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Oppo BDP-93 & BDP-95 3D Blu-Ray Players (First Look)

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#1 of 97 SWFF



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Posted October 07 2010 - 07:15 AM

Not sure if this has been posted yet, but, I understand these Oppos are pretty damn good. This new one here is supposed to replace the now discontinued BD-80 and BD-83. When I go blu, I'm still trying to decide on this one or a region free blu-ray player.





  • Product Name: BDP-93 Universal Blu-ray Player
  • Manufacturer: Oppo Digital
  • Review Date: September 23, 2010 10:00
  • MSRP: $499

  • Blu-ray 3D support
  • Netflix streaming
  • CinemaNow
  • Wireless-N networking
  • Dual HDMI outputs
  • Marvell KYOTO G2 chipset with Qdeo video processig
  • eSATA port
  • Two USB ports
AUDIOHOLICS: Just when you thought there wasn’t a better Universal Blu-ray player on the market for under $500 than the legendary BDP-83 Universal Blu-ray Player, Oppo proves you wrong by unveiling a new successor model: the BDP-93.  Carrying the same retail price ($499), Oppo’s BDP-93 has upped the bar by adding new networking/streaming features, increased performance and improved build quality.
The Oppo BDP-93 will do virtually everything the BDP-83 BD player did, plus have some major feature upgrades as listed below:

  • Blu-ray 3D support
  • Netflix streaming support
  • CinemaNow support
  • Additional network streaming features will be announced once partners certify the player. Oppo has divulged several of their potential partners to us and users should not be disappointed.
  • Wireless-N networking
  • Dual HDMI outputs.  The two HDMI ports can be configured to support separate video and audio paths, or to support two displays at the same time.
  • Marvell KYOTO G2 chipset with Qdeo video processig(though prototypes were also built with the ABT2015)
  • eSATA port in addition to two USB ports
The new player is beautiful, with a brushed aluminum face plate and flush buttons. The tray even retracts so tightly into the front that it is virtually hidden when closed (note photos below). The connections on the back should look familiar, though Oppo has added a second HDMI that works off the circuitry powering the component video output – and it functions much in the same way, when it’s not being used as a dedicated audio output or mirrored HDMI out. This is an attractive player.

Physically, the Oppo BDP-93 is nearly identical to the BDP-83, with the same width and height, but about 1/2 less depth. It’s also got a little more heft to it. This player is brand new and, as such, there is little information that is known about it. Given that, we were very fortunate  to be able to have a non-formal interview with Oppo over breakfast this morning to acquire some more information.

What Network functionality will be supported (IE. Pandora, Netflix, AppleTV, etc)?

The new player has Netflix and CinemaNow and more partners are being brought on board as we speak. [Oppo] cannot formally announce content partners until certifications are done.  Based on customers inquires about networking features, Netflix has been the #1 request. Pandora is also in high demand. Apple TV is, of course, kind of exclusive so we will not be able to support it.

How do the dual HDMI outputs work?

The second HDMI output is, in functionality, very similar to how the component video output (still present) worked in the Oppo BDP-83. The difference is that you can use one HDMI for audio and one for video. You can also have dual outputs in parallel, and also you can specify a resolution for one of the outputs, which will engage the video processing on that output while leaving the other to output the native resolution of the disc. It’s incredibly flexible and the component video output can still mirror the HDMI output when resolution is set to 1080i or lower.

We noticed the lack of dedicated stereo outputs now – why is that?

Oppo realized that the intent of the player didn’t warrant the use of a dedicated stereo output anymore. For now, users can use the built-in bass management to fold the 7.1 analogue audio signal down to stereo for use in a Zone 2 setting, for example.

Do you have in mind a higher-end player like the BDP-83SE once this model ships?

Yes. We are working on a higher-end model that will, unlike the BDP-83SE, be built from the ground up for a higher quality analogue audio level of performance among other improvements and upgrades. This product isn’t yet scheduled for release, so it will be after the BDP-93 is well on the market.

Some common complaints about the BDP-83 were that the transport was “a bit flimsy and noisy”.  Have you made any updated/improvements to the transport mechanism on the BDP-93?

Regarding transport rigidity and mechanical noise reduction, yes there are significant upgrades.  The transport is a custom-built loader made by Tohei Group of Japan (http://www.tohei-hq....in/en/index.cgi).  The laser pickup is still Sony.  During the development of the transport we worked closely with Tohei to control and isolate the vibration caused by the high rotation speed and heavy motor parts of the Sony laser pickup.

Will the BD-93 offer HDBaseT support?

The new player will not support HDBaseT.  Since most of the users will connect to a display or AVR nearby, we do not want to include the cost of HDBaseT in every unit.  Installers who need to run long cables already have solutions for HDMI over fiber or Cat5.

Oppo didn’t announce a specific release date for the BDP-93, but they anticipate it will release as early as November, in time for the Christmas buying season. Oppo is running endless tests to ensure the product is right from the day it launches. This looks to be another winner and a product that is sure to keep Oppo in the lead with respect to dominating the price/performance zone for Blu-ray players.

For more information, check out http://oppodigital.com/.  


You can already register to be notified when the 95 comes out. It's set for a Feb release. Click here. In the meantime, here are the specs:




High Fidelity Audio Performance:

  • SABRE32 Reference Audio DAC - The DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) is one of the most important components for digital audio playback. The SABRE32 Reference ES9018 from ESS Technology is the world’s best performing 32-bit audio DAC solution targeted for high-end consumer applications and professional studio equipment. With the ESS patented 32-bit Hyperstream™ DAC architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, the SABRE32 Reference DAC delivers an unprecedented DNR (Dynamic Range) of up to 135dB and THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise) of -120dB, the industry’s highest performance level that will satisfy even the most demanding audio enthusiast. The BDP-95 uses two ES9018 DAC chips - one for the 7.1-channel output, and another for the dedicated stereo output.
  • Toroidal Power Supply - Custom designed and built by Rotel, the toroidal power transformer offers superior inrush current and much lower exterior magnetic field over traditional laminated steel core transformers. The BDP-95's toroidal linear power supply provides a very clean and robust power source to the critical audio components.
  • Dedicated Stereo Output - The BDP-95 features a dedicated 2-channel analog output with specially optimized ES9018 DAC and output driving stages. Each output is driven by 4 DAC channels stacking together to achieve even greater audio performance.
  • XLR Balanced Stereo Output - The stereo output offers both XLR balanced and RCA single-ended connectors. The balanced output features a true differential signal path all the way from the DAC to the 3-pin XLR connector. By transmitting a pair of differential signals, the balanced output provides better common-mode noise rejection and improves signal quality.
  • 7.1-Channel Analog Output - Individual analog 7.1-channel surround outputs are ideal to connect to a 7.1-channel or 5.1-channel surround sound system. Powered by the ES9018 SABRE32 Reference DAC, the BDP-95 delivers an incredible and immersive multi-channel soundstage.
  • Digital Optical and Coaxial Outputs - For simple and easy connection to more traditional A/V receivers, the BDP-95 features both optical and coaxial outputs for digital audio.
  • Dolby® TrueHD - Dolby TrueHD delivers lossless studio master quality audio designed specifically for high definition entertainment.  The BDP-95 supports bit-stream output of Dolby TrueHD via its HDMI 1.4a output.  It can also internally decode Dolby TrueHD into LPCM and output via HDMI or the 7.1ch analog audio output terminals.  (Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus audio formats are also supported.).
  • DTS-HD Master Audio™ - DTS-HD Master Audio delivers an auditory experience that matches the lifelike images of high-definition video with up to 7.1 channels that are bit-for-bit identical to the studio master. The BDP-95 supports bit-stream output of DTS-HD Master Audio. It can also internally decode DTS-HD Master Audio and output via HDMI or the 7.1ch analog audio output terminals. (DTS-HD High Resolution Audio and DTS Digital Surround are also supported.)
Note - Although the BDP-95 shares the same playback platform as the BDP-93, it is designed from the ground up with a different chassis and many different components optimized for the analog audio performance. For this reason it is not possible to upgrade a BDP-93 to gain the BDP-95's enhanced audio performance by replacing parts.

Diversified Media Support:

  • Blu-ray Disc - The high definition Blu-ray Disc™ format provides pristine video and audio quality for your home entertainment.
  • Blu-ray 3D – Experience high definition in all new dimensions. The BDP-95 supports the new Blu-ray 3D specifications (3D television and glasses required).
  • Netflix Instant Streaming Ready - Instantly watch movies streamed to your TV via the internet when connected to the OPPO BDP-95. (Unlimited membership required. US only)
  • Blockbuster on Demand - The newest releases instantly from your couch! (Service available in the United States only)
  • BD-Live & BonusVIEW - The BDP-95 supports BD-Live™ (Profile 2.0) and contains all necessary hardware - audio/video decoder, Ethernet and wireless networking, and 1GB of internal storage - for BD-Live. It also supports BonusVIEW (Profile 1.1) enabling "picture-in-picture" and audio features for viewing director or actor commentary while the main movie is playing.
  • DVD-Audio - The BDP-95 plays DVD-Audio and supports both stereo and multi-channel high resolution audio programs. Users can select whether to play the DVD-Audio or the DVD-Video portion of the disc.
  • SACD - The BDP-95 plays Super Audio CD (SACD) and supports both stereo and multi-channel high resolution audio programs. Users can select whether to output the DSD (Direct Stream Digital) signal in its native format over HDMI or convert it into high resolution PCM.
  • Additional Disc & Media Formats - Additional disc and file formats, such as DVD, audio CD, HDCD, Kodak Picture CD, AVCHD, MP4, DivX, MKV, FLAC, WAV and other audio/video/picture files on recorded discs, USB or eSATA drives can be played back on the BDP-95.
Unparalleled Video Quality:

  • Qdeo by Marvell - The BDP-95 incorporates Marvell's Kyoto-G2 video processor with the second generation Qdeo™ technology. Qdeo video processing delivers a truly immersive viewing experience by rendering quiet natural video free of noise and artifacts for all types of content. For high-quality Blu-ray content, the BDP-95 faithfully reproduces the program just as the director intended; for DVD, the up-converted picture quality bridges the visual gap from your current DVD library to Blu-ray discs; for network streaming and user-encoded content at a variety of formats and quality, the BDP-95 offers enhancement options including video noise reduction, compression artifact reduction, intelligent color, contrast, detail and edge enhancements. More Info
  • DVD Up-Conversion - Per-pixel motion-adaptive de-interlacing and advanced scaling transforms the standard definition image on DVDs to near high definition video quality. Additional Qdeo video processing options help to deliver a clearer, smoother, and true-to-life picture free of noise and artifacts.
  • Full HD 1080p Output - The BDP-95 features user selectable video output resolutions, including 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and up to 1080p 50 or 60Hz.
  • True 24p™ Video - Many Blu-ray Discs are recorded at 24 frames per second, the same frame rate as the original movie's theatrical release. The BDP-95 can faithfully redeliver the original frames using 1080p 24Hz output (compatible display required) for smoother motion and a flicker-free, film-like home theater experience.
  • Source Direct Mode - For users who wish to use an external video processor, high-end audio/video receiver or display, the BDP-95 offers a "Source Direct" mode. The original audio/video content on the discs is sent out with no additional processing or alteration.
  • Multiple Zoom Modes - The BDP-95 supports multiple levels of aspect ratio control and image zooming, including a vertical stretch mode for customers with a 2.35:1 CIH (Constant Image Height) display system. A unique subtitle shift feature allows the user to move the subtitle up and down, making it possible to see all subtitle text when using a 2.35:1 CIH display. (Blu-ray discs with BD-Java may prohibit zoom operation.)
  • Dual HDMI v1.4a Outputs - Two assignable HDMI v1.4a outputs are provided to capitalize on the optimum audio and video settings to all old, new, and future HDMI televisions and receivers. With the option of full audio and video output to 2 displays; or dedicate one HDMI for audio, the other for video, it promotes a high quality video and audio for both signal paths. The BDP-95 supports 3D and Deep Color modes on both HDMI output ports.

Ultimate Convenience:

  • Dual HDMI Outputs – The BDP-95 is equipped with two HDMI output ports and offers the most versatile installation options. You do not have to upgrade your A/V receiver to a 3D model in order to enjoy 3D. One HDMI output of the BDP-95 can be connected to a 3D TV and the other can be connected to a pre-3D HDMI v1.1-v1.3 A/V receiver. For projector users, you can connect one output to a projector for home theater use and the other to a TV for casual viewing. For a multi-room installation the BDP-95 can output audio and video to two 3D or 2D TVs simultaneously.
  • eSATA Port – The BDP-95 features an eSATA interface on its back panel. Customers can take advantage of this fast interface to play contents from external hard drives and enclosures which contain audio, video and photo files.
  • Wireless & Ethernet – Using the included wireless-N adapter or the built-in RJ45 Ethernet port, users will be able to interact with BD-Live content, watch instant streaming programs from provides such as Netflix, Blockbuster etc., playback contents stored on their home network, and keep the BDP-95 up-to-date with firmware release to ensure maximum Blu-ray compatibility.
  • Dual USB Ports - Two USB 2.0 high speed ports are provided, one on the front panel and one on the back. Users can enjoy high definition video, high resolution photos and music directly from their USB drives.
  • PAL/NTSC Conversion - The BDP-95 supports NTSC and PAL systems for both disc playback and video output. It can also convert content of one system for output in another. (Subject to DVD and BD region restrictions.)
  • Back-lit Remote Control - The BDP-95 comes with a fully back-lit remote control for ease of use in dark home theaters. With its ergonomic button layout and clear labeling, operating the Blu-ray Disc player is easier than ever.
  • World Power Supply - The BDP-95 features a world power supply that is compatible with AC power from all regions. Voltage range from 100V-120V and 200V-240V can be selected by flipping a switch on the back panel.
  • External IR - For integration into home theater control systems, the BDP-95 provides external IR IN port to use with an IR distribution system.
  • RS232 Control - For custom installation, the BDP-95 offers an RS232 control port with a rich control and communication protocol. Installers can easily program their favorite control systems to operate the BDP-95.
  • HDMI CEC - HDMI Consumer Electronics Control simplifies the home theater by allowing a single remote control to operate multiple devices.


Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Disc Types* BD-Video, Blu-ray 3D, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, AVCHD, SACD, CD, HDCD,
Kodak Picture CD, CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW, DVD±R DL, BD-R/RE
BD Profile BD-ROM Version 2.4 Profile 5 for 3D (also compatible with Profile 2, Profile 1 Version 1.0 and 1.1)
Internal Storage 2GB (Approximately 1GB available for BD-Live persistent storage. Actual storage varies due to system usage)
Output Multi-Channel Analog Audio: 7.1ch, 5.1ch, or stereo
Dedicated Stereo Analog Audio: XLR balanced and RCA single-ended
Digital Audio: Coaxial, Optical
HDMI Audio: Stereo, up to 7.1ch high-resolution PCM, up to 5.1ch DSD, bitstream or LPCM conversion of Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, and DTS-HD Master Audio.
Analog Video: Composite, Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr, 480i/480p, 720p/1080i available for non-restricted content only)
Digital Video: HDMI with HDCP (NTSC: 480i/480p/720p/1080i/1080p/1080p24, PAL 576i/576p/720p/1080i/1080p/1080p24)
Video Characteristics Composite Video Amplitude: 1.0Vp-p (75Ω)
Component Video: Y: 1.0Vp-p (75Ω), Pb/Pr: 0.7Vp-p (75Ω)
Audio Characteristics** Frequency: 20Hz - 20kHz (±0.2dB), 20Hz - 96kHz (±1dB)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >125dB (A-weighted, with auto-mute), >115dB (A-weighted, without auto-mute)
THD+N: <0.0003% or -110dB (1kHz 192/24 at 0dBFS, 20kHz LPF), <0.002% or -95dB (1kHz 44.1/16 at 0dBFS, 20kHz LPF)
Output Level: 2Vrms at 0dBFS (RCA), 4Vrms at 0dBFS (XLR)
General Specification Power Supply: ~ 100V - 120V or 200V - 240V, 50/60Hz AC
Power Consumption: 45W (0.5W Standby)
Dimensions: 430mm x 311mm x 98mm, 16-7/8 x 12-1/4 x 4 inches
Mass: 7.3kg / 16 lbs
Operating Temperature 5°C - 35°C
41°F - 95°F
Operating Humidity 15% - 75%
No condensation
* Compatibility with user-encoded contents or user-created discs is on a best-effort basis with no guarantee due to the variation of media, software and techniques used.

**Nominal specification.  

#2 of 97 gene c

gene c


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Posted October 07 2010 - 11:26 AM

I was thinking of getting the 83se because I use the analog outs but I think I'm going to wait and see what the 95 (Ithink that's what it will be called) is all about. I hope the 93 comes out sooner than later.

"Everyday room": Panasonic 58" Plasma, Dish HD DVR, Pioneer Elite vsx-23, BDP-23 BR, dv58avi universal dvd player, Paradigm Studio 20 V1, CC-450, Dayton HSU-10 subwoofer.

"Movie/Music room": Toshiba 65" DLP, Dish HD receiver, Marantz 7005, CC-4003, BD-7006, Polk LSI25's-LSi7's-LSiC, 2 original Dayton 10" "Mighty-Mites" subwoofers. (subject to change without notice).
Also have  MB Quart Vera VS05 +.....too much to list. Help me.


#3 of 97 theonemacduff


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Posted November 15 2010 - 06:28 PM

Does anyone know if this one will be modifiable to be region free like earlier Oppo players?

#4 of 97 Adam Gregorich

Adam Gregorich

    Executive Producer

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Posted November 15 2010 - 08:17 PM

Originally Posted by theonemacduff 

Does anyone know if this one will be modifiable to be region free like earlier Oppo players?

Officially no, unofficially you never know.

#5 of 97 Adam Gregorich

Adam Gregorich

    Executive Producer

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Posted November 15 2010 - 08:20 PM

I really like the look of this one. It will look really nice in a custom rack shelf.

#6 of 97 SWFF



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  • Real Name:Shawn Francis
  • LocationUSA

Posted November 16 2010 - 07:08 AM

I was wondering about the region free functionality of it, too. I plan on finally going blu sometime in 2011, but I need one that's regionless. I'll obviously wait until it's hacked, assuming it can be, before I decide which brand I'll go with. Though, I understand the Oppos are top of the line.

#7 of 97 Adam Gregorich

Adam Gregorich

    Executive Producer

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  • LocationThe Other Washington

Posted November 16 2010 - 08:45 AM

Originally Posted by SWFF 

I was wondering about the region free functionality of it, too. I plan on finally going blu sometime in 2011, but I need one that's regionless. I'll obviously wait until it's hacked, assuming it can be, before I decide which brand I'll go with. Though, I understand the Oppos are top of the line.

With only three regions for BD, and a ton of imports being region free, I'm curious as to why you want a region free player?  What titles are currently only available in region B or C that you want?

#8 of 97 SWFF



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  • Real Name:Shawn Francis
  • LocationUSA

Posted November 16 2010 - 09:31 AM

Well, in my defense, Adam, I don't pay attention to the blu-ray market since I don't have a player, and didn't know a lot of blu-ray imports are coming over regionless. Regardless, I still need one. In anticipation of the player I was going to get last year, but didn't due to my tube TV finally biting the dust thanks to my cat, I bought ARMY OF DARKNES: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT from DiabolikDVD, and it's region 3. So, I still need a machine to play that title, and am I correct in assuming a blu-ray player will also play standard DVDs?

#9 of 97 Steve Tannehill

Steve Tannehill


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  • LocationDFW

Posted November 16 2010 - 10:54 AM

Count me among those interested in region free playback, especially of the few Region 2/3 DVD's that I have. I would like to retire my old Oppo 970. I have also seen UK PAL blu-rays (at least according to amazon.co.uk) that I would like to see.

#10 of 97 Brian L

Brian L


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Posted November 18 2010 - 11:08 AM

Pre-order emails went out today for those that signed up for or were on the Oppo notification list.


#11 of 97 Bob_L


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Posted November 20 2010 - 03:30 AM

I ordered one.  :)

UPDATE: And it's on it's way!!!

Update UPDATE: For delivery on Wednesday

#12 of 97 Phil A

Phil A


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Posted November 25 2010 - 01:27 AM

My BDP-93 is scheduled to arrive on November 30.  I intend to eventually use it in the bedroom system to replace an old Oppo DV980H and a Samsung 2500.  I'll probably try it in the main system for a bit.  I have a Modwright BDP-83 in there now so I'd like to be able to evaluate it and understand what it can do.

#13 of 97 Bob_L


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Posted November 25 2010 - 08:36 AM

Update update UPDATE: Received the Oppo BDP-93 yesterday. Because I recently moved into a new home (Oct 28), I still don't have my home theater and FP connected, so just viewing on a 1080p 46-inch LCD. Nonetheless, to my eyes, the picture is clearly better (sharper, more detailed) than the PS3 that I've been using for a BD player. Very attractive packaging with an excellent out-of-the-box experience. Smooth hardware operation and a nice setup/configuration interface, even though this is beta firmware.

The Netflix implementation is similar to the old Xbox 360 interface (before the recent system software update); however, the advantage is that the Oppo has a superior upscaling/processing chip so the output looks superior to the Xbox, PS3, and TiVo Premiere with the same material.

The Turkey Day agenda is to test its media streaming capabilities over my wireless network using both PS3 Media Server and PlayOn Media Server.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

#14 of 97 TheBat



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Posted November 25 2010 - 02:50 PM

I got the oppo 93 last friday. its another fine player from the oppo and its still in the beta testing.

I can hopefully answer some questions if you like.


#15 of 97 Larry*P



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Posted December 01 2010 - 10:31 AM


Any issues with your unit? Mine's still in the box.


#16 of 97 TheBat



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Posted December 01 2010 - 11:47 AM

its still in beta testing. so there are some bugs with it.. its pretty minor really. Its more ready then most players that are released.

do you have a specific issue that you want me to address?


#17 of 97 TheBat



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Posted December 01 2010 - 01:17 PM

I think that the new oppo will be a huge hit and be better then the 83. I thought that I was going to have a problem, but it seem to work it self out. its weird, but i keep finding new stuff to renew the interested of the player. here are a few thoughts. I am also posting some thoughts that included from my ealier posting (the other oppo pre-release thread.) as well. as a recap for some that have missed it.

love the duel hdmi imputs. its awesome. I like how I can connect to the tv and use the receiver for sound.

I like how the display is. yes its a bit dark like the other said. I like that it has the display broken up with one on one side and the other on the other side of the disc drive. the lettering is a bit smaller so its fine to use the full and not dim like the 83.

I have played alot of movies and dvds. they look great. PQ and sound is more or less the same or even better of the 83. those concern about that should be fine. this is oppo that we are talking about.

I did fine some titles that were not enhanced for widescreen like the abyss, conan the destroyer, 6 days seven nights, and true lies. I remember having this problem with the panasonic player as well. I am not really worried about.

for some that like to have everything that works. the bdlive works for the most part. its seems to work better with the internal flash more so then the usb unlike the 83 where I had to use the USB for the bdlive.

I am having a minor issue with the netflix, in which is its not very smooth. Its not bad like the sony player problem. still a minor problem. the format for the netflix works nicely. it can choose genre and favoites. most people will be pleased with that.

I just have a simple set up with the duel HDMI. no analogs.

the issues with predators and alien are not present in the oppo 93. things are good to go.

any other questions? feel free to ask.


#18 of 97 SWFF



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  • Real Name:Shawn Francis
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Posted December 01 2010 - 01:26 PM

Do you have the know how to hack it for regionless playback?

#19 of 97 TheBat



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Posted December 01 2010 - 02:21 PM

I have not heard anything yet for it. it will probably be only temp. they will probably have it like the 83 where you have to get the mod for it.


#20 of 97 Scott Merryfield

Scott Merryfield

    Executive Producer

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Posted December 02 2010 - 12:10 AM

A couple of questions:

1. How are the disc load times? I have an old Sony BDP-S350 that is fairly slow, and am interested in upgrading to something much faster.

2. How does the SD-DVD upscaling compare with the Oppo BDP-83?

3. You mentioned issues with non-anamorphic SD-DVD's -- specifically The Abyss. I thought the player was supposed to have an advanced scaler to handle these types of discs?

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