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Netflix and Blockbuster online rental opinion.

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#1 of 15 OFFLINE   Nick


    Second Unit

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Posted July 06 2006 - 12:27 PM

I joined Netflix the first year it started. Found out from some PC magazine and have been a member with them since. My brother on the other hand join Blockbuster because he likes that free coupon thing. I just don't understand why even waste gas money to go there. He's on vacation out of town for the whole month and he gave me his password so I can use his account while he's away. After using it for a week I can tell how superior Netflix is. Shipping is much faster, more selection, 100 times better web page. If Blockbuster is trying to gain online customers they gonna have to make it better or equal to Netflix. As soon as netflix received my movie the new one is on my queue the very same day ready to be shipped. Blockbuster will not ship the movie out right away. sometimes it takes more than 2 days. Movie shows as available at Netflix but coming soon at Blockbuster site eventhough the movie was released two week ago. If they don't shape up they are not gonna be in business long. It looks like they've been closing the stores left and right from what I read in the news. We'll see if I can convince my brother to switch to Netflix when he comes back.

#2 of 15 OFFLINE   Stephen Orr

Stephen Orr


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Posted July 06 2006 - 12:36 PM

Tried both, stuck with Netflix...

#3 of 15 OFFLINE   Greg*go


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Posted July 06 2006 - 01:21 PM

I've been with Netflix for about 2 yrs and love it. Although I must admit I liked their webpage more the way it was 6 months ago as opposed to the current setup. I wish there was an option to turn it back to the way it was... I considered BBV, but at that time, Netflix increased their library to over 30,000. Now it's over 60,000!!
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#4 of 15 OFFLINE   Nick


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Posted July 06 2006 - 05:04 PM

I kind of like the new one though. Where you put your mouse over the title and the description of the movie popup (that's one pop up that I don't mind) instead of clicking it to have it open. I kind of base a lot of the movie that I rented on the customer review. I found it more helpful than the real movie critic review. You'll be lucky if you found more than two review at Blockbuster site. I read somewhere that Netflix is developing a box that can download the movie off their site instead of having them sending you the movie. I kind of like that idea as long as I can get the same DVD quality. I'm in for it. I think that's the way to go anyway in the future. High speed internet will be like having cable or telephone in the house and most of their subscribers are obviously having internet at home already. (I hope Fiber optic is coming to my town soon) Plus they'll be no more disc lost in the mail a big plus for them who knows may be they'll lower the price since they won't have to pay for the postage anymore.

#5 of 15 OFFLINE   Mike Heenan

Mike Heenan

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Posted July 09 2006 - 07:05 AM

Does Blockbuster practice throttling with their customers like Netflix does?

#6 of 15 OFFLINE   drobbins



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Posted July 09 2006 - 08:55 AM

I never tried Netflix. I have been with Blockbuster for over a year. We rent 2-3 movies a week. At first their turn around time was quick. They received one and sent another the same day. Then it seemed that it took more than 2-3 days for them just to receive a video. Maybe it was the mail, maybe not? They started giving 1 free in store rental per week, which we used to fill in the voids. The turn around time has improved again. I don't know if it is because we are getting less from on line. I read somewhere that an online video rental service start loosing money after 11 rentals per month due to postage. I do like the 1 per week in store rental. It gives us a chance to get an appropriate movie if guests show up, or all the other movies are in the mail, or my wife got all chick flicks Posted Image

#7 of 15 OFFLINE   Paul_Medenwaldt


    Supporting Actor

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Posted July 09 2006 - 09:36 AM

I first started with Netflix a few years ago. I enjoyed the different movies and the quick turn around time with their DVD's. I then joined BB when they started up. I'm trying to do this by memory, but I BB was at $17.99 and Netflix was $21.99. I decided to make the switch. I noticed right away how long it took to get movies back in my hand from the time I put in the mail box. I stayed it for a few months and then due to money reasons I quit. About 9 months later I decided to give BB another try, they were emailing me saying that they have new distribution warehouses and turn around times would be shortened. I gave them a chance and nothing had changed. They were even $14.99. I believe around that same time Netflix dropped thier 3 dvd rental program to $17.99. I dropped BB and joined up with Netflix again and haven't looked back then. Highly recommend Netflix!! My only problem is my viewing habits. I'm not watching movies quick enough. I've had 40 Year Old Virgin on my list for about 6 months and finally got this week. Then of course that movie premiered on HBO. So I Tivo'd the movie and sent the disc back in. Paul
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#8 of 15 OFFLINE   Nick


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Posted July 11 2006 - 06:16 AM

I noticed that Netflix sometimes send movies from out of state and you pretty add a day or two to the turnaround time depending on the state they shipped it from. I still like it better than having it listed as long wait on my queue.

#9 of 15 OFFLINE   Eric_L



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Posted July 12 2006 - 02:05 AM

I really don't like the Netflix website. I usually browse BB to find the titles I want - then input them on Netflix. I always have trouble finding the new releases. It seems that after a week they just disappear and get buried somewhere on their site. I've never found them other than by name searching.

Here - compare their new releases pages;

http://www.blockbust......e=Movie List

I mean - WTF - are they even from the same planet? Neither 'new releases' site has much overlap. Blockbuster at least lists them sequentially.

#10 of 15 OFFLINE   Inspector Hammer!

Inspector Hammer!

    Executive Producer

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Posted July 12 2006 - 11:12 AM

I've been with BB for about 9 months now and the only problem I have with them is that they always screw up my tv show selections. I was supposed to recieve Entourage Season 2 Disc one a couple of weeks ago and they sent me disc one of season one. Posted Image

This is typical of them, they get movies right most of the time, but they always mess up on the tv shows. I also get frustrated that a particular movie that I put on my queue MONTHS ago still says "Long Wait". Posted Image

When the hell will this movie become available?
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#11 of 15 OFFLINE   Qui-Gon John

Qui-Gon John


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Posted July 13 2006 - 01:43 AM

I used Netflix many years ago. It got really bad with turn around and I dropped them. I signed up with BB when they first started. Been pretty good, I'm happy with it. Although, as John W mentions, they really screw the pooch sometimes when it comes to TV shows. I have been trying to get Andromeda Season 5, Collection 3 Disc 1 and 6 TIMES now they have sent the wrong disc instead. Usually Andromeda Season 5 Collection 2 Disc 1. The outer envelope shows the proper disc, but both the inner envelope and disc are wrong. My other complaint is they don't always get stuff into thier system. Like I still can't get Time Tunnel Vol 2. And they don't have the new discs of Earthquake or Mission:Impossible. Or "A Knight's Tale-Ext Ed". Just a few samples of titles I'm trying to rent, but have been unable to.

#12 of 15 OFFLINE   nolesrule



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Posted July 13 2006 - 03:41 AM

I've had great turnaround time with Netflix. No more than 4 days from sending back a disc before receiving the next one. 3 days is the norm.

#13 of 15 OFFLINE   Will_B



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Posted July 14 2006 - 09:14 AM

I have a question about Netflix. Does Netflix do what Blockbuster Online does? Blockbuster Online takes 2-DVD sets and divides them into 2 seperate rentals. In other words, when a movie is on disc 1 and the extras are on disc 2, you have to rent each disc seperately. They're treated as two entirely different titles in every respect. However, the weekly coupon that can be used at Blockbuster physical stores comes in handy in those situations -- you can rent a 2-DVD set as 1 rental in the physical stores, naturally. So is this an advantage over Netflix? Or does Netflix send 2-DVD sets as 1 rental?
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#14 of 15 OFFLINE   danak


    Second Unit

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Posted July 15 2006 - 12:35 AM

Will B, Netflix handles 2 disc sets the same as Blockbuster Online, ie, each are separate rentals. However, if the movie spills over to the second disc (Gangs of New York for example), you will be sent both discs at the same time (I think BB Online does that as well).

#15 of 15 OFFLINE   Will_B



  • 4,733 posts
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Posted July 15 2006 - 06:30 AM

"Scientists are saying the future is going to be far more futuristic than they originally predicted." -Krysta Now