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"Mosquito" ringtone, can you hear it?

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#1 of 63 OFFLINE   Garrett Lundy

Garrett Lundy


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Posted June 25 2006 - 03:27 AM

Some company or another creates a 17KHz tone which is supposed to repel teenagers (so they stop hanging-out in front of the 7-11). Older people don't hear as well so most people over 20 can't hear it.

Annoying teenagers then take said tone and use it for a cellphone ringtone, so parents, teachers, and adults in general can't hear it.

Heres the tone played twice: http://www.jamster.c....c_Sound_16.mp3

I'm 27 and I can only hear it if my computer speakers are ALL the way up, and I'm within 3 feet of the speakers. I guess CDs 20,000Hz ceiling limit would be lost on me, eh? (saying nothing of SACD's 40KHz limit).

PS: Its really annoying if you can hear it.
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#2 of 63 OFFLINE   Christ Reynolds

Christ Reynolds


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Posted June 25 2006 - 03:41 AM

i'm 28 and i can hear it just fine.
unless they can speak at this frequency as well, i'd say the adults would hear something from the phone call. CJ
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#3 of 63 OFFLINE   Ricardo C

Ricardo C


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Posted June 25 2006 - 04:32 AM

I'm 29 and I can hear it just fine. Annoyingly so, in fact. As Christ says (hee), a "silent" ringtone is worthless for stealth purposes, if you're gonna take the call.
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#4 of 63 OFFLINE   Jeff Ulmer

Jeff Ulmer


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Posted June 25 2006 - 04:46 AM

All they need to do is create a ringtone that sounds like work.

#5 of 63 OFFLINE   McPaul



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  • Real Name:Paul M
  • LocationVancouver

Posted June 25 2006 - 05:07 AM

I'm 34 and I THINK I heard it. I heard it twice, once near the very beginning of that file, and once again about 4/5ths of the way through. Very high pitched, and VERY annoying, the first time was more annoying though.

#6 of 63 OFFLINE   Michael_K_Sr



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  • Real Name:MichaelK
  • LocationChicago 'burbs

Posted June 25 2006 - 05:30 AM

Mid-30's and I can hear it. Doesn't bother me, but we have a summer intern at the office who goes crazy every time someone plays it. Maybe if it's played long enough his head will explode like in Scanners. Posted Image

#7 of 63 OFFLINE   Matt Stone

Matt Stone

    Lead Actor

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Posted June 25 2006 - 05:36 AM

24 and I could hear it just fine. Really loud and annoy too, even with my computer speakers as low as they go before mute.
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#8 of 63 OFFLINE   MarkHastings


    Executive Producer

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Posted June 25 2006 - 05:55 AM

I was talking to someone about this and they brought up a good point...Why don't the kids just use 'vibrate' mode? But (as was mentioned) the 'teen only' sound is moot if you have to answer the call to begin with. I'm almost 36 and I heard the tone. My laptop speakers are hardly on and I'm playing music through iTunes and I still heard the sound.

#9 of 63 OFFLINE   CRyan



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Posted June 25 2006 - 05:58 AM

It is being used for texting from what I understood.

#10 of 63 OFFLINE   Joseph DeMartino

Joseph DeMartino

    Lead Actor

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  • Real Name:Joseph DeMartino
  • LocationFlorida

Posted June 25 2006 - 07:08 AM

1) It is being used for texting.
2) Most "vibrate" modes are loud enough, especially if the phone is in contact with a hard object, that they may as well be rings.
3) In a large classroom or lecture hall it is perfectly possible to have a discrete phone conversation (or chat with a nieghbor) without being heard by the teacher. Heck, with an ear-bud it would be hard for the teacher to tell you weren't talking to the guy at the next desk, which tends to be less of an issue for instructors, especially at the college level. It is not possible to have your phone ring without calling attention to yourself.

4) A big reason for cell phone bans is that the rings themselves are disruptive. This does solve that problem.

5) What sound? I've played that thing four times with the speakers turned all the way up and I hear nothing. Of course, I'm older than rest of you. Posted Image



#11 of 63 OFFLINE   Bryan X

Bryan X


  • 3,469 posts
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Posted June 25 2006 - 08:30 AM

36 and I had no trouble hearing it. I even turned my speakers down to the point they were almost off and I still heard it. It certainly is annoying.

#12 of 63 OFFLINE   BrianW



  • 2,561 posts
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Posted June 25 2006 - 09:29 AM

Wow. I can hear it just fine, and I'm in my upper 40s. Of course, my deficiencies in other areas more than make up for my good hearing. How many rock concerts can these whippersnappers attend before they can't hear this ringtone anymore? They do still have rock concerts, right?
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#13 of 63 OFFLINE   JamesED


    Second Unit

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Posted June 25 2006 - 09:36 AM

I hear it pretty loud and clear, but I'm only 23.

#14 of 63 OFFLINE   Patrick_S



  • 3,087 posts
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Posted June 25 2006 - 09:50 AM

40's heard it no problem.

#15 of 63 OFFLINE   Randy Tennison

Randy Tennison


  • 1,099 posts
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  • Real Name:Randy

Posted June 25 2006 - 09:57 AM

41, and I can hear it, but not real well. Just a high pitched single note.
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#16 of 63 OFFLINE   Cameron Yee

Cameron Yee

    Executive Producer

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Posted June 25 2006 - 07:45 PM

33, heard it, kind of pulsing quality to it.

#17 of 63 OFFLINE   Jim_F



  • 1,078 posts
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Posted June 25 2006 - 10:41 PM

49 here. I can hear a high pitched tone only after the 1st and 3rd clicks.
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#18 of 63 OFFLINE   Fredster


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted June 25 2006 - 10:45 PM

Most computer speakers would not reproduce a 17KHz tone. This is decent tweeter range...

#19 of 63 OFFLINE   Mark Paquette

Mark Paquette

    Supporting Actor

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Posted June 26 2006 - 04:25 AM

Hopefully that's my problem because I don't hear anything but the clicks. Just turned 38 and probably went to a few too many rock concerts.

#20 of 63 OFFLINE   MarkHastings


    Executive Producer

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Posted June 26 2006 - 04:29 AM

but computer speakers are probably better than cell phone speakers.

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