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You 2 can get the DIsh Network run around...

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Posted June 01 2011 - 09:56 AM

From:     feedback@customermail.dishnetwork.com
To:     toddb@*******.****
Subject: Your Transcript
Date:     Wed, 1 Jun 2011 10:02:42 -0700 (PDT)

Sheba (ID: 6F2): How may I help you today?
Todd Bailey: Hello, can we talk about the vip 211 and the hdmi port?
Sheba (ID: 6F2): Okay.
Sheba (ID: 6F2): I would be glad to help.
Todd Bailey: I am currently a Direct TV customer but due to financial reasons I wish to switch to Dish. that said I have a compatibility problem with the 211
Sheba (ID: 6F2): I see.
Todd Bailey: I use a hdmi to dvi converter cable that connects to a dvi to vga scaler
Sheba (ID: 6F2): Okay.
Todd Bailey: in case you are interested it's a tv-one dvi to vga converter/scaler
Todd Bailey: the output of the scaler connects to a analog nec xg 110 projector
Sheba (ID: 6F2): Okay.
Todd Bailey: every thing works, when I had the dish 811 dvi receiver and now with the direct tv recever. The problem is when I connected it to the 211.
Todd Bailey: after a 3 hours install I had to ask the dish net install to take the equipment with him until I can get the compatibility issues resolved. when I connected the 211 I wasn't getting a image on the projector, the tech couldn't even view the setup screens

Todd Bailey: we had to use the svideo connection to continue.

since I couldn't get the 211 to work with the equipment the account was never setup

Sheba (ID: 6F2): I see.
Sheba (ID: 6F2): You said you asked for technician.
Sheba (ID: 6F2): Then we must set up an account for you.
Sheba (ID: 6F2): Can you give me your phone number?
Todd Bailey: ###-##3-3211
Sheba (ID: 6F2): Okay.
Sheba (ID: 6F2): One moment please.
Todd Bailey: do you know why the 211 doesn't work with the projector, or why the dtv does. we did connect the hdmi cable to a lcd tv and it did produce a picture, btw
Todd Bailey: so at least we know the 211 wasn't defective in some way.
Sheba (ID: 6F2): Let me check that for you.
Todd Bailey: a home theather forum member suggested it may have something to do with hdcp
Sheba (ID: 6F2): That could be possible.
Sheba (ID: 6F2): But when you connect the equipment do you see any message?
Todd Bailey: No messages, just a black screen, when the cable is disconnnected, the scaler outputs a blue screen
Sheba (ID: 6F2): Okay.

Todd Bailey: If it is hdcp, could I use the component video signals and using an add on product convert that to dvi orvga (rgbhv)
Sheba (ID: 6F2): I am checking on it.

Todd Bailey: We, the tech and I did a a/b test and the dtv box works use the stated connection while the 211 did not.
Sheba (ID: 6F2): Okay.
Sheba (ID: 6F2): I can give you the features of the 211 receiver first. You may compare the compatibility of the our receiver to your equipment.
The agent is sending you to http://www.dishnetwo...d/default.aspx.
Sheba (ID: 6F2): I have checked the receiver, if your receiver is model 211k, it will not work to a projector, while the 211 model will.
Sheba (ID: 6F2): You may check for the letter "k" for your receiver model.
Todd Bailey: My equipment supports up to 1080 P, I'm just wondering why I don't see an picture when it's connected and what do I need to change to make it work. It works fine when connected to the Dtv box, but I can no longer afford to pay 80 /month just to get a handfull of desired channels
Todd Bailey: The 211 K model worked on the lcd tv, but not on the projector, I need to find out why.
Sheba (ID: 6F2): Okay, if you want to get more information about this, let me connect you to our advance tech support team.
Sheba (ID: 6F2): Please hold as I transfer you. Thank you for chatting with Dish Network, have a great day!
Sheba (ID: 6F2) has left the session.
Please wait while we find an agent from the (17) Tier 2 Tech Support department to assist you.
Thank you for contacting Tier 2 Tech Support. I will be happy to assist you today. Please give me a moment to review the information you have already provided.
Kristyn (ID: TJH): I will be assisting you with your technical issue today. Please give me a moment to access your account and review your conversation with the previous agent.
Todd Bailey: btw: I don't have the receiver any more, due to the 3 day acceptance period
Kristyn (ID: TJH): One moment please.
Todd Bailey: sure
Kristyn (ID: TJH): Thanks.
Kristyn (ID: TJH): We’d love to set you up with Dish Network service. There is a sales department that specializes in finding the best programming and equipment to meet your needs. Did you have any further questions, or may I transfer you over to our sales department?
Todd Bailey: They can't answer tech questions
Todd Bailey: I need to find out why the 211 K doesn't work with my equipment
Kristyn (ID: TJH): You were not previously chatting with the Sales Department.
Todd Bailey: Correct I was talking to tech.
Kristyn (ID: TJH): Are you wanting to hook the 211k up along with your current Directv equipment?
Todd Bailey: NO I want to close my DTV account due to their excessive costs
Kristyn (ID: TJH): I understand./
Todd Bailey: when I briefly had a 211 installed the installer and I could not get it to work with my equipment
Kristyn (ID: TJH): I need to get you over to Sales to get an account set up. We are not sure if the 211 will work or not until a tech is out there to install.
Kristyn (ID: TJH): The technician can take a look at that during installation.
Todd Bailey: what I need to find out is why does the DTV box work and the 211 did not, then find out what I can do to resolve the issue
Kristyn (ID: TJH): I cannot troubleshoot unless you have an account with us already.
Todd Bailey: is a tech the same as a installer?
Kristyn (ID: TJH): I am not sure why the 211 will not work wioth your equipment.
Kristyn (ID: TJH): I need to get you over to Sales, not tech support to get you all set up and they can get you a new receiver when getting service set up.
Todd Bailey: that is why I need to speak with a tech person who can address these issues
Kristyn (ID: TJH): This is Advanced Technical Support.
Kristyn (ID: TJH): We cannot troubleshoot unless you have an account with us.
Todd Bailey: You are not listening, sales can't answer hi level tech questions, I need someone in a higher tier level tech support
Kristyn (ID: TJH): One moment please.
Todd Bailey: ok
Kristyn (ID: TJH): There is not a higher level of tech support, the only way to assist you at this time is to get you set up with a new account and they will can get you a new receiver. We cannot troubleshoot anything unless you already have an account with us.

Todd Bailey: we , the tech and I already did this on Monday,

Todd Bailey: I don't have an account because the tech couldn't get the equipment to work
Kristyn (ID: TJH): I apologize for the inconvenience.
Kristyn (ID: TJH): Is there anything else I may assist you with?
Kristyn (ID: TJH): I have no way of seeing that as you do not have an account with us.
Todd Bailey: maybe I need to speak to someone in the engineering department
Kristyn (ID: TJH): I'm sorry but we do not have an engineering department.
Todd Bailey:  Yeah Right, Nor do you have a training facility for the csr tech support personnel

conversation (abruptly) ended

#2 of 11 RobertR


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Posted June 01 2011 - 10:12 AM

It's all about the sales!

#3 of 11 Robert_J


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Posted June 01 2011 - 10:23 AM

I know I could get a cheaper price with Dish but I can't live with headaches like the post above.  I was a Dish customer for a year and a week (1 year contract) and it was more than enough to make me never want to give them a penny of my money.  I can still get a free DVR because I was part of the Dishplayer class action lawsuit.  That's right, the player was so bad that thousands of people sued the company.  They lied about the capability of a $500 HD receiver that I bought.  I expected a software upgrade every month until it was announced that the receiver didn't have enough memory to run OpenTV.

DirecTV support isn't much better and that's why I ran all all of my cables before they came out for any receiver install.  All they were allowed to do is connect the satellite cable to the receiver.  I made all other connections.  I've had a similar call like above concerning a dish that was blown out of alignment because the 16 year old installer forgot to tighten all of the bolts.  Turns out that I spent more time arguing with 3 techs than it took me to re-align the dish.  Two months ago I called to activate whole house DVR.  They tried to schedule a tech to come out to install the equipment.  I declined saying that I had run the appropriate Cat5 cables.  They said it wouldn't work.  I disagreed.  After the call was bumped up to another tier of support did they finally turn it on if I would go on record that I would not call in for support for this feature.  They turned it on and I have been enjoying whole house DVR as well as audio/picture/video/internet streaming.

#4 of 11 toddbailey



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Posted June 01 2011 - 11:00 AM

Personally,  I'm waiting for the day that internet based tv is available at the same level of service that cable or sat reception is today.

I'm tempted to revisit getting ota reception working.

What's wrong with this picture?  I'm paying almost 50/month for maybe 15 channels that I actually want to watch, 5 of them are local stations.

#5 of 11 RickER



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Posted June 01 2011 - 11:21 AM

So, to cut to the chase, what they should of just said to you is...unless you are a paying customer we do not want to help you.

I think i would just go to a cheaper DirecTV package.

#6 of 11 toddbailey



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Posted June 01 2011 - 12:13 PM

The cheapest DTV package is cluttered with over 30 religious stations, cartoon, shop at home etc.

Once you filter out all the filler, there isn't anything to actually watch, the next package has about 1/2 of I'd actually want to watch.

Only the $60/ month and above packages has all the stations I'm interested in.  But in my current financial situation, I can't justify the expense.

Dish network has their Dish America package at 25 /month that meet my needs.

I'm currently a DTV subscriber but that's soon to change, The current package at 45 /month has about 1/2 of what I'd want.

But all this is off topic,  what Dish needs to provide is better pre-sales tech support, or in my case definitive information on why their equipment doesn't work and what I'll need to do in order to correct the issue.

#7 of 11 RobertR


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Posted June 01 2011 - 12:40 PM

Originally Posted by toddbailey 

Personally,  I'm waiting for the day that internet based tv is available at the same level of service that cable or sat reception is today.

I'm tempted to revisit getting ota reception working.

What's wrong with this picture?  I'm paying almost 50/month for maybe 15 channels that I actually want to watch, 5 of them are local stations.

That's exactly why I dumped Directv 4 months ago and subscribed to Netflix.  I won't say that the picture quality matches Directv's, but most of the time it's satisfactory.  I bought a new plasma with the money I'm saving.

#8 of 11 Robert_J


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Posted June 02 2011 - 12:37 AM

Sounds like you need to go OTA and use the PC for shows that are on cable channels.  Most of the channels like Fx and USA Network have their latest shows online within a week of their first showing on TV.  For other shows, Hulu requires a small subscription (I think).  Netflix has TV series after they come out on DVD.  Heck, my Blu-ray player does Netflix so that saves on equipment costs and you don't have to tie up a PC when you are streaming a movie.  Just check your internet package to make sure that you won't be charged extra for downloading large amounts of data.

#9 of 11 Brian McHale

Brian McHale

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Posted June 02 2011 - 02:58 AM

I don't see this as a "run around". It seems reasonable for me that a company would not provide tech support to non-customers. I understand that the OP tried to become a customer, but I just can't imagine very many companies answering tech support questions for someone who does not have an active account.

For what it's worth, I've had Dish for over 2 years and am very happy with it. I'm paying less now for their Silver HD-only package with DVR, plus locals, then I did for a basic (non-HD, no DVR) DirecTV package.


#10 of 11 JeremyR


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Posted June 02 2011 - 06:17 AM

I've been with Dish for 3 years as well.  I went through three ViP722 HDDVR's shortly after the 1st year passed.  They sent me a replacement (refurb) which blinked out a week after re-install, and another one (another refurb) which didn't work from day one.  I called, and nicely requested a brand new one this time, as I refused to accept another refurb.  They said they would send me a new one (they didn't).  So when I got the replacement (another refurb) I called and went off.  After a bunch of service credits, several free HD movies, and some free premium programming, I hooked it up and it's been fine ever since.  They did well by me, despite their mistake and the hardware problems.  I've never had an issue otherwise, and the few times I've had to call the service has always been outstanding.  I had DirecTV for 7 years prior to that, but when I needed new HD equipment, they wanted to bend me over (the problem with satellite providers).  7.5 years with the idiots, of paying my bills on time every month, never once did they have to chase me down.. and they wanted $300 for a HDDVR they were giving away to new customers.  After getting malignant with them, they were finally down to $99 for it, but by then it was a matter of principle.

After making my infamous "Comcast Mistake" which lasted a total of 8 months of misery, I got on board with AT&T/Dish Network.  I couldn't be happier.  My America's top 200 package has the channels that I require would cost me $10-$30 more from DirecTV (inexplicably) or U-Verse.  I know.. I've looked.  I went into AT&T's store as I have my Dish Network bundled with my home phone, DSL, and mobile service.. and they simply couldn't compete.  I spoke to a DirecTV rep, and after listening to the idiot tell me about all of the stupid useless channels I could get and save a couple dollars the first 12 months, and how much better their picture was than Dish Network (a lie), when he showed me how much I would be paying after the 1st 12 months to keep teh channels I want, I laughed and left him behind me. 

I'm not exactly certain how Dish Network does it, but they certainly do keep their prices lower. One thing they seem to have, is less filler than the others (though still alot of filler).

#11 of 11 Scott Greczkowski

Scott Greczkowski


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Posted June 03 2011 - 06:42 AM

The issue here is this...

I use a hdmi to dvi converter cable that connects to a dvi to vga scaler

Since he is using a converter the 211 is not getting the HDCP handshake from the TV.  The only way to hook this up to the projector is to hook it up via component (RED BLUE GREEN) instead of using HDMI.

All DISH receivers with HDMI now require HDCP compliant TV's to display an image via HDMI. (And soon it will be the same on DIRECTV) as this is a requirement from the conent providers.