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Help me choose my onwalls. I have a couple choices and can't come to a conclusion.

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#1 of 3 Joergeske



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Posted November 03 2012 - 06:19 AM

I am remodeling my living room to incorporate a projector into my space and wanting to redo my HT setup at the same time. The floor space will be limited and I want to go with something onwall for a few reasons. To give you an idea of what I am used to currently, I have a pair of Polk TSI 400s, Polk CS10 Center, Klipsch Sub-10, Klipsch S2 rears. I think it sounds pretty good, I love the warmth and mids that the Polks offer for their price, but there is a lot of distortion in the setup. I am looking to go with some much higher end speakers, but want to make sure I will be happy with them especially considering the price. So I have 4 setups I am considering, with all of them I am planning on using some speaker craft in ceiling speakers as my rears. I also am thinking of keep my klipsch sub and hiding it in the room, alternatively I could pick up a deftech sub. There will be an equal mix of movies, tvs, and gaming. Option 1 EMP Tek EW30s as the fronts and center This is the cheapest option by far, and the reviews seem positive. However, i am not sold on the brand or design, and a bit hesitant about the sound quality. Option 2 KEF t301s as right and left and a t101c as my center The KEFs get glowing reviews and you can find them for a decent price. The styling is very nice, and the build quality leaves me with little doubt. If I could actually listen to a pair in person I would already be sold, sadly the closest dealer is 600 miles away. Option 3 Definitive Tech XTR 60s as right and left and an XTR 40 as the center. Love the quality of the deftechs, but the price is starting to creep up there and most reviews say they the KEFs are right there with them. The big question for me is which of the two will give a warmer deeper sound (yeah I know onwalls are not going to excell at this). Option 4 Martin Logan EFX electrostat onwalls as the right and left. I have heard Martin Logans before and the sound is unreal for music, for HT I have never really had the pleasure of sitting down and listening to a movie with them. The price is extreme, but I could swing it if they are that much better. I want great sounds, but at the same time if the EMPs sound 80% as good as the logans then that 3000 dollar price difference just isn't worth it. Furthermore I am really concerned about picking a good center for the logans. I hate the options martin logan has and would prefer to maybe just put an inwall center behind my screen, but I am not sure what inwalls would match the logans best. If you have other suggestions I am all ears. Thanks for any help.

#2 of 3 Jeff Leeds

Jeff Leeds

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Posted November 04 2012 - 09:48 AM

Unless your a millionaire with cash to burn Martin Logans are really hella expensive for on-wall (more than double what the Definitives willl run you). I have already decided on the Definitive Technology for my new setup. I have one of their middle level subwoofers and MAN it is awesome, so much better than the older JBL I was using previously and blows away a Klipsch I have too. I gave the on-walls a bit of a test drive at Video Only and Mythos XTR 60's are IMHO the best for the $$$ and really made for home theater. If you were doing this for a pure music room than the Martin Logans might make sense, but for home theater I would rather spend more on the furniture, projector, screen etc. What price are you seeing locally for the ML's? I only find snooty shops that have no prices on the products and "if you need to ask the price you cannot afford it" attitudes for the MLs here in the Bay Area.
Jeff Leeds

#3 of 3 Joergeske



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Posted November 04 2012 - 11:08 AM

I work for a company that offers special pricing on Deftech and ML so the prices are a bit more reasonable for me. Honestly even bestbuy lists the ML XFXs at 1500 each which isn't that crazy compared to a XTR60 at 900. I am for sure looking into one of the deftech supercubes as my sub though, I have heard them and they really are amazing for their price and size. Honestly a lot of it for me with the MLs is just the cool factor, as silly as it sounds those speakers just look drop dead gorgeous and the hinged mounting system makes sense in my room. I keep thinking over doing inwall speakers, but everytime it comes back to messing with my 100 year old house. I hate cutting into the laths, but it might be the only way to go. If I did go inwall, what are some good mid range ($300-600ish) speakers with enclosures? I really wish I could find a place to demo those EMP EW 30s. There is so little info about them, but the 2 reviews I have seen say they are as good as any onwalls they have heard. The problem is I need to know how they compare to the KEFs or the Deftechs. One way or another, I sold my current setup today for 650 so tomorrow I am going to get my inceilings, and Yamaha 673 ordered. Hopefully I can get my epson 8350 next week as well and start getting an idea of how everything will pan out. Thanks again for all the help everyone.

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