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Recommendations please

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Posted June 04 2008 - 04:34 AM

I have 3 different receivers (Harmon Kardon AVR125) (Yamaha HTR 5540) and a Sony STR-K4800p) I think they are 45,75,100 Watts per channel respectively). I have a Bose acoustimass 6 system, and the original speakers that came with the Yamaha system, as well as some cheap rca speakers that I had with my first surround sound system. I also have a pair of Bose 201 shelf speakers.

My question is to get the best system by combining what I have should I put the Sony with 100 watts per channel with the Bose acoustimass 6 system, or
would you suggest one of my other speakers. Also are the Bose 201 speakers adequate for a surround system, and if so where should they be placed. I also have a Bose 321 gs II system I could get reasonably if that would be a better option. ( I've already seen that Bose isn't really well liked on some forums) The rooms that I'm putting these 2 eventual systems in are pretty small. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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Posted June 04 2008 - 10:42 AM

Hi Ron,

First, don't go by watts at the only criteria for judging AVR performance. Depending on room size, the HK could do a terrific job. I doubt the Sony really does 100 PER CHANNEL anyway.

The speakers are another issue. Listen to each and see what YOU like. That is all that is really important.

BTW - If in the future you are in the market for speakers, PLEASE do your homework (auditions speakers) before you spend more money on Bose.

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Posted June 05 2008 - 01:36 AM

Sell everything and get one good receiver and a set of non-Bose speakers.
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Posted June 19 2008 - 06:18 AM

Thanks for the info. Have a great day!


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Posted June 19 2008 - 08:13 AM

we can not forget onkyo!!! Great quality for the money. Also you can look into Polk RtI8's which have been discontinued and i got mine for 149.00 each. I think they sound great for the money.

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Posted June 20 2008 - 01:47 PM

(Harmon Kardon AVR125) (Yamaha HTR 5540) and a Sony STR-K4800p)

Harman Kardon makes a nice product but there only weak point is it takes them awhile to catch up with the newest features. Yamaha makes a nice receiver and they have offered very good performance and features from the low end to there high end. Sony is another story though, IMHO Sony's weakness is in there receiver area even though some people feel they make great receivers.

One of Sony big weak points was the class D internal amps there where using. They IMHO where weak and harsh sounding and I beleive that is why they discontinued using them. Anyway back to the subject at hand.

Here is what I would look at when choosing a new receiver.

1). Budget
2). Look at the size of your room and what speakers you will be using.
3). What are your needs? What sources do you have and what sources do you plan to own?
4). Do some listening test at a reputable retailer.

Depending on your needs and how much of a demanding listener you are. The performance of the amplifier could be important or it may not. If you plan to use small speakers in a small room the amplifier performance may not be the primary concern. And in that case even a Sony could more than acomplish the task. If you are looking for something that will drive many large speakers in a large room. Than you would be better off with something with a better amplifier section than you would need with small speakers. And you also need to consider how loud you usually listen to you music and or movies.

You also need to consider how many HDMI inputs you might need. Digital to Analog converters can effect how good your music will sound. Todays receivers do alot more than there predecesors did and in many ways there are alot better and offer more at a lower price point than they use to. I could make some recomendations but would need to know what size room you have and what your budget is. Choosing good speakers is important and is at least 50% of your sound. Bose IMHO is not a good way to get great sound. They have a bad tendancy to use very cheap drivers and materials that can not compete with decent brands. Choose a good speaker and then match the receiver to the speakers and you can not go wrong.

Companies that make some good to great receivers:
Adcom (Adcom may come out with lossless decoding soon).
Pioneer Elite

Companies that make good to great speakers:

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