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Cambridge Soundworks P300HD

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Posted November 28 2007 - 07:34 AM

If anyone has any experience with the Cambridge Soundworks P300HD subwoofer, please do share as I'm thinking of picking up one.

Its MSRP is $1,000. It's on sale now for $600. Is it a good buy? Which other subs in the <$600 price range should I look at?

I have a Hsu STF-2, but for some unknown reasons the amp got fried. The sub is probably no more than three years old. (All I remember is that I picked it up at CompUSA sometime back in 2004). A friend of mine took a look at its internals and told me that there was a burn hole on the circuit board. The sub was NEVER overdriven or abused in anyway. Heck, I've never played my system loud, either. It was hooked up to an extension cord, which was then hooked up to the Monster Power Center HTS5100. All of my other electronic pieces connected to the HTS5100 are fine, except for the STF-2. So there must be something wrong with the STF-2.

I did call their technical support, but the woman that answered my call just plain sucked at customer service. The way she treated me, I got the impression that she must have thought, "Oh, well...so what if it broke...buy another one or send it here to get it fixed..." The thing was, she wouldn't even give me a ballpark figure of how much it would cost to fix it, even when I described to her what's wrong with the sub. She only wanted to get off the phone.

So no Hsu subs for me from now on. I already got a bad taste in my mouth.

I'm thinking of the Sunfire D-12, SVS PB10-NSD or PB12-NSD. The SVS subs are pretty big boxes. I've also read how the PB10-NSD is more "musical" than the PB12-NSD. But the PB10-NSD has no internal crossover...I can set up the crossover on my Onkyo TX-NR900 fine, but I still prefer the convenience of an internal crossover. As for the Sunfire D-12, some people say that it's not a well built sub, can be slow/sloppy, etc...

So, should I spring for the CSW P300HD or go for the Sunfire D-12, or either one of the SVS subs? Or just throw out some more suggestions so that I can go completely nuts...haha.

Thanks all.

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Posted November 28 2007 - 05:00 PM

i'll throw 3 suggestions at you. 1, my sub the martin logan dynamo. if you want musical, this sub is great. it's weaknesses are 1, it does not get down into the low 20hz region and 2, it's too small for a larger room. that said, i defy you to find a better sounding sub for small to med rooms for $600 or less.

2, svs sb12 plus, starts around $700. should have similar character to the dynamo, but more oomph and a slightly lower end. i's seriously consider this one if i was in the market today.

3, if i was in a smaller room, sub size was an issue and i wanted a really good deal, i'd go for the monitor audio asw100 for $300 or less from saturdayaudio.com. this things tiny and sounds shockingly good for a ported sub of its size.

btw, i think the csw sale is over, i had been eyeing the model 6's for $130/pair. but i just looked and they're only $100! my wife will kill me no matter how cheap they get!
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