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The Bionic Woman (2007) Volume 1, Coming in March

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#1 of 22 OFFLINE   Mark Talmadge

Mark Talmadge


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Posted January 30 2008 - 04:53 AM

Bionic Woman DVD news: Announcement for Bionic Woman - Volume 1 | TVShowsOnDVD.com

#2 of 22 OFFLINE   Jeff Willis

Jeff Willis


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Posted January 30 2008 - 05:02 AM

TSoD updated their news post with Cover Art & Menus.

Bionic Woman DVD news: Announcement for Bionic Woman - Volume 1 | TVShowsOnDVD.com

Just an FYI for Bionic fans that may not have heard....this release is the new Bionic Woman series remake that premiered on NBC this past fall.

Jeff "Still waiting for the original series" W.

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#3 of 22 OFFLINE   Pete Battista

Pete Battista


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Posted January 30 2008 - 05:28 AM

I enjoy the show.. so looking forward to adding this to my collection.

#4 of 22 OFFLINE   Mark Talmadge

Mark Talmadge


  • 2,379 posts
  • Join Date: Jul 21 2005

Posted January 30 2008 - 06:57 AM

Jeff, same link I posted ... why do you think I posted it ... sighs I don't know if I'll be picking this one up ... leave it to Universal to release only a half set ...

#5 of 22 OFFLINE   michael_ks



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Posted January 30 2008 - 09:01 AM

Well I was planning on it, until I found out it has nothing to do with the Lindsey Wagner series. If only the thread title had made this clear...sighs louder.

#6 of 22 OFFLINE   woztimewarp



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Posted January 30 2008 - 09:34 AM

I wont be buying it because i prefer the old bionic women. And a remake never beats the original.

#7 of 22 OFFLINE   TonyD


    Who do we think I am?

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Posted January 30 2008 - 01:41 PM

thread title seriously needs to be corrected to the info of which series this is.

#8 of 22 OFFLINE   Tory


    -The Snappy Sneezer- -Red Huck-

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Posted January 30 2008 - 01:53 PM

Edit, I revise, I see it is the complete first season but still, calling it volume one sets up a volume system for this release, affecting how Season 2 would likely be released.
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#9 of 22 OFFLINE   Joseph J.D

Joseph J.D


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Posted January 30 2008 - 02:21 PM

To be fair to Universal, the episodes in this set are the only ones that aired due to the damn writer's strike.....I'll probably wait for an HD version (and I don't mean HD-DVD either Universal).
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#10 of 22 OFFLINE   Barbara,G


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted January 30 2008 - 03:39 PM

I also am waiting for The Bionic Woman, but I want the Lindsey Wagner series as well. I won't buy this one.
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#11 of 22 OFFLINE   TonyD


    Who do we think I am?

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  • Real Name:Tony D.
  • LocationDisney World and Universal Florida

Posted January 30 2008 - 04:21 PM

it will be complete. every ep that was filmed will be in the set.

#12 of 22 OFFLINE   Mark Talmadge

Mark Talmadge


  • 2,379 posts
  • Join Date: Jul 21 2005

Posted January 31 2008 - 04:12 AM

Topic title explains it all, no need to change it ... the only reason Universal is releasing it as a less than half a half is to stroke up demand for the series if the writer's strike ends soon and production resumes. I'd buy it but only as a complete season set ...

#13 of 22 OFFLINE   Will_B



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Posted January 31 2008 - 04:21 AM

I was really hoping that for bonus features they'd include the "pre-network-meddling" versions of the first few episodes. Even if they're only rough cuts, it would be interesting to see what Eick wanted versus what he rolled over and delivered. Maybe they can put these on volume 2?
In the pre-network-meddling versions, Jaime's boyfriend did not die after Corvus shot him, and the evil father character who we saw escape from jail in the pilot came back to steal Jaime or his son or both (not sure). They refilmed some of the material to make Jaime's boyfriend dead, and they scrapped the episode when the father came back after having filmed it. So there's basically an alternate universe version of the first few episodes out there, which would be neat to see considering what a train wreck the network-meddled version became.

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#14 of 22 OFFLINE   TonyD


    Who do we think I am?

  • 16,755 posts
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  • Real Name:Tony D.
  • LocationDisney World and Universal Florida

Posted January 31 2008 - 09:31 AM

no, it doesnt explain everything. if it mentioned which bionic woman series you were referring to, then it would have explained enough. just read the posts, people only came in because the thought it was the original series.

#15 of 22 OFFLINE   Tony J Case

Tony J Case


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Posted January 31 2008 - 09:52 AM

Goddamnit! This is the crappy new one! I was hoping we'd get news for the old school one. False advertising! I want my click back! ***EDIT*** I assume we havent heard anything new on either this or the 6M$M - in any region - yet?

#16 of 22 OFFLINE   Jeff*H


    Supporting Actor

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Posted January 31 2008 - 10:57 AM

No, hell hasn't frozen over just yet Posted Image
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#17 of 22 OFFLINE   Random Hero

Random Hero

    Second Unit

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Posted January 31 2008 - 12:53 PM

I'll definitely pick up this release, as I enjoyed the show and have been a longtime fan of Michelle Ryan. I am a bit disappointed at the specs on the release, though. I'm happy that we're getting anamorphic video and 5.1 sound just as it was originally aired. Hopefully they can at least make sure that the episodes are uncut, since there are at least one or two songs in each episode. Granted, most of those may be from newer bands that aren't really household names, or are pretty much unknowns, but you know how studios will cut costs anywhere. I want my DVDs to have the episodes just as I watched and enjoyed them. However, we're getting just one commentary and a few featurettes? Pretty lame. Is this because of the writer's strike? Maybe those were the only featurettes prepared before then? Still, there are some other things that would have been nice to put on the set, especially the alternate pilot. I remember reading that it's been floating around the internet for ages, but of course, I don't partake in illegal downloading. Also, those alternate cuts that Will_B mentioned would be wonderful to see. Above all else, I'd love for a concrete press release from the network. Is the show finished or not? It's not a good thing when we're getting different answers from different news sources. If the show is going to end up canceled (even when the writer's strike is resolved), they are just toying with the fans of this show. There's been a few times when fans have been left with false hope on DVD releases, with releases labeled as "Volume 1" or "The First Season." And then, no more episodes ever, which really sucks! Lastly, I'm disappointed that there is not going to be an HD release for this series. It was absolutely gorgeous (especially Michelle Ryan, as I'm sure others will agree) in high-def, and I was hoping that even if it was going to be a pretty bare-bones home video release, that there would at least be a chance to enjoy it again in HD. I'm wondering if Universal isn't too hot on releasing TV titles (or anything else) on HD-DVD anymore. Anyway, HD-DVD or Blu-Ray, I would happily pick up a high-def release of this show. Well, I guess I'm going to go find a good deal on the original 70s "The Bionic Woman" Season 2. I just bought the first season recently, and it was great to enjoy it again. Anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Thank you, region-free DVD player!

#18 of 22 OFFLINE   Gary OS

Gary OS


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  • Real Name:Gary

Posted February 01 2008 - 12:39 PM

Oh my, I beg to differ. There have been two shows on American TV that use this title, one great and one not so great (everyone here can guess which is which in my eyes easily enough). Telling us which one you are talking about in the title would have been more than appropriate. BTW, haven't seen my good buddy Jeff Willis posting much recently. Take care my friend. Gary "sighs... that my initial excitement after seeing this thread title turned out to be false because it's not the classic series that is coming out" O.
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#19 of 22 OFFLINE   Greg_S_H


    Executive Producer

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Posted February 01 2008 - 12:53 PM

I have little to base this on, but it seems like this will ultimately be a complete series release. Will it really go back into production even if the strike ends? It seems like such a troubled show that the wisest thing would just be to forget about it. Whatever the case, I can say that while I enjoy the show enough to watch it when it airs, I won't be picking this up.

#20 of 22 OFFLINE   Jason Seaver

Jason Seaver

    Lead Actor

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Posted February 01 2008 - 01:20 PM

Isn't the newer series just "Bionic Woman", without the definite article? Posted Image

I don't think too much should be read into "Volume 1", other than Universal isn't positive there won't be any more this season (although it's a big-time long shot, seeing as it wasn't very successful and was one of the first to lay off staff). I wonder how much weight NBC/Universal will be giving to the sales of this set when the strike ends; it's a relatively rare opportunity to see what kind of potential a show has before committing to more episodes.
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