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This format is not cheap.......

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#1 of 14 OFFLINE   JeffdDurborow



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Posted August 31 2006 - 06:58 PM

With the announcement of FOX's release and their msrp of 39.99 I feel like i am in a time warp and anticipating a LASERDISC release??

I cringe at the cost of these movies sometimes. I will give the benefit of the doubt that retail stores might price these at maybe 30 bucks and of course the internet gives us more options...

I don't have blu-ray i am a current supporter of the HD-DVD format however these titles at 20 - 25 bucks are still a bit scary for the average consumer as well. I can say i don't mind but i would be lying. I have a couple hundred laserdisc's sitting here and i KNOW their is a lot of mula tied up in them..

My first DVD player was 499.99 same as the toshiba hd a1. the movies available at the time i recall around the 19.99 to 24.99 price point correct me if im wrong. I currently have 2 HD-DVD movies that i own and netflix has a great selection for me to continue to enjoy the format. I honestly can't afford to keep buying without serious thought of wether i really want this movie..

My final thought is ok FOX has issued that they are releasing finally for blu-ray and their anticipation co insiding with the PS3 release is interesting considering the PS3 is a game console and after you buy a game console what do you buy???? well... A very high percentage will be buying the 60 dollar game not the 40 dollar movie...

blu-ray can have all the studio support they want but im not into paying 40 bucks ahem 35?? for a movie again..
maybe im missing the point $20 -$25 to have high def
$30- $40 to go beyond high def ???????
who knows...

#2 of 14 OFFLINE   Ronald Epstein

Ronald Epstein

    Studio Mogul

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Posted August 31 2006 - 09:25 PM


I'm a bit confused why Fox took this pricepoint approach as well.

I'm sure the studio has their reasons as they don't tend to make
uneducated decisions.

I am even more confused how Blu-Ray expects to even compete
with prices of players and software being twice as expensive as
their HD-DVD counterparts.


Ronald J Epstein
Home Theater Forum co-owner


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#3 of 14 ONLINE   Robert Crawford

Robert Crawford

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  • LocationMichigan

Posted August 31 2006 - 09:31 PM

This is really starting to remind me of the dvd wars back in the 1998-2001 time frame. Just like then we have a couple of studios that are pricing their product too high and only after they find out that such pricing won't generate enough sales, it will force them to adjust their pricing.

I can afford those prices, but out of principle I will not be buying most of these Fox BRD unless I get a tremendous deal.



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#4 of 14 OFFLINE   Paul_Scott


    Lead Actor

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Posted August 31 2006 - 11:16 PM

either Fox has a really inflated opinion of itself, or maybe the $40 msrp across the board is intended to subsidize the bd50 releases?

likely they'll still only end up being $5 more than the highest priced HD DVDs at street prices, but still too high.

#5 of 14 OFFLINE   Mark Zimmer

Mark Zimmer


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Posted September 01 2006 - 02:03 AM

Universal started off pricing their SD DVDs at $34.95, just like they started off their HD DVDs. Fox got into it late since they were in bed with Circus Shitty and their DIVX scheme, and didn't release SD DVD for 9 months, by which time the price wars and the 3 DVD for $1 deals had already started.

I miss the Internet Bubble and Irrational Exuberance.

#6 of 14 OFFLINE   Seth=L



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Posted September 01 2006 - 02:31 AM

why do they still sell DIVX capable players? I was at Best Buy the other day and saw a DVIX compatible players.

#7 of 14 OFFLINE   GordonL


    Supporting Actor

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Posted September 01 2006 - 02:42 AM

Originally Posted by Seth=L
why do they still sell DIVX capable players? I was at Best Buy the other day and saw a DVIX compatible players.
The old DIVX player was for the pay-per-view system (Digital Video Express). The DivX players in stores these days refer to the DivX video codec from www.divx.com

#8 of 14 OFFLINE   RickER



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  • Real Name:Rick
  • LocationTulsa, Oklahoma

Posted September 01 2006 - 02:52 AM

Even back in the LD days Fox always had the most expensive discs. I remember well shucking out $50 at least for single disc movies like Planet of the Apes. Its only because of the deep discounts, and peer pressure from other studios that Fox DVDs are not $34.95 for a movie only release (and usually non animorphic) like they were in 98.

#9 of 14 OFFLINE   JeffdDurborow



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  • Join Date: Jul 26 2006

Posted September 01 2006 - 06:32 AM

I was quick wondering if anyone could educate me quickly here about
D-VHS...as im on topic here with the current price points of LD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray...

Why did this fail? was their strong support for the format initially? I am curious about this.. If i can recall Fox was a supporter??

Was it cost releated? Lack of studio support? I never jumped on this format.

I certainly remeber the movies being a bit steep??

#10 of 14 OFFLINE   Ed St. Clair

Ed St. Clair


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Posted September 01 2006 - 06:35 AM

Save money.
Don't buy! ;-)
Movies are: "The Greatest Artform".
HD should be for EVERYONE!

#11 of 14 OFFLINE   Phil Iturralde

Phil Iturralde


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Posted September 01 2006 - 06:53 AM

Originally Posted by Ed St. Clair
Save money.
Don't buy! ;-)
Ah, ... but if you own a 1080p DLP HDTV (which I do Posted Image) , ... it's very hard not to just take one little sampling look at the detailed, corner-to-corner crystal clear 1080p HiDef DVD Movies PQ, ... and not be impressed!!! Posted Image Posted Image

Then on top of that, ... ADD the BONUS of Experiencing and Hearing the dynamic, full resolution and impressive NEW Superior Dolby Digital Plus and lossless TrueHD, future DTS-HD formats (assuming you have an HT setup with 20 Hz to 20kHz surround you - which I do Posted Image ) and that adds to ...

... gotta' spend, ... gotta' spend, ... gottaaaa' sppeennnddd!!! (sung to "Gotta' Dance' from BROADWAY RHYTHM BALLET Lyrics - Gene Kelly in "Singin' in the Rain"). Posted Image

My HT Enthusiasts Google Website
---- Toshiba 62HM196 62" 1080p DLP HDTV pic's (#1 in Consumer Reports)
DVD Aficionado (DVDAF) on-going list.
Acquisition Rule #59 “Free advice is seldom cheap.” (Quark @ DS9)
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#12 of 14 OFFLINE   PerryD


    Supporting Actor

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Posted September 01 2006 - 06:59 AM

Originally Posted by JeffdDurborow
Why did DVHS fail?

For me, it was 2 fold, one, the price of the unit was around $2000 eventually discounted down to around $1000 which was still a bit too much. Two, to record off of Dish Network, you had to buy a hodge podge of rare to find equipment (another $1000 or so to spend). Ultimately, I chose to go the HD-DVR route for recording.

#13 of 14 OFFLINE   Bob Black

Bob Black

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted September 01 2006 - 02:35 PM

Originally Posted by Ronald Epstein
I'm a bit confused why Fox took this pricepoint approach as well.

I'm sure the studio has their reasons as they don't tend to make
uneducated decisions.


Personally, I am not surprised at all! I also remember my LD days when Fox would release single-disc titles at $49.99 - $69.99 for such titles as Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, Die Hard, Alien etc. And they would double & triple-dip these titles as well (CLV, CAV, Widescreen Special Edition, etc.) When they began releasing DVD's after a long hold-out (including their ridiculous support of DIVX), they priced those high as well. I remember balking at their MSRP of $34.99 for "Hope Floats" in November of 1998!

Mike Dunn, the President of Fox's Home Entertainment Division, is a complete buffoon who continues to make asinine, arrogant, baseless comments about Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. As an HT fanatic who has supported Fox in all its home video formats throughout the years, I can honestly say they will get NONE of my money again so long as they decide to snub HD-DVD and release exclusively on BD! (This, of course, doesn't apply to Star Wars which are Lucas-owned)

The incredible irony of Fox' pricing structure on their Blu-Ray discs is that they are the studio most paranoid about piracy, which is a stong reason for their support of BD. You would think smart executives would understand what leads to piracy in the first place -- OVERPRICED PRODUCTS!!

#14 of 14 OFFLINE   Tim Glover

Tim Glover

    Lead Actor

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  • Real Name:Tim Glover

Posted September 01 2006 - 04:30 PM

I love reading Phil's posts. Posted Image Does anyone wonder if he's enjoying his new gear! Posted Image I'm jealous of his TV for sure. Posted Image

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