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What as yet unreleased catalogue titles would u like to see in 2003?

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#21 of 344 OFFLINE   StephenA



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Posted December 28 2001 - 03:43 PM

I'd like to have these released:
Flight of the Navigator
Indiana Jones trilogy
Back to the Future trilogy
THX 1138
Star Wars original trilogy(with an option to view the original or special editions)
Howard the Duck( I like this movie, go ahead and laugh)

#22 of 344 OFFLINE   george kaplan

george kaplan

    Executive Producer

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Posted December 28 2001 - 04:07 PM

Several on your list will be released either in 2002 or by the latest 2003. You're going to pleasently surprised!
That is indeed good news. I didn't list ones that I know are coming soon or that there are reliable rumors about, so that makes what you're saying all the better!
"Movies should be like amusement parks. People should go to them to have fun." - Billy Wilder

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#23 of 344 OFFLINE   Brian E

Brian E


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Posted December 28 2001 - 04:27 PM

Hmmm, there are so many. Here's a few...

Battle of Britain
Zulu Dawn
Desert Rats
The Blue Max
PT 109
Merrill's Maurauders
Darby's Rangers
Cross of Iron (a good release)
Heartbreak Ridge
The Desert Fox
A Guy Named Joe
Objective Burma
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
To Hell and Back
Hamlet (Branagh)
The Devil's Brigade
Indy Jones Trilogy
Vital Signs
Waldo Pepper (WS)
The Sting (WS)
Schindler's List
Bringing Up Baby
Hawk the Slayer
Disney's Miyazaki Titles
Around The World In 80 Days
Metropolis (new/restored)
Once Upon A Time In The West
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

...I better stop, I could go on for a while.

#24 of 344 OFFLINE   Neil Joseph

Neil Joseph

    Lead Actor

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  • Real Name:Neil Joseph

Posted December 28 2001 - 04:42 PM

Whatever happened to Flight Of The Intruder?
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#25 of 344 OFFLINE   Dick



  • 4,250 posts
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  • Real Name:Rick

Posted December 28 2001 - 04:48 PM

Patrick: I believe DON'T LOOK NOW is scheduled, along with Polanski's THE TENANT, to arrive this coming spring.

#26 of 344 OFFLINE   Brian E

Brian E


  • 1,636 posts
  • Join Date: Aug 12 2000

Posted December 28 2001 - 04:50 PM

Whatever happened to Flight Of The Intruder?

Oh yeah, add that to my list Paramount.

#27 of 344 OFFLINE   Robert Dunnill

Robert Dunnill

    Second Unit

  • 376 posts
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Posted December 28 2001 - 04:59 PM

Here Comes The Navy
Mulholland Falls
The Loved One
The House That Dripped Blood

Ask Warner for a DVD SE of Here Comes The Navy (1934)!

#28 of 344 OFFLINE   Justin_S



  • 3,573 posts
  • Join Date: Mar 04 2001

Posted December 28 2001 - 05:18 PM

The Hills Have Eyes
Cemetery Man (Dellamorte Dellamore)
Let's Scare Jessica to Death
Silver Bullet
Four Flies on Grey Velvet
The Keep
Night of the Creeps
Near Dark
The Prowler UNCUT
The Burning UNCUT
My Bloody Valentine UNCUT
Don't Look Now
Terror Train
Man's Best Friend
A Lizard in a Woman's Skin
Dead and Buried
Just Before Dawn
The Brood
Phantasm 2 & 3
The Rapture
Battle Royale
The Nameless

#29 of 344 OFFLINE   Walter Kittel

Walter Kittel


  • 4,790 posts
  • Join Date: Dec 28 1998

Posted December 28 2001 - 05:30 PM

Here are some of the titles that I've previously mentioned when this question has arisen:

Treasure of the Sierra Madre
The African Queen
In A Lonely Place
The President's Analyst
- Branagh
Once Upon A Time In America - director's cut.
Kiss of Death - original release.
99 River Street
The Naked Prey
Beach Red
Miracle of Morgan's Creek
Unfaithfully Yours
Stormy Weather
The Thin Man films
- boxed set
To Be Or Not To Be
Remo Williams, The Adventure Begins
The Quiet Earth
Miracle Mile
Le Samourai
Bob Le Flambeur
Le Silence De La Mer
Diary of a Country Priest
Hiroshima, mon amour
- with a decent transfer.
Night and The City - original version.
Pickup on South Street
Dial M for Murder
The Asphalt Jungle
Kansas City Confidential
Ministry of Fear
Out of the Past
The Set-Up
The Sea Wolf
Woman In The Window
She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
Three Godfathers
Fort Apache
My Darling Clementine
While The City Sleeps
The File on Thelma Jordan
Dark Passage
They Drive By Night
Grand Slam
The Fountainhead
Lust For Life

I guess that'll do for starters.

- Walter.
Fidelity to the source should always be the goal for Blu-ray releases.

#30 of 344 OFFLINE   David Coleman

David Coleman

    Supporting Actor

  • 762 posts
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Posted December 28 2001 - 10:17 PM

2nd's on Wyatt Earp and Beaches. Also like to see the following:


#31 of 344 OFFLINE   Neil N

Neil N

    Stunt Coordinator

  • 110 posts
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Posted December 28 2001 - 10:52 PM

Lots of good choices here. Two I didn't see:

Over the Edge
The Last American Virgin

Both sort of cultish/HBOish movies from my youth that I'd love to have on DVD.

#32 of 344 OFFLINE   Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony

    Second Unit

  • 446 posts
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Posted December 28 2001 - 11:23 PM

Great choices people, I'd like to add to my original list:

Police Squad (thanks for reminding me Ron Posted Image )

Wyatt Earp Director's Cut

Major Dundee - preferably restored to a longer cut, even if the "director's cut" is currently a pipedream for obvious reasons

The Vikings

The Wild Geese

Dial M for Murder in both 3D and flat (although the later version may be coming within the year)

Metropolis (the brand new restored version)

Once Upon A Time in America (although I believe this is currently being worked on by warner for 2003) - possibly even in it's 4.5 hour version...

A Fistfull of Dynamite or Duck U Sucker - in the uncut, Stereophonic version restored recently in Italy

#33 of 344 OFFLINE   Danny_N


    Stunt Coordinator

  • 245 posts
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Posted December 29 2001 - 01:10 AM

How happy I would be if all this came out in 2002:

Winchester '73
Broken Arrow
Bend Of The River
The Naked Spur
The Far Country
Spirit Of St Louis
Glenn Miller Story
Flight Of The Phoenix
Young Mr. Lincoln
Drums Along The Mohawk
My Darling Clementine
Cheyenne Autumn
Captain Blood
Adventures Of Robin Hood (coming in 2003, but I want it sooner Posted Image)
The Sea Hawk
They Died With Their Boots On
Objective Burma
Captain Horatio Hornblower
To Catch A Thief
Dial M For Murder
The Court Martial Of Billy Mitchell
Around The World In Eighty Days
Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines
Zulu (a decent version)
Mutiny On The Bounty (1962)
El Cid
55 Days At Peking
Fall Of The Roman Empire
River Of No Return
East Of Eden
Where Eagles Dare
Battle Of Britain

#34 of 344 OFFLINE   Brad Vautrinot

Brad Vautrinot

    Stunt Coordinator

  • 202 posts
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Posted December 29 2001 - 01:34 AM

Here's my wish list:

1984 (John Hurt)
3:10 To Yuma
976-Evil - New Line/Columbia
Across the Pacific (1942)
Action in the North Atlantic (1943)
African Queen - Fox
Amadeus (RSDL) - Warner
April Fool's Day (1986)
Asphalt Jungle, The (1950)
Bad Day At Black Rock
Barton Fink - Fox
Beau Geste (1939) - Paramount/Universal
Bedford Incident, The - Columbia
Bend of the River (1952)
Best Seller (1987)
Big Jake
Big Trail, The (1930)
Billy Budd
Black Sunday (Frankenheimer) - Paramount
Black Swan, The (1942)
Blackboard Jungle - Warner
Blue Dahlia
Boys In Company C, TheColumbia
Braindead (S.E. w/additional footage) - Tri Mark
Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia - United Artists
Broken Arrow (The Western) - Fox
Brood, The - New World
Captain Horatio Hornblower (1951)
Cemetery Man (Dellamorte Dellamore)
Charge Of The Light Brigade, The (1936)
Charlie Chan Films - Fox/Monogram
Charley Varrick
Civil War (Ken Burns) - PBS
Clash By Night (1952)
Cobb (1994)
Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean(1982)
Company of Wolves, The (1984)
Convoy (1940)
Cop - Atlantic
Crash Dive
Crossfire (1947)
Dambusters - Warner
Dangerous Years (1948)
Dark Passage (1947)
Das Boot (RSDL) - Columbia
Dawn Patrol, The (1938)
Day The Earth Stood Still, The - Fox
Days of Wine and Roses (1962)
Dead Of Winter - MGM
Dead Reckoning (1947)
Death Hunt (Charles Bronson) - Fox
Desert Fox, The - Fox
Desperate Hours, The (1955)
Desperate Journey
Destry Rides Again (1939)
Devils, The (Ken Russell) - Warner
Dial M For Murder - Warner
Dive Bomber
Down by Law (1986)
Down Periscope
Dream Team, The - Universal
Drop Dead Fred
Drums Along the Mohawk (1939)
Duellists, The
Dust Devil - Paramount
Easter Parade (1948)
El Cid
El Topo - ABKCO
Electra Glide In Blue - MGM
Explorers (1985)
Far Country, The (1954)
Farewell To The King - Orion
Fearless Vampire Killers, The - MGM
Flashpoint - Columbia
Flight of the Phoenix, The (1965)
Fog, The (1980)
Fort Apache (1948)
Fourth Protocol, The - Lorimar
Freebie & The Bean - Warner
Fright Night 2 - Columbia
Gaslight (1944)
Glass Key, The (1942)
Glengarry Glen Ross
God is My Co-Pilot (1945)
Gone With The Wind (S.E.) - MGM/Warner
Goodbye Mr. Chips (1939)
Grand Hotel (1932)
Great Escape, The - United Artists
Gunfighter, The (1950)
Gunga Din (1939)
Hard Day's Night, A (1964)
Hardware - HBO (distributor)
Haunting, The (1963) - MGM
Heart is a Lonely Hunter, The (1968)
Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse
Hero & The Terror, The - Cannon
High Risk (1981)
High Sierra (1941)
Hiroshima mon amour
Hombre - Fox
House on Carroll Street
Hunger, The (1983)
Hurricane, The (1937 - remastered) - United Artists
In Cold Blood (1967)
Incredible Shrinking Man, The (1957)
Indiana Jones Trilogy - Paramount
Innocent Blood (widescreen & S.E.) - Warner
Island, The - Universal
Jackie Brown - Miramax
Johnny Handsome - Columbia
Keep, The - Paramount
Kid from Texas, The (1950)
Kindergarten Cop (widescreen) s- Universal
Last Exit to Brooklyn, The
Last Train from Gun Hill
Laura (1944)
Let it Be
Lifeboat - Fox
Little Big Man - Fox
Long Ships, The (1963)
Looking For Mr. Goodbar (1977)
Lost Highway - Polygram
Ma and Pa Kettle
Macao - RKO
Major Dundee (1965)
Man's Best Friend (1993)
Marjorie Morningstar (1958)
Martian Chronicles, The - USA Video
Meet Me in St. Louis (1944)
Men at Work (1990)
Miami Blues - Orion
Miller's Crossing - Fox
Money Pit (1986)
Moontrap (1989)
Morocco (1930) - Paramount
Mrs. Miniver (1942)
Mulholland Drive (2001)
Mulholland Falls - MGM
Murder, My Sweet
My Darling Clementine - Fox
Naked Lunch
Naked Spur, The (1953)
Name Of The Rose, The - Fox
Nate & Hayes - Paramount
Needful Things (uncut version) - Columbia
Night and the City (1950)
Night Moves - Warner
Nocturne (1946) - RKO
Northwest Passage (1940)
Objective Burma (1945)
Once Upon A Time In America - Warner
Once Upon A Time In The West - Paramount
Osterman Weekend, The - Fox
Out Of The Dark - RCA/Columbia
Outer Limits (original t.v. series)
Outland (remastered) - Warner
Ox-Bow Incident, The (1943)
Paris, Texas - Fox
Passage to Marseilles (1944)
Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid - MGM
People Under the Stairs, The (1992)
Petrified Forest, The (1936)
Phase IV
Picture of Dorian Gray (1945)
Predator 2 - Fox
Quiet Earth, The
Racket, The - RKO
Raging Bull (S.E.) - United Artists
Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Red Badge Of Courage - MGM
Red Sonja
Reflecting Skin, The - Miramax
Relentless - New Line
Return Of The Living Dead 2 - Orion/Lorimar/Trimark
Return Of The Living Dead 3 (uncut)
Robin Hood, The Adventures of (Errol Flynn-1938) - Warner
Rock Around the Clock (1956)
Santa Sangre
Scaramouche (1952)
Scarface (re-mastered) - Universal
Sea Hawk, The - Warner
Sea Of Love (wide screen) - Universal
Sea Wolf, The (1941)
Sergeant York (1941)
Serial - Paramount
Seven-Ups, The (1973)
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
Sheltering Sky, The (1990)
Shenandoah (1965)
Short Cuts
Silver Bullet - Paramount
Sirocco - Columbia
Soldier Blue - Avco Embassy
Song Of The South - Disney
South Of Pago Pago - United Artists
Soylent Green -
Spanish Main, The
Split Second - in its OAR (1992)
Spy Who Came In From The Cold, The
Squeeze, The
Star Wars
State Of Grace (1990)
Sunset Boulevard
Suspicion (1941)
Swimmer, The (1968)
Tall In The Saddle
Them! - Warner (1954)
They Came To Cordura
They Died with Their Boots On (1941)
They Drive By Night
Thin Man Series - MGM
Thing From Another World, The S.E. (1951) - Warner
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944)
This Gun for Hire (1942)
THX 1138 - Lucas
Tightrope (1984)
Tin Star, The (1957)
To Have and Have Not (with Bacall track)
To Live & Die In L.A. - MGM
Tokyo Joe
Topper (1937)
Treasure Of The Sierra Madre - Warner
Turner & Hooch
Twilight's Last Gleaming
Two Rode Together
Viva Zapata! (1952)
West, The (Ken Burns)
Westerner, The (1940)
Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950)
White Heat (1949)
Wild Geese, The
Wild At Heart - Polygram
Winchester 73 (1950)
Wind & The Lion, The - Warner
Wolfen (1981)
Yank in the RAF (1941)
Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)
Year of the Dragon (1985)
Young Mr. Lincoln (1939)
Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)
Zabriskie Point (1970)
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#35 of 344 OFFLINE   Jon Sheedy

Jon Sheedy

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted December 29 2001 - 01:56 AM

Agree with lots of titles already mentioned, especially:
  • Once Upon A Time In America
  • Once Upon A Time In The West
  • After Hours
  • Merry Xmas Mr. Lawrence
Would add:
  • Paper Moon
  • The Reflecting Skin
  • Alice's Adventures In Wonderland ('72 w/Peter Sellers)
  • Fearless Vampire Killers
  • Little Murders
  • Popeye
  • Down By Law
  • Let It Be
  • The In-Laws
  • Trip To Bountiful
  • In Cold Blood
  • The Out-of-Towners (Lemmon/Dennis)
  • The Sugarland Express
My most anticipated title is still...I feel yer pain Scott!...LEGEND. 'Cmon Universal bring this one on already, before some of us die.

"Don't you wonder sometimes...
'bout sound and vision"

#36 of 344 OFFLINE   Jim_K


    Executive Producer

  • 10,089 posts
  • Join Date: Apr 07 2000

Posted December 29 2001 - 02:40 AM

Here's a few off the top of my head.


Once Upon A Time in the West - 1968
Ride the High Country - 1962
Man of the West - 1958
Naked Spur - 1953
Bend of the River - 1952
Far Country - 1954
Winchester 73 - 1950
My Darline Clementine - 1946
She Wore A Yellow Ribbon - 1949
Ballad of Cable Hogue - 1970
Duck You Sucker - 1972
Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid - 1973
Jubal - 1956
Tall T - 1957
Comancheros - 1961
Broken Arrow - 1950
Major Dundee - 1965


Star Wars Original Uncut UnSE Trilogy -77-80-83
Horror of Dracula - 1958
Curse of Frankenstein - 1957
Brides of Dracula - 1960
Revenge of Frankenstein - 1958
Haunting - 1963
Thing From Another World - 1951
THEM - 1954
Beast From 20,000 Fathoms - 1953
Mysterious Island - 1960
Island of Lost Souls - 1933
King Kong - 1933
Black Cat - 1934
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - 1932
Hound of the Baskervilles - 1959
Near Dark - 1987
Night of the Demon - 1957
Mothra - 1961
Gohira (original japanese version) - 1954
House of Wax - 1954
20 Million Miles to Earth - 1957
Earth vs the Flying Saucers - 1956
It Came From Beneath the Sea - 1955


Indiana Jones Trilogy (without any pc changes please) - 81-84-89
Adventures of Robin Hood - 1938
Captain Blood - 1935
Mark of Zorro - 1940
Vikings - 1958
Zulu - 1964
Where Eagles Dare - 1969
Wind and the Lion - 1975
Mutiny on the Bounty - 1935
Gunga Din - 1939


Point Blank - 1967
Dial M For Murder - 1953
Once Upon A Time in America - 1984
Bad Day at Black Rock - 1956
Jackie Brown - 1997
Killers - 1964
State of Grace - 1990
Yakuza - 1975

Death before Streaming!

#37 of 344 OFFLINE   PatrickL


    Second Unit

  • 428 posts
  • Join Date: May 13 2000

Posted December 29 2001 - 03:09 AM

Patrick: I believe DON'T LOOK NOW is scheduled, along with Polanski's THE TENANT, to arrive this coming spring.

That's great news, Dick. I had heard about "The Tenant" but somehow missed the news that "Don't Look Now" was coming too.

In that case, I'll substitute that choice on my list with another from Paramount - "The Day of the Locust"

So many, many excellent choices in this thread that I would buy. While I'm here I'll second, with enthusiasm, just a handful of titles that others have mentioned: "The Fountainhead," "Glengarry Glen Ross," "The Great Gatsby," "Last Exit to Brooklyn," and "Lust for Life."

#38 of 344 OFFLINE   Jeff Ulmer

Jeff Ulmer


  • 5,593 posts
  • Join Date: Aug 23 1998

Posted December 29 2001 - 03:13 AM

While there are several that I've heard rumor about, these I haven't:

The Swimmer (Columbia)
Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Paramount)
Why Shoot The Teacher
Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane

Thanks to Fox for both Zardoz and Stealing Beauty this year. Posted Image

#39 of 344 OFFLINE   DanR


    Supporting Actor

  • 676 posts
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Posted December 29 2001 - 03:34 AM

All I know is that I've decided that the next Paramount or Lucasfilm related DVD(s) I'll purchase will be one or all of the Indiana Jones films. That's all I know. It's high time these two companies do something for Indiana Jones fans in 2002. If they don't, then they can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. There will be too much good stuff coming from Universal, Buena Vista, and Fox (excluding Episode II); Paramount and Lucasfilm have to pull out this "big gun" we've been waiting for.

There are 19 movies left on my list of "wanted" that I created back in 1997. My # of DVDs purchased in 2001 was down 44% in 2001 (vs. 2000), while the average price paid was up 58% (a reflection of the collapse of the online price wars which ended in 3Q 2000). Overall, my total $ spent on DVDs in 2001 was down 12% over 2000.

In my opinion, the releases in 2001 (with some notable exceptions like Snow White & Forrest Gump) were of the order of "I could take it or leave it." At the end of the year, the same core of "most wanted" still remained on my list (Schindler, ET, Indiana Jones, etc). Let's hope 2002 will see some of these core titles finally released (at least it looks like ET and Schindler might be coming).


#40 of 344 OFFLINE   John K Carter

John K Carter

    Stunt Coordinator

  • 64 posts
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Posted December 29 2001 - 03:43 AM

Short & Sweet

Dust Devil
Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii

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