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How do you manage your DVD/Blu-Ray collection?

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#1 of 15 OFFLINE   Morsoth



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Posted September 19 2010 - 12:10 PM

How do you manage your DVD/Blu-Ray collection?


I was curious to know how many here are like me: selling theirs DVDs to re-buy them on Blu-Ray?


After 2 months, I've purchased 89 Blu-Ray and sell more than 150+ DVDs.

I'm trying hard to buy my Blu-Ray with great deal like 2 for $20 or $30, and sometimes, I buy the new ones on the release date.


Geek Complain: The thing I find frustrating somehow is when the Blu-Ray come as barebone versus the already existing fully loaded DVD. In this case, I'm making a backup of my Bonus Disc of the DVD Edition before selling it and put the DVD-R in a Double-Disc Blu-Ray case purchased on eBay to fit with the new Blu-Ray disc and the case art... A lot of work to get the best of everything! In fact, I'm making my own Special Editions...


  • So, how many are doing the same (Selling the DVD and re-buying the movie on Blu-Ray)?

  • And how many just buy the new release on Blu-Ray, keeping all their previous DVD edition without upgrading?

  • And how many just double-dip on the Blu-Ray by keeping all theirs DVDs?

Thanks in advance!

#2 of 15 OFFLINE   robbbb1138


    Second Unit

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Posted September 19 2010 - 12:33 PM

I've only been re-buying movies that I really like or that I think will look really good in HD.  When I do that, I'm always selling my DVD on EBay.  I used to be somewhat discerning about only selling a DVD if the Blu-Ray ported over all of the special features, but I've stopped caring about that outside of cases where I've actually watched the missing special feature more than once.

#3 of 15 OFFLINE   Joseph J.D

Joseph J.D


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Posted September 19 2010 - 02:24 PM

I pretty much just buy my favorites on Blu-ray and dump the DVDs in second-hand shops willing to take them.  DVDs that I will keep are ones that I like but not enough to upgrade, also stuff like older TV shows I will keep.  Also....stuff that have not been served well on Blu-ray will be kept as DVD (Predator comes to mind).


Almost all new titles are purchased on Blu-ray except for some of the older TV series which are unlikely to come out on BD (releases like Max Headroom or others like Hawaii Five-O and (the forthcoming)The Six Million Dollar Man .....DVDs already release them looking better than they've ever looked on TV and I'm satisfied with that).


I also look for 2 for $20 sales and deal with some used shops that also sell brand new titles on Blu-ray for much cheaper than Best Buy or Walmart ever will.

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#4 of 15 OFFLINE   Stephen_J_H


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Posted September 19 2010 - 03:29 PM

What I've been doing with some of my DVDs is either giving them away to friends or donating them to the public library. The library has been most appreciative.
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#5 of 15 OFFLINE   Mike Frezon

Mike Frezon

    Studio Mogul

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Posted September 19 2010 - 03:34 PM

Originally Posted by Stephen_J_H 

What I've been doing with some of my DVDs is either giving them away to friends or donating them to the public library. The library has been most appreciative.

Great tax deduction, too!  Most of my old DVDs (upgraded to Blu) go to my grown kids.  They think its great.

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#6 of 15 OFFLINE   Adam Gregorich

Adam Gregorich

    Executive Producer

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Posted September 19 2010 - 04:27 PM

Originally Posted by Stephen_J_H 

What I've been doing with some of my DVDs is either giving them away to friends or donating them to the public library. The library has been most appreciative.

Great idea!  If the trade in price is less than $3.00 on Amazon I have been just giving them away to friends and co-workers.  Initially I was only getting new releases on Blu-ray, but more and more I am replacing most of my DVDs when the title is released on Blu-ray.

#7 of 15 OFFLINE   Mark-P



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  • Real Name:Mark Probst
  • LocationCamas, WA

Posted September 19 2010 - 05:05 PM

I only sell my old DVD when the BD is a BD/DVD combo, otherwise I keep the DVD so that I have both. But what I really feel guilty about is the fact that I KEEP buying DVDs for movies I want that aren't on BD yet. When I see some classic movie on my wish-list on sale for less that $8, I can't resist. I keep telling myself, hey stupid if you wait a couple of years it will probably come out on blu-ray!

#8 of 15 OFFLINE   David Wilkins

David Wilkins

    Supporting Actor

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Posted September 19 2010 - 05:19 PM

For me, it's a mixture of #1 and #4 from the above poll. I'm selling or giving away most of my DVD's, while keeping a few that are marginal titles I'll likely never want to buy on BD, no matter the price. At the same time, I'm re-purchasing more titles on BD than just the favorites, but I'm willing to wait a long time for the best sale price on those titles.


The absolute favorites, I'll likely buy (initial or re-purchase) on release day, without waiting for price reduction unless I feel the title is overpriced...that involves the consideration of several factors, but primarily video and audio quality, followed by meaningful and unique bonus material. But...more and more often, the release day purchase is delayed if I can't reference a couple of reliable reviews beforehand. The absolute exception are Criterion releases, which have never disappointed me.

#9 of 15 OFFLINE   Cory S.

Cory S.

    Supporting Actor

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Posted September 19 2010 - 09:27 PM

At blu-ray's introduction, my plan from the outset was to just purchase/repurchase the absolutes.  As I got more and more familiar with the picture quality of blu ray in comparison to dvds, my tone changed immediately.  In the span of six months, I started replacing a lot of my dvd collection.


Since then, I've changed.  As of right now, I'm ripping what's left of my dvd collection to store on the PS3.  I'll box up the physical discs in storage so I can make room for more blu rays.  After looking at my dvd collection, I've circled about 20 to 30 titles I'll rebuy for blu ray (out of the 100 dvd titles I have left), depending on what the specs are and the audio/video presentation (Scarface, Cape Fear '91, Terminator, etc.)


Since I just recently purchased the new Apple TV, my plan from now on is to either buy the digital copy off of iTunes or purchase the blu ray.  My decision on that has more to do with storage, space, and realizing that I don't have to have every film on blu ray...just the absolute absolutes.

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#10 of 15 OFFLINE   TravisR


    Studio Mogul

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Posted September 20 2010 - 01:49 AM

Generally, I pick up the Blu-ray if I feel like I'll want to keep rewatching that movie. What I find funny is that there were DVDs that I was so pumped to get and I ended up watching them once or twice and then there were DVDs that I was on the fence about buying and I ended up watching them over and over.   As for the DVD, I keep it if there's extras that aren't carried over to the Blu-ray. If the extras are carried over, I either give the disc to a friend or, when it's something that they already have or wouldn't want, I sell them for a couple of dollars on eBay.

#11 of 15 ONLINE   Charles Smith

Charles Smith

    Extremely Talented Member

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Posted September 20 2010 - 02:04 AM

When I have DVDs to get rid of, I either "sell" them the easy way (turning them in for store credit at the local fye store) or donate them to library sales.  I'm always thrilled to find good out-of-print or otherwise desirable secondhand items at these places, so I like to keep it going around.


It's not my intention to keep too many duplicate titles, but I don't hesitate whenever the older format still offers something I can't get on the new.  That "something" is subjective, and simply has to be decided on a case-by-case basis.


I buy way more on Blu-ray than when I started two years ago -- but hardly ever at list price.  However, that also goes for DVDs, which I still buy like crazy and have no intention of stopping any time soon.  Hell, I still buy the occasional laserdisc, hence more duplicate titles.  In a few cases I've collected "backwards"; i.e., buying something I didn't have before on BLU, and in the course of doing so, learning about DVD and/or LD editions I'd been unaware of that now I simply can't live without.  Sometimes a PAL release, too.  It's insane.

#12 of 15 OFFLINE   cineMANIAC



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Posted September 20 2010 - 04:03 AM

I'll upgrade any DVD of a favorite movie whenever I find a good used deal on Amazon or a reasonale sale price at a B&M. Ive been very impressed by the picture quality on many of the older films and have gotten the BD version of the previously released DVD so that leaves me with an obsolete disc I'll need to get rid of fast. Usually what I try to do with a DVD I don't need is attempt to sell it for 5 or 6 bucks to a co-worker before I take it to a place that'll give me considerably less. But once I upgrade to hi-def there's no going back to the old disc, even if the xtras aren't ported over, so the old disc becomes totally expendable. As for new releases, most of Hollywood's new movies are what I call "disposable" movies - stuff you (may) only need to watch just once and then quickly forget about. Personally, if its a Godfather or a Close Encounters of the Third Kind, its not worth owning.
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#13 of 15 OFFLINE   Martin Teller

Martin Teller


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Posted September 20 2010 - 04:20 AM

My philosophy has always been, "if it's worth owning, it's worth owning on Blu-Ray".  As soon as the title is available for pre-order on Amazon, I eBay the DVD.  There are also dozens (maybe hundreds) of titles I've put off buying on DVD, in hopes of an eventual Blu-Ray release.

#14 of 15 OFFLINE   robbbb1138


    Second Unit

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Posted September 20 2010 - 05:23 AM

Originally Posted by Martin Teller 

My philosophy has always been, "if it's worth owning, it's worth owning on Blu-Ray".  As soon as the title is available for pre-order on Amazon, I eBay the DVD.  There are also dozens (maybe hundreds) of titles I've put off buying on DVD, in hopes of an eventual Blu-Ray release.

I bought a lot of DVDs around 2000 or so that probably weren't worth owning...

#15 of 15 OFFLINE   hampsteadbandit


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted September 20 2010 - 08:30 AM

I have alot of SD DVD films (400+), and have found it not worth trading in at my local exchange stores as currently I am not getting more than GBP£0.30-0.50 per title, which makes them a poor value trade in   I try to give any DVD titles I have upgraded from DVD to HD Blu-Ray to friends, family or charity shops     I still buy DVD, but never brand new, I will often find an older film I really want for my collection, and buy it used in an exchange store and I am paying only GBP £1-3 per title, or sometimes from an on-line retailer where again its GBP£3-4     for brand new films, its always Blu-Ray, on key titles its a pre-order through an on-line retailer   otherwise I will wait a few months and get it on a price-deal from on-line retailers, or find it in the exchange store which normally means 1/2 the retail price on release   I rarely buy any Blu-Ray new in retail stores as their pricing is considerably higher than either the on-line retailers or exchange stores   the only exception would be the Christmas / New Year vacation, where retailers panic and start dumping the Blu-Rays on insane price deals, I got Ghostbuster on Blu-Ray for only GBP£4 brand new last season ; I could walk out of a store running a sale promotion with 5-6 Blu-Rays     one of the problems I have found with double-dipping is that not all of the Blu-Rays are well mastered, and originally I would trade in the DVD and get the Blu-Ray and find little practical difference in PQ and SQ, despite the cost involved   with a good Blu-Ray player, the DVD upscaling can be fantastic, on a DVD of good quality !   some of my favourite movies are still not available on Blu-Ray, so I will stick with DVD for particular titles

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