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Ned some help with lighting.

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Posted August 21 2010 - 05:57 PM

Hey all! My entertainment center could use some new lighting. The light fixtures are these small, maybe 2 inch diameter light fixture with some type of odd bulb. I think it might be xenon or something. Anyways, the bulbs seem quite rare and are a pain to replace. You can't touch them with your fingers or the life will be dramatically decreased. The light fixtures are facing the ground and are placed inside holes of a wood board. On top of the board is an outlet that is controlled by a light switch, which are where these light fixtures are plugged into. I'm trying to find new light fixtures. I was thinking maybe some nice LED lights. I've been looking online, but I haven't been able to find anything. If there is any one who can help, I would appreciate it.


The holes in the wood for the light fixtures are 6 centimeters in diameter.


Let me know if you'll need more info to help me.




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Kevin Campbell


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Posted August 22 2010 - 12:38 PM

are they the mr11 style bulbs? 2 prong and look like a halogen bulb inside a cone shape?


if so, they are fairly common in lamps and potlights.


i just ordered one thats a led to replace my desk lamp bulb. check ebay for led replacement for that style. its probably the easist solution. and they are not expensive. i ordred mine from china from ebay cause i dont need it right away (and its crazy cheap)

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Posted August 23 2010 - 10:12 AM

More likely would be an MR-16 style (which has a 2" diameter reflector, as opposed to the 1.375" of an MR-11.)  Something that might help if you wanted to keep that style of light would be to order replacement lamps that include a cover-glass -- literally a piece of glass that is glued to the outer rim of the reflector, which makes the lamp completely "safe" from fingers.  (But the fingers are not safe from the lamp!  They still get hot.)


A thing to look for when ordering (and the internet is as good a place as any,) would be a suffix "CG" in the lamp-code.  I would suspect you're dealing with something on the order of a 20-watt flood (ANSI lamp code BAB.)  Ushio makes some nice ones with a smooth light output, long life, and a cover-glass.


Look for places like Bulbs.com, 1000bulbs, and/or even just go to Google shopping and see what comes up.  Should be under $10 per bulb including shipping.



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Posted August 23 2010 - 10:40 AM

Well hey, If I can put LEDs in these things, than that saves me time and money. I'll look into what fixtures I have and what bulb they need.


Also, all of my fixtures have a plastic trim piece, but one has fallen off, and they just look cheap. Do you know of any good trims? I know this is sooo vague, but any help would be great!