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PS3 firmware 1.82

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#1 of 7 OFFLINE   BrettB



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Posted June 27 2007 - 05:36 PM

I installed it earlier.

Anyone know what it does?

Posted Image

#2 of 7 OFFLINE   Edwin-S



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Posted June 27 2007 - 10:31 PM

Something about enabling playback of AVC H.264 High Profile files. I couldn't find any details on other possible updates. I did read about a rumour of a major update coming for the XMB interface. But that is all it was.......a rumour.
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#3 of 7 OFFLINE   Ian_H


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Posted June 29 2007 - 12:17 PM

Originally Posted by BrettB
I installed it earlier.

Anyone know what it does?

Posted Image

New for 1.82: Support for playback of AVC High Profile (H.264/MPEG-4) format video has been added. *

* High image quality encoding method used by Blu-ray Discs and other media

New for 1.82: Playability status with the PS3™ system has changed for some PlayStation® and PlayStation®2 format titles. To check on the latest status, visit the search site for compatible titles.

#4 of 7 OFFLINE   CRyan



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Posted July 23 2007 - 08:16 AM

Firmware 1.90. Looks like a couple of good things. Not much for the blu ray side of things except it look slike the ability to force 1080p/24.

#5 of 7 OFFLINE   John Garcia

John Garcia

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Posted July 23 2007 - 08:36 AM


• Ability to rearrange games on the XMB
• Option menu now includes "eject disk"
• Press triangle to eject games/CDs/movies in the XMB
• XMB backgrounds --- Ultimate PS3 Wallpaper Guide! (Click Here)
• Change the folder classification
• Emoticons
• Change CD output to 44.1/88.2/176.4kHz
• Force 24Hz output for Blu-ray over HDMI
• Change PS3 video settings in-game
• "Bit Mapping" in the "Music Setting"
• Save AVCHD type animations from a Memory Stick
• Change settings like upscaling while playing PS and PS2 games
• Add bookmarks
• Web browser security function in the browser's tool section
• Avatar moves during audio visual chat
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#6 of 7 OFFLINE   Carlo Medina

Carlo Medina

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Posted July 23 2007 - 09:15 AM

Change PS3 video settings in-game
Not sure what this is, but it doesn't sound like PS3 game upscaling to me Posted Image

Oh well, only a couple more months of this and I'll finally have a set that does 1080p, 1080i and 720p (current set only does 1080i and doesn't accept 720p so all of my 720p games are played at 480p).

Wonder which will come first, my new TV set some time in September or a PS3 firmware which allows upscaling of PS3 games. They upscale PS2 games so I don't get what the holdup is...

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#7 of 7 OFFLINE   CRyan



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Posted July 23 2007 - 03:10 PM

I am looking forward to the force 1080p/24.

I really wish they would come out with the ability to autosync to displays on the fly. I have both a TV and projector hooked up with different resolution capabilities. Would be nice not to have to go into settings to change each time. Oh well, time to get a 1080p projector I guess!!! :-)

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