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XBOX360 HD DVD external drive now official for November

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#1 of 11 OFFLINE   Austan


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Posted September 20 2006 - 03:25 AM


Exchange rate puts it anywhere from $168 to $177, but that does not mean it will be the same price when its released in the US.

#2 of 11 OFFLINE   Ed St. Clair

Ed St. Clair


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Posted September 20 2006 - 06:58 AM

No HDMI, of any kind.
M$ is blowing it BIG time!!!
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#3 of 11 OFFLINE   MarekM


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Posted September 20 2006 - 07:36 AM

Originally Posted by Ed St. Clair
No HDMI, of any kind.
M$ is blowing it BIG time!!!

sorry I am not very much into game market,... what is Xbox360 with HD-DVD add-on will using as output ?? analog VGA and component ?


#4 of 11 OFFLINE   BrettB



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Posted September 20 2006 - 08:34 AM


When IGN pressed Microsoft on the issue of why no HDMI on the Xbox 360 add-on, they received this response via email:

The image constraint token feature of AACS is an optional flag for the [motion picture] studios and several have publicly stated they have no plans to invoke [the copy-protection flags]. Therefore, the copy protection scheme is fully implemented in both HD DVD and Blu-ray today.

We [Microsoft Corporation] do not see the absence of HDMI/HDCP as an issue over the lifetime of this generation of [the X360] console. HDMI/HDCP is still a very new interface and until it is supported broadly across the CE and PC industries and by consumers on a wide enough scale to be considered a standard, we don't expect anyone to impede content flow over non-HDMI devices (re: invoke the ICT).

#5 of 11 OFFLINE   Kami



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Posted September 24 2006 - 01:45 AM

The earliest ICT would be invoked is, what, 2010? Microsoft knows they'll be releasing their third Xbox that year so I doubt they're too worried.

However it's entirely possible they'll release a HDMI cable but if they don't it looks like 1080p output over VGA and Component.

#6 of 11 OFFLINE   JodyL



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Posted September 27 2006 - 06:03 AM

JUST announced at X06:

HD-DVD player plus 360 Universal Media Remote plus HD-DVD copy of Peter Jackson's King Kong for US$199!

#7 of 11 OFFLINE   Jason Harbaugh

Jason Harbaugh


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Posted September 27 2006 - 06:09 AM

Well at least they are making it enticing by throwing in a freebie of Kong. Smart move.

Now how about you Sony? Plan on bundling a BD disc in the PS3s?

#8 of 11 OFFLINE   dkny75


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Posted September 27 2006 - 07:03 AM


Here's a link to the announcement.

$199 for U.S.
199 Euros for Europe
129 Pounds for England

It will include the Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote and for a limited time a copy of Peter Jackson's King Kong on HD DVD!

#9 of 11 OFFLINE   Craig S

Craig S


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Posted September 27 2006 - 11:30 AM

Well, I'm in for that deal. My 57" Sony doesn't have HDMI, so that's no biggie for me right now. I've already got the XBox 360 all hooked up to my HT, so $200 to upgrade to HD-DVD is a no-brainer!!

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#10 of 11 OFFLINE   Matt Pasant

Matt Pasant

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Posted September 28 2006 - 03:40 AM

I'm off the fence and in the game. Pre-ordered mine this morning.

#11 of 11 OFFLINE   Rob_Walton


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Posted September 28 2006 - 04:43 AM

Originally Posted by Kami
The earliest ICT would be invoked is, what, 2010? Microsoft knows they'll be releasing their third Xbox that year so I doubt they're too worried.
ICT can be switched on for any titles whenever the studios decide to do so. There is no restriction on it's use.

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