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Kino Classics Press Release: Rules for School and Troubled Teens

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Posted January 11 2013 - 07:54 AM

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Kino Classics Releases
Classic Educational Shorts Vol. 5 & 6:
Rules for School and Troubled Teens,
two DVD collections of educational short films
culled from the A/VGeeks Film Library
New York, NY - January 11, 2013 - Kino Classics is proud to announce the DVD release of two more volumes in the Classic Educational Shorts series, Vol. 5: Rules for School and Vol. 6: Troubled Teens. The films come from the A/VGeeks Film Library and are curated by Skip Elsheimer.

These educational films provide an interesting glimpse into the era in which they were made, and Kino Classics is releasing both volumes on DVD on January 15, 2013, each with a SRP of $19.95. Both DVDs include film notes by A/V Geeks founder Skip Elsheimer.

Posted ImageVol. 5
Rules for School

Prior to the era of the open classroom, schoolhouses were places of order and discipline. Assisting in the behavioral conditioning necessary for a smoothly-operating classroom, educational filmmakers often focused their attention on proper school-going etiquette.
This collection of films samples some of the subtle (and not-so-subtle) messages that were communicated to multiple generations of American youth, on topics such as safety (Jam Handy's Take Your Choice), vandalism (Mike Makes His Mark), and overzealous school spirit (School Spirit and Sportsmanship).
The films also serve as a time capsule of sorts, offering a fascinating glimpse into the concerns of parents and teachers about the threat and consequences of nonconformist behavior.

Vol. 6 Posted Image
Troubled Teens

Educational films of the 1950s-'70s were most fascinating when they moved beyond the three Rs to address more delicate issues--subjects that teachers often found difficult to discuss with their students.  Sexual development, juvenile delinquency, and personal hygiene are just some of the awkward topics addressed in this assortment of films culled from the archives of A/VGeeks.

Though the social problems have remained fairly constant through the decades, the methods by which filmmakers approach these subjects have changed radically, from the refreshingly frank (the sex-ed film As Boys Grow) to the melodramatic (the legendary driver safety film The Last Date, starring Dick York); from psychedelic (Teeth) to naturalistic (Lucy).
Whether viewed as unintentially campy comedies or as snapshots of three decades of American popular culture, the films in Troubled Teens are charming to behold, yet still maintain the ability to surprise the viewer with moments of unexpected poignance. This disc also includes a sampling of films that provide adults with the tools necessary to handle the often sticky issues of adolescence.
List of Individual Films Included on Each Volume: 
Vol. 5: Rules for School
School Rules: How They Help Us
Coronet 1953 Color 10 Min.

How Quiet Helps at School
Coronet 1953 B&W 10 Min.

Manners in School
Centron / McGraw-Hill 1958 B&W 11 Min.

Safe Living at School
Coronet 1948 B&W 10 Min.

Take Your Choice
Jam Handy ca. 1962 Color 12 Min.

School Spirit and Sportsmanship
Coronet 1953 B&W 10 Min.

Making the Most of School
Coronet 1958 B&W 9 Min.

Rescue Man
Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation
1982 Color 14 Min.

Mike Makes His Mark
Agrafilms 1952 Color 25 Min.

Noontime Nonsense
Emerson Film Corp. 1955 B&W 13 Min.

Bonus Shorts: A Teacher's Guide
Maintaining Classroom Discipline
Caravel Films 1947 B&W 14 Min.

When Should Grown-Ups Stop Fights?
The Department of Child Study Vassar College ca. 1955 B&W 14 Min.

Civil Defense in School
Norwood Studios ca. 1959 B&W 23 Min.

Adult Guards for School Crossings
Dallas Jones ca. 1960 B&W 6 Min.

Story-telling: Can You Tell It in Order?
Coronet 1953 Color 10 Min. 
Vol. 6: Troubled Teens
As Boys Grow
Medical Arts Prods. 1957 B&W 16 Min.

The Last Date
Wilding Picture Prods. 1950 B&W 18 Min.

What Made Sammy Speed?
Sid Davis Prods. 1957 Color 10 Min.

A Quarter Million Teenagers
Churchill Films 1964 Color 16 Min.

Drug Attack
Lockheed Aircraft ca. 1969 Color 13 Min.

Violence and Vandalism
Directions Unlimited Film Corp. 1972 Color 14 Min.

Cal Dunn Studios ca. 1973 Color 12 Min.

Perennial Films ca. 1975 Color 12 Min.

The Party's Over
Northern Virginia Educational Telecomm. Assn. ca. 1977 Color 14 Min.

The Day I Died
Gordon-Kerckhoff Prods. ca. 1978 Color 14 Min.

Bonus Shorts: How to Treat Troubled Teens
Facing Reality
Knickerbocker Prods. 1954 B&W 11 Min.

A Case for Beer
Kansas State Univ. ca. 1970 Color 10 Min.

Talking to Your Teenager About VD
West Glen Films ca. 1972 Color 19 Min.

Condoms:A Responsible Option
Landmark Films ca. 1985 Color 10 Min.

Social Seminar Promo
N.I.M.H. 1972 Color 8 Min.

Teenage Conflict Family Films 1960 B&W (excerpts)

When I'm Old Enough, Goodbye
NY State Emp. Svce. 1962 B&W (excerpts)

The Gang
L.A. County Board of Supervisors ca. 1983 Color (excerpts)

Film Notes by A/V Geeks
Founder Skip Elsheimer

Curated by Skip Elsheimer 
 Produced for video by Bret Wood

This collection was mastered from vintage 16mm prints circulated among
schools and rescued, decades later, by collectors. The image and sound quality of these orphan films do not conform to Kino's usual standard.
Vol. 5: Rules for School and Vol. 6: Troubled Teens
Genre: Documentary
Street date: January 15, 2013
SRP: $19.95 (each)

Ronald J Epstein
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