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Any Epson 5030UB owners here?

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#41 of 44 FoxyMulder



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Posted July 18 2014 - 08:19 AM

OK, no "Turtle's Tale" yet, but, we watched "Gravity" in 3D last night.  Even though I had seen the film before (a few times in IMAX theaters and then again at home on my 50" 3D plasma), but I don't think I ever felt as tense and as "in it" as I did watching it on the projector last night.  Also was the best demo for my new surround sound system out of all the other discs I've tried so far.  Very immersive experience.  No 3D crosstalk issues, just 100% lost in space terror.


I was thinking again at what you said regarding opportunities for pop out in Gravity, i think when Sandra Bullock goes spinning around after losing control they should have had a brief moment of her hand reaching out the screen at the audience, but yes an immersive experience at home.  I think most 3D films gain something extra when moving from a tv to a projector, size helps 3D.

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#42 of 44 DaveF



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Posted July 18 2014 - 02:56 PM

That is a great mini-review, Josh! Thanks!
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#43 of 44 Josh Steinberg

Josh Steinberg


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Posted July 18 2014 - 03:28 PM

That is a great mini-review, Josh! Thanks!


Thanks Dave!  I really appreciate the kind words.  I'm thinking of starting a thread over in the Members Theaters projects area to keep updating as I use it and watch more things on it.  It's been a lot of fun, and I'm glad it's been enjoyable to read.  I'd like to post some pictures of everything too, but my girlfriend would prefer I hold off on pictures until the rest of the apartment is set up... right now I'd have to angle to camera just right to get all of the toys without any of the clutter.




 I think most 3D films gain something extra when moving from a tv to a projector, size helps 3D.


Agreed.  I don't know where I read it (maybe a forum post here?) that suggested that to get the same "experience" of watching 2D or 3D, that you'd need a 70" screen in 3D to have the image seem the same size as a 2D image is on a 50" screen.  That probably isn't too scientific, but it's probably not too far off either.  When I would watch 3D movies on my 50" TV, I'd sit a lot closer than I would for 2D.  Right now, the 3D seems perfect on the new 106" screen, but the 2D seems almost slightly too big.  But we're planning on moving the couch back a foot or two when we finish unpacking the rest of the living room, so I think that'll work itself out. 


I was also impressed at how wide the viewing angle was for 3D with this Epson on that screen.  I was able to stand basically to the exact side of the screen and look at it, and it still had quality 3D.  Wasn't a comfortable position to watch from in 2D or 3D, but the point was, it worked.. on my LG plasma TV (also with active glasses), if you got too far to one side, the image would start to fall apart.  We're talking ridiculously to the side where no one would want to sit like that anyway, but still, it's nice to have a seemingly wider viewing area.  I noticed that was equally true with 2D content on the Epson, if not more so.  Stepping out in the hallway, from 20 or 30 feet away, it still looked brilliant.  And I could get really close, I basically had to stand close enough for my nose to touch the screen before pixels were visible.


If you guys couldn't tell, I'm ridiculously happy with this purchase :)

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#44 of 44 schan1269


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Posted July 21 2014 - 03:18 PM

If I got into 3D (have everything but the glasses...and content)...the first thing we'd watch is porn.

By the way, this is a shot at Mark Cuban, who famously said..."porn will never be high def", during the launch of HD Net.

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