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Favourite Theme Song

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#1 of 51 OFFLINE   DaleC



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Posted September 19 2006 - 05:27 AM

Hey everyone, It's been a while since I posted anything on these boards, so I thought I'd start this thread. What are some of your favourite TV theme songs. Mine are: Farscape - It pumps me up every time I hear it Babylon 5 (Season 3) - Dark and foreboding theme, gets me into the feel of the season The Shield - Harsh and gritty, like the show. Friends - Just a plain good song, fits the theme of the show well. Tour of Duty - I just like the Rolling Stones Knight Rider - Everyone knows it... it's catchy. CSI - "Whoooo are you? Who-Who? Who-Who?" .... need I say more? Law & Order: SVU - This is the best incarnation of the L&O themesong, IMO I'm looking forward to hearing some of yours....
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--Bruce Sterling

#2 of 51 OFFLINE   Jeff Willis

Jeff Willis


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Posted September 19 2006 - 05:49 AM

Dale, you're a mind-reader Posted Image I was thinking about starting this thread.

Here's mine....


FAMILY - Season 2 thru end of series


BEWITCHED - all seasons
DICK VAN DYKE SHOW - Season 1 is my favorite version
FLINTSTONES Season 3 thu end of series
JONNY QUEST (who can forget that giant bird sound?)
LEAVE IT TO BEAVER 1962 "Jazz" Version

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TV/DVD Collector, mainly 50's thru 90's with a few 2000+ shows.
My 2 all-time favorite TV shows:
"Combat!" & "The Fugitive"
My 2 all-time best blind-buys: "The Fugitive"   "The Donna Reed Show"

#3 of 51 OFFLINE   Scott_F_S


    Second Unit

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Posted September 19 2006 - 06:08 AM

Favorite original theme: Angel. Honorable mention: Buffy. Favorite non-original theme: Woke up This Morning (The Sopranos). Honorable mention: Save Me (Smallville) (too bad the show sucks).

#4 of 51 OFFLINE   ScottDombrowski


    Stunt Coordinator

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  • Real Name:Scott
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Posted September 19 2006 - 06:31 AM

So many favorites! I Love Lucy Bewitched I Dream Of Jeannie The Munsters Family Affair The Flying Nun The Partridge Family (I actually like the first season theme best) Roseanne That 70s Show Magnum P.I. Dallas The Big Valley The Wild, Wild West The Six Million Dollar Man Little House On The Prairie Lost In Space Star Trek (all of them though Enterprise is my least favorite)

#5 of 51 OFFLINE   Bob Hug

Bob Hug


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Posted September 19 2006 - 06:38 AM

Jeff Willis, you have such a great list of classic TV themes that it's hard to add much to it, but I'm partial to Nelson Riddle's work and would add, at a minimum, the themes from "Route 66" and "Emergency!" to the list. I'm also somewhat surprised that no has yet mentioned one of the most recognizeable television themes of all time, "Bonanza" (guess my age is showing), and everyone in the 1960s was singing and snappin' along with the theme to "The Addams Family."

#6 of 51 OFFLINE   Nicholas Martin

Nicholas Martin


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Posted September 19 2006 - 06:49 AM

All time favorite theme: ANGEL Very close favorites: DS9 (both versions) CSI (love it in 5.1 surround) Boston Public Sliders (all versions except season 1) Voyager (the best thing about that show) The Simpsons To add: I NEVER skip a theme/credit sequence on a DVD.

#7 of 51 OFFLINE   Charles Ellis

Charles Ellis


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Posted September 19 2006 - 07:17 AM

Well, there's so many, but the best vocal theme of the past 20 years goes like this:

She was working in a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens,
'Til her boyfriend kicked her out in one of those crushing scenes
What was she to do? Where was she to go? She's out on her fanny.

So over the bridge from Flushing to the Sheffield’s door,
She was there to sell makeup but the father saw more,
She had style, she had flair, she was there! That’s how she became The Nanny.

Who would have guessed that the girl we described
Was just exactly what the doctor prescribed?

Now, the father finds her beguiling. (Watch out C.C.!)
The kids are actually smiling. (Such joie de vivre!)
She’s the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan.
The flashy girl from Flushing- the Nanny named Fran!

A real throwback to when a sitcom's song told the premise of the show(Gilligan's Island, Green Acres, The Jeffersons, The Brady Bunch, The Beverly Hillbillies. et al).
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#8 of 51 OFFLINE   Doug^Ch


    Second Unit

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Posted September 19 2006 - 07:21 AM

I would have to add Perry Mason's Theme song to the list. It gets in your head and won't leave.

#9 of 51 OFFLINE   michael_ks



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Posted September 19 2006 - 07:46 AM

So true, provided that by "Secret Agent" he is referring to the Edwin Astley harpischord instrumental and not the Johnny Rivers theme... I'll just provide my top ten: 1. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Paul Sawtell) 2. Man in a Suitcase (Ron Grainer) 3. Secret Agent/Danger Man (Edwin Astley) 4. The Rifleman - (Herschel Burke Gilbert) 5. The Prisoner (Ron Grainer) 6. Jonny Quest (Hoyt Curtain) 7. The Persuaders! (John Barry) 8. The High Chapparal (David Rose) 9. The Virginian (Percy Faith) 10. The Outer Limits (Dominic Frontiere)

#10 of 51 OFFLINE   Jeff-Wooten


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted September 19 2006 - 09:08 AM

I could probably list a hundred favorites, but here are my top fifteen: 1.The Jeffersons 2.Mission: Impossible 3.The Avengers 4.The Andy Griffith Show 5.Sanford and Son 6.The Twilight Zone (Season 1) 7.Wonder Woman (Season 1) 8.Animaniacs 9.Charles in Charge 10.The Beverly Hillbillies 11.Doctor Who (mid-1970s) 12.The Yogi Bear Show 13.The Facts of Life (Seasons 2-6) 14.Match Game 15.Green Acres

#11 of 51 OFFLINE   Bert Greene

Bert Greene

    Second Unit

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Posted September 19 2006 - 11:25 AM

In recent weeks the "Mannix" theme has been running through my head. I wish it were a sign that it might be coming to dvd soon, but since I totally lack anything remotely resembling psychic powers, I don't put much stock in it. Theme-wise, though, it's hard to beat these two: "Route 66" and "Hawaii Five-O"... both of which I'm also hoping make the dvd grade sometime sooner rather than later.

#12 of 51 OFFLINE   Louis C

Louis C

    Supporting Actor

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Posted September 19 2006 - 01:40 PM

Uh, we can't leave out "The X-Files" Doo doo doo doo doo doo....

#13 of 51 OFFLINE   TravisR


    Studio Mogul

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  • LocationThe basement of the FBI building

Posted September 19 2006 - 01:47 PM

I've always loved the theme to Millennium. It's creepy and beautiful at the same time (especially with the visuals of the opening credits).

#14 of 51 OFFLINE   Rob P S

Rob P S


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  • Real Name:rob

Posted September 19 2006 - 02:17 PM

Themes: Barney Miller Night Court The Odd Couple Taxi The Simpsons King of the Hill Dallas The Waltons Boomtown Sanford and Son Dick Van Dyke Show Bob Newhart Show Newhart What's Happening Magnum P.I. Hawaii Five-O That Girl Family Feud (old) CHiPs Hart to Hart Quincy I Dream of Jeannie My Three Sons Lou Grant Cagney & Lacey The Munsters Rockford Files Songs: WKRP in Cincinnati The Jeffersons Three's Company (with the Ropers) Maude Cheers Mr. Belvedere Dukes of Hazzard Angie Laverne & Shirley Greatest American Hero BJ and the Bear Phyllis

#15 of 51 OFFLINE   Lou Sytsma

Lou Sytsma


  • 5,696 posts
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Posted September 19 2006 - 02:38 PM

Jonny Quest Mission Impossible Rockford Files All In The Family Twilight Zone The Munsters Lost In Space Leave It To Beaver Fireball XL-5 Hawaii Five-O The Invaders Nowhere Man
Every man is my superior, in that I may learn from him.

#16 of 51 OFFLINE   Johnny S

Johnny S

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted September 19 2006 - 03:13 PM

Long Beach Dub Allstars - Sunny Hours (Joey) Sonny Rhodes - Ballad Of Serenity (Firefly) Dido - Here With Me (Roswell) Darling Violetta - Sanctuary (Angel) Elvis Presley - A Little Less Coversation (Las Vegas) The Dandy Warhols - We Used To Be Friends (Veronica Mars) Love Spit Love - How Soon Is Now? (Charmed) Lazlo Bane - Superman (Scrubs) The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You (Friends) Nerf Herder - Buffy The Vampire Slayer (BtVS) Carole King - Where You Lead (Gilmore Girls)
Favourite Series: Friends, Angel, The Simpsons, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, How I Met Your Mother, The King Of Queens, Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Will & Grace and Brothers & Sisters.

#17 of 51 OFFLINE   Ethan Riley

Ethan Riley


  • 3,499 posts
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Posted September 19 2006 - 11:11 PM

Favorite Singables: Get a random group of people drunk at a bar, and I guarantee you at least 85% of them can sing any of these: 1) The Jeffersons 2) Green Acres 3) That Girl (final season) 4) Laverne & Shirley 5) All in the Family 6) Here Come the Brides 7) Cheers 8) The Greatest American Hero 9) Three's Company 10) The Brady Bunch Favorite Overtures: 1) Falcon Crest 2) Lost in Space (both versions) 3) Perry Mason 4) Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman 5) Bewitched 6) Star Trek TOS 7) Dick Van Dyke Show 8) Desperate Housewives (you know it's brilliant!) 9) The Simpsons 10) Battlestar Galactica I won't count any shows that used pop songs as "theme" songs. That ain't too creative.


#18 of 51 OFFLINE   Jonathan Kaye

Jonathan Kaye

    Second Unit

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Posted September 20 2006 - 12:21 AM

Doctor Who. The original 1963 version still holds up today as an amazing piece of pre-synthesiser electronic musique concrète.
"There's no point in being grown-up if you can't be childish sometimes" - The Doctor.

#19 of 51 OFFLINE   MichelleB


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted September 20 2006 - 02:44 AM

What a great thread. Posted Image

Here are my favorite themes songs (in no particular order):

Shows I Want on to see on DVD:
- Who's the Boss? Seasons 2-8
- Law & Order: SVU Season 9
- The Nanny Seasons 4-6
- Taxi Seasons 4-5

#20 of 51 OFFLINE   Jeff Willis

Jeff Willis


  • 3,387 posts
  • Join Date: Jan 01 2005
  • LocationDallas TX

Posted September 20 2006 - 03:18 AM

Bob, Mike, thanks for the comments Posted Image

Mike, actually I was thinking about the "Johnny Rivers" USA theme to "Secret Agent" when I posted that list but I love that harpischord instrumental intro in the S.A. eps. (Ain't that S.A. Megaset a great collectors item? Posted Image )

ml1fyo.jpg  "Checkmate King Two, 'Out'" "Combat! A Selmur Production"


TV/DVD Collector, mainly 50's thru 90's with a few 2000+ shows.
My 2 all-time favorite TV shows:
"Combat!" & "The Fugitive"
My 2 all-time best blind-buys: "The Fugitive"   "The Donna Reed Show"

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