearl Harbor," a program that
interviews real Pearl Harbor survivors and takes a behind-the-scenes
look at the making of the film. Included are cast and crew interviews
and compelling facts about the U.S.S. Arizona.
-- Faith Hill music video "There You'll Be," the theme song from the film
Disc Three:
-- Production Diary
-- Airfield Attack
-- Arizona Dive
-- Baja Gimbal
-- Battleship Row
-- Doolittle Raid
-- Dorie Miller
-- Dud Bomb
-- Mechanics Row
-- Nurse Strafing
-- Sandbag Stunt
-- Audio
-- On The Set
-- Director Michael Bay Commentary
-- Soldier's Bootcamp
-- Officer's Bootcamp
-- Super 8 Montage
-- The Recollections of A Pearl Harbor Nurse
-- Theatrical Teaser
-- Theatrical Trailer
-- One Hour Over Tokyo (Fifty Minute Documentary)
-- Unsung Heroes of Pearl Harbor
Disc Four:
-- Interactive Attack Sequence
-- Angle One - Movie
-- Angle Two - On The Set
-- Angle Three - Storyboards and Animatics
-- Angle Four - Composite of Angles One, Two & Three
-- Audio
-- On The Set
-- Music Only
-- Sound Effects Only
-- Visual EFX Supervisor Eric Brevig Commentary
-- Storyboard Artist Robbie Consing Commentary
-- Survivors Commentary
-- Deconstructing Destruction
-- A Conversation On Visual Effects With Michael Bay and Eric Brevig
-- Effects Shots: Industrial Light & Magic
-- Bombing of the Arizona
-- The Arizona Explodes
-- The Tower Falls
-- Battleship Row Attack
-- Zero Crashes Onto Deck
-- Hangar Explodes
-- Baja Tank Shot
-- Battle of Britain
-- Tokyo Raid
-- Animatic Attack
-- Historical Timeline

#12 of 17 Craig S

Craig S


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Posted March 01 2002 - 09:10 AM

Both of those releases sound fantastic!!

Here's another interesting tidbit from the linked article:
there'll be a 3 disk version of "Beauty and the Beast" on October 8th
Hopefully 3 discs means one of them will contain the workprint version that was previously released on laser.

Edit: Oops!! Much more info on this here .

Three truths about movies, as noted by Roger Ebert:


* It's not what a movie is about, it's how it is about it.

* No good movie is too long, and no bad movie is short enough.

* No good movie is depressing, all bad movies are depressing.

#13 of 17 GlennH



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Posted March 01 2002 - 09:21 AM

Here's the complete Disney press release from today that includes the specs on several 2002 DVD releases.


#14 of 17 Dan Brecher

Dan Brecher


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Posted March 01 2002 - 12:26 PM

Disney...you've come so far! Monsters, Harbour, Beast, you got sales from me in all of these titles AND I just saw those 1961 Parent Trap specs over at DVD File!


#15 of 17 LukeB



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Posted March 01 2002 - 12:57 PM

Good thing about Monsters Inc: NO standard edition release. Just the 2-disc Collector's Edition and $29.99 SRP! Posted Image Disney's CEs just got better, and now at THAT PRICE they're without a doubt better than any other studio's 2-disc sets. Posted Image Can't wait to own both Monsters Inc and Beauty and the Beast 2-disc sets!

#16 of 17 Larry Gardner

Larry Gardner

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted March 01 2002 - 05:42 PM

Posted Image

Here's the package!

#17 of 17 Tim RH

Tim RH

    Second Unit

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Posted March 01 2002 - 06:14 PM

That pic is old, old news I'm afraid. For one thing, there's only three discs in the photo, when there should be four!