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Posted May 31 2013 - 01:44 AM

Hey Guys


I'm in the process of building a new house and want to get a home theatre setup installed, I had a HT setup way back in the early dolby days but things have changed a lot since then so way out of touch and looking for a some suggestions re surrounds and positions.

I have a pair of Celestion 5 fronts (bookshelf 6.5 driver and tweeter from back in the day they were still made in England) with matching C2 center I'm going to use and replacing my old receiver with a new Sony DN840, I've got a 42" Panasonic plasma which I will also use for now but I need to upgrade my surrounds and get a sub.


I guess since I'm new I can't attach a floor plan so will do my best in explaining the lay out, it's a 4.2x8m living/dining open plan room so I only have three walls to work with for speakers, I have a blank wall for TV and fronts then a wall to the right with windows and then most of the back wall is a glass sliding door, it has a boxed in 2.7m ceiling so wall mounted side speakers are going to be out and in-ceiling is a issues with the ceiling being boxed I would end up with them at different heights so I'm thinking that sticking to 5.1 and mounting the speakers on the rear walls above the windows is the best for the design of the room even if not the perfect position.


I have two options, one being in-ceiling in the lower part of the ceiling in either corner of the living room area of the room along the back wall or bookshelf speakers on the wall in the roughly the same place, both of these will work but not sold on in-ceiling though most shops have pushed me in this direction, though much tidier bookshelf speaker are more flexiable in positioning though I'm not ruling out either. The final and I think probably not going to work for my setup is bi-poles but since I don't have a wall to the left for at least 4m's I thinking they probably aren't the best option.


Sub I'm probably just going to go for an 8-10" Velodyne or the like but the rears are the ones I'm struggling with so any suggestions would be approached as I've read a hundred reviews and not much closer to deciding and since I'm building in the next couple of months I need to work out what cabling I need to do, I'm going to cable up on the back wall for a future projector but bookshelf or in-ceiling speaker will require different cabling so want to nail down the best surround options so I can get the cabling sorted from the get go.


Thanks in advance for any help and if I can get a picture up I'll add one later once I'm allowed to add attachements.




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Posted May 31 2013 - 05:27 AM

A rough-in for speaker wire(at least here in the states) can be used for either in-ceiling/wall or a mount/sat-bookshelf.

So deciding, now, about the exact speaker doesn't have to be done. Maybe another pair of Celestion falls in your lap in the mean time.

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Posted May 31 2013 - 03:51 PM

It was more along the lines of if I put in bookshelf speakers I'd get speaker plates put in the walls so I didn't have to pull wiring down from the ceiling later. 


I'd love a matching set of Celestion's but unfortunately the likely hood of finding the right ones due to their age is pretty slim, I have looked at some KEF which should be the closest match but with those I have the choice of both in-ceiling and bookshelf which is the what I've been trying to decide. Luckily surrounds aren't quite as critical to match but would be nice to get as close as possible.


Being in New Zealand some brands are out but at the moment I can get my hands on few options in KEF, Paradigm, Niles, Wharfedale, Q-Acoustics and AudioEngine and limited Mirage, Klipsch. Most brands I can't try which is less than ideal.


I have a little time before I have to decide on the cabling so should be able to decide on in-ceiling or wall mount  by then but all suggestions are appreciated.

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