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How much of the extra content on a disk do you watch?

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#1 of 18 OFFLINE   Cowbell



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Posted October 10 2008 - 08:49 AM

I make an effort to watch, deleted scenes and the making of documentary’s I’ve never watched a movie with the commentary turned on. Screen tests, Trailers, galleries, story boards, cast Bio’s, rarely
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#2 of 18 OFFLINE   PaulDA



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Posted October 10 2008 - 09:24 AM

Depends entirely on the film--if the film is interesting to me in some way beyond just the story portrayed by the film itself, I'll watch most, if not all, the extras. For some specific films that are relevant to my work and research, I will taken in all the extras, even if the film itself is not fully engaging as a film. If it's a rental that is entertaining, but does not intrigue me with regards to how it was made, then I'll skip them. The ones I watch the most (as they are the most frequent) are the deleted scenes. I'd probably watch a lot more of the extras if I didn't have such a busy schedule (not that I'm busier than the average person, but if I'd had such a collection of films with all these extras back when I was single, I'd have taken in a lot more of the extras than I have).
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#3 of 18 OFFLINE   TravisR


    Studio Mogul

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Posted October 10 2008 - 09:33 AM

Overall, it depends for me too. On some DVDs, I'll watch the movie and that will be it but if I really enjoy the movie, I usually check out all the special features too. So far on Blu-ray, I've watched everything on all the discs that I own but I'm sure that I'll eventually get to the point where I get too many discs to worry about watching another featurette on visual effects. That being said, I'm also sure that there will always be movies where I want to see everything about it.

#4 of 18 OFFLINE   Tino



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Posted October 10 2008 - 09:55 AM

Usually, everything, at a minimum the commentary, which is my favorite extra.
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#5 of 18 OFFLINE   Ron-P



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  • Real Name:Ron

Posted October 10 2008 - 01:52 PM

None at all.
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#6 of 18 OFFLINE   Joseph J.D

Joseph J.D


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Posted October 10 2008 - 03:53 PM

I watch most of them but I hardly listen to the commentaries unless they are truly interesting and/or funny. For instance, I'll gladly listen to a Kevin Smith commentary......an average producer, editor or composer etc commentary or anything that gets too dry or technical.....eh, not so much. I also have no use for the still galleries or DVD-Rom extras.
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#7 of 18 OFFLINE   Will_B



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Posted October 10 2008 - 06:59 PM

I'll watch the movie itself and maybe deleted scenes or alternate endings. Then a month later I'll usually watch the commentary track -- best for when too tired to keep eyes open and just want to listen in and occasionally look. Extensive documentaries are also best after a month. I can't watch them the first day or else they can ruin the experience of the fiction.
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#8 of 18 OFFLINE   Douglas Monce

Douglas Monce


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Posted October 10 2008 - 10:11 PM

I generally watch everything. Sometimes if it is a film I've already seen, I'll watch all of the extras first. Doug
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#9 of 18 OFFLINE   Peter Overduin

Peter Overduin

    Supporting Actor

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Posted October 11 2008 - 04:01 AM

With movies based in some form of history, such as Kingdom of Heaven, I will watch extras that conribute to my understanding of the film and the period. In that vein, Kingdom of heaven has a great extra that illuminates the film's historical setting as it plays. Other films, such as Dark City, which is one of my favorite movies and one of the best sci fi movies ever made, I will watch commentaries. Some films are just impactful in their own right, such as Children of Men, and at least one of the extras on there (a commentary) is astonnishing.

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#10 of 18 OFFLINE   CraigF



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  • LocationToronto area, Canada

Posted October 11 2008 - 09:14 AM

If the movie was actually interestng (to me the viewer, not the movie makers...), and not just entertaining, then I *will* go through all the extras. I have noticed that people who make interesting movies also have interesting things to show and say...no big surprise. Those who don't (i.e. those who are highly paid to say others' words) mostly just compliment each other in all the space-filling extras. I'd prefer not to pay for that, never mind watch it. Somebody mentioned Kevin Smith. I watch or listen to every single item on his discs. Pretty funny, often better than the movies even, well worth it. And somebody mentioned Kingdom of Heaven. That's a good example: anything with an historical context I watch the "documentary" extras. I'll throw in Robert Rodriguez; he explains the processes of what he does (which is pretty much some of everything) well for the layman. I like listening to Martin Scorsese talk about films. So, for me it depends who's talking sometimes. Generally anything with an historical context or technical details of the sets/production I like. I couldn't care less about CGI details and storyboards etc., a little too dry for me, though I do find the Pixar stuff like that kinda interesting (again, could be the specific people talking). Edit: oops, got off track. I almost always watch the deleted scenes and gag reals, even for not that great films. I don't watch trailers if I have the choice, except the ones for BDs I might want to buy. I kinda forgot this is the BD section...much of the extra stuff I mentioned doesn't even exist on BD yet...

#11 of 18 OFFLINE   drobbins



  • 1,870 posts
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Posted October 11 2008 - 09:18 AM

I am not really interested in any of it. Just the bloopers now and again or if it is based on a real story I might look into it.

#12 of 18 OFFLINE   Clinton McClure

Clinton McClure

    Casual Enthusiast

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  • Real Name:Clint
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Posted October 11 2008 - 09:27 AM

Only the movie, no extras.

#13 of 18 OFFLINE   Brad M

Brad M

    Second Unit

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Posted October 11 2008 - 10:07 AM

I try to watch every extra on any disc I buy. I do not include the commentary tracks in that grouping. The only time I've listened to the commentaries is when I'm on a long drive. I play the movie through my car radio and give it a good listen. My favorites are the movie trailers and documentaries that follow the crew on the set.
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#14 of 18 OFFLINE   Southpaw


    Supporting Actor

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Posted October 13 2008 - 01:48 AM

All extras for me. Love them. Except for original trailers. Don't really care about them.

#15 of 18 OFFLINE   Brian Sheffield

Brian Sheffield

    Stunt Coordinator

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  • Real Name:Brian

Posted October 13 2008 - 02:19 AM

I watch the movie, and occasionally deleted scenes. Personally, I don't care at all about how the film was made or if the people involved liked each other. However, I do like extras that detail parts of the fictional world not delved into in the film itself. (the BD live Popup track on Transformers for example)

#16 of 18 OFFLINE   Brent Hutto

Brent Hutto

    Supporting Actor

  • 532 posts
  • Join Date: Aug 30 2001

Posted October 13 2008 - 02:35 AM

Well some movies I never even quite finish the movie so I certainly don't see any of the extras (Oceans Twelve anyone?) but generally if I thought the director or writer made a really interesting or unique contribution to the movie I love hearing a commentary by that person or persons. And if it's a movie we enjoyed we almost always watch the deleted scenes. But very few movies are good enough for us to have any interest in the "making of" and other EPK type content. Don't forget the Pixar movies where there's usually an animated short included. Those are great! Can't wait for the "Wall-E" Blu-Ray in five weeks.

#17 of 18 OFFLINE   Michael Warner

Michael Warner

    Supporting Actor

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Posted October 13 2008 - 05:45 AM

90% of the time I watch none of the extras. If it's one of my favorites, includes atypical extras like bonus shorts, or provides historical background on the subject I'll give them a look but that's about it.
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#18 of 18 OFFLINE   David Deeb

David Deeb

    Supporting Actor

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Posted October 13 2008 - 07:13 AM

It's interesting that this question keeps getting asked every few months around here. Must be another 100 threads w/ variation of the question. I like commentaries on sitcoms. The participants are funny, and the program is short enough that I can enjoy it. As far as extras, it depends. For classics & my favorite films, then extras are great. I always check them out. Especially when there is enough time (years) between the film getting made and the extras getting made. Objectivity (time & 3rd parties) make for interesting extras. Directors making their own extras, rarely make for anything but pats on their back.

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