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Receiver Suggestion 1K budget, new technology

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#1 of 14 OFFLINE   joe_pre



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Posted June 04 2006 - 08:04 AM

Ok, I am planning on purchasing (very soon) a nice TV (KDS-R60XBR1) and coming in a day or two will be my SVS SBS-01 surround sound speakers and sub. My budget limit is $1,000. I plan on purchasing a PS3, and possibly a BR player (or just use the PS3) when that stuff becomes more readily available. So I definitely plan on utilizing the HDMI inputs on my TV. With not being real up on the newest receivers and newest technologies that are out for audio, what is my best route to go here? I want a receiver that will compliment my speakers and will compliment my tv. Since all this new technology is just getting here, or almost is here, I'm not sure where to start for a receiver. I read a thread below that kind of made me think that I may need to wait for the receiver I want. DVD movies will be where I want the sound. I will occasionally use it to play music, but movies are more where my concern lies. I know there is new audio technology for the HD stuff, not sure if I should worry about that or not. Any suggestions or thoughts? This is my first experience with 5.1 sound, so bear with me. Thanks a lot! Joe

#2 of 14 OFFLINE   mylan



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Posted June 04 2006 - 11:28 AM

Just like with computers, there will always be something just around the corner that will be better, like Dolby-HD or whatever format they will decide on, but if you need something now then you might as well get it now. I would suggest a receiver that does HDMI switching although it is just a convience feature that switches audio and video inputs without having to push two buttons but even that can be overcome using a good remote, like the Harmony 880. With that being said, I would check out the usual suspects in Denon, Pioneer, or Yamaha. With a $1,000 budget this will get you a Denon 3806, 2807 or lesser, or a Yamaha 2600.
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#3 of 14 OFFLINE   Arthur S

Arthur S


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Posted June 06 2006 - 02:28 AM

I agree with mylan The most forward looking of those he mentioned might be the Denon 2807 that is very much geared toward video integration.

#4 of 14 OFFLINE   joe_pre



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Posted June 07 2006 - 01:57 PM

Ok I've now come upon a dilemma. I've narrowed it down to the Pioneer Elite VSX-72TXV or the Denon 2807, but I cannot find a place to purchase one within a hour away from me. I can purchase it online, but I noticed both only cover the warranty if you buy it from a "authorized" reseller. Sure enough the "authorized" resellers all want MSRP or real close, while the "unauthorized", yet reputable, online sites can offer them for $300+ less. That got me thinking. Since my TV will have two HDMI inputs (along with many other different kinds), is it really necessary to have to a receiver that does HDMI switching? Is all I'm gaining the convienence of not having to change the TV to a different input along with the receiver? If that is all I am gaining I would be ready to forget about the HDMI switching capability. If that was the case, what would be the best model that doesn't have that capability? I'm looking for quality, and then power over anything else. I'm guessing I would also save myself some $$$ by not going with the HDMI switching, as well as possibly being able to purchase it a little easier. Thanks!

#5 of 14 OFFLINE   joe_pre



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Posted June 07 2006 - 01:57 PM

(duplicate message)

#6 of 14 OFFLINE   Robert Powers

Robert Powers

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Posted June 08 2006 - 05:07 AM


I am considering upgrading from my Pioneer VSX-D908S. I have been very pleased with how it plays both movies and music but it appears to be dying on me. I have been researching different brands such as Denon and Yamaha but I think that I will stay with Pioneer. Personally I think Pioneer offers more bang for the buck. I have read how Denon's orperating manuals are not very reader friendly. I have read some good reviews on the Pioneer VSX-1015TX. According to the reviews this receiver tends to be very good with movies and average at playing music. I have not listened to one of these so I can't comment on the sound quality but as I stated ealier my Pioneer, which is an earlier model than this one, does really well on both movies and music. I don't think the VSX-1015TX one has the HDMI switching. You can get this one for about $400 shipped at www.BestPriceAudioVideo.com

I have also heard that the Pioneer Elite VSX-72TXV is a very good choice. From what I have heard I would choose this one over the Denon 2807 in a heartbeat.

Good luck and let us know what you decide.

#7 of 14 OFFLINE   ChrisHeflen


    Supporting Actor

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Posted June 08 2006 - 06:48 AM

I would will also recommend Pioneer as well. If you can step up to the 72 in the Elite series that would be great if not even the 74.
I know they have new models coming out in a month or two, so you might wanna wait to see what they are offering, or take advantage of closeout pricing on the current models.

I also just got done reading a review on the Onkyo 803 here...


Looks like he liked it pretty good. I think the Pioneer Elite might be a little more versatile/better with the auto set up and, in the systems I put them in, it seems to do great.

Good luck.

Where are you located?

#8 of 14 OFFLINE   joe_pre



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Posted June 08 2006 - 02:57 PM

Well I have decided to forget about the HDMI switching and just go straight to my TV. With two HDMI inputs in the back it'll handle it straight to the TV for two devices. I'm going to see what I can find for Pioneer products, namely the best one without HDMI capabilities. I am also going to take a look at Denon and Yamaha. I think I should have an easier time since I don't really require the HDMI. I too used to have an old Pioneer and never had a problem with it, so I am leaning towards them. Thanks for the suggested model for them. I'll take a look and let you know what I decide! Joe

#9 of 14 OFFLINE   DorianBryant



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Posted June 08 2006 - 09:11 PM

Personally, I would go with a HK AVR635 for $550 shipped from JandR. This has a $1300 msrp. The 635 is a fantastic receiver and aside from HDMI switching, is sonically superior to the Denon and Pioneer units. I have compared the 635 to the Elite 54tx, 56txi, 1014,1015, Denon 2805, Panny XR55, etc. I still have the 635. While HDMI switching is a nice feature, it doesn't yet work with many sources...

#10 of 14 OFFLINE   joe_pre



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Posted June 09 2006 - 03:54 PM

I am currently leaning towards the Pioneer VSX-1015TX. I read about it not having the feature where it'll correct some lip-syching issues with certain TV's. Is that something I should worry about? I'll be getting the Sony KDS-R60XBR1. Also should I just not worry about these places being "authorized" Pioneer dealers, in which Pioneer says they won't cover the warranty if you purchase items from them. Thanks!

#11 of 14 OFFLINE   joe_pre



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Posted June 11 2006 - 07:44 AM

Ok, I'm guessing some are wondering which receiver I have chosen. Well to surprise you, I am actually going with a Marantz SR7500. Everything I've read on it and the company have indicated that Marantz products are very high quality, reliable, and are just a pleasure to listen to. I am going to get a refurbished one for $630 (with shipping) which comes with a 1 year warranty from a authorized dealer. I may purchase the 2 yr extended (for a total of 3) for an additional $50. Not sure on the extended yet. This receiver has THX certification (important to me) and the a/v sync feature on it. My second choice acutally was the HK AVR635, but I actually read that that receiver was buggy and quite a few people had problems with it. After 'discovering' the Marantz, it just made sense. I'll let everyone know how it sounds!

#12 of 14 OFFLINE   Dave Moritz

Dave Moritz


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Posted June 11 2006 - 01:22 PM

While I agree that it might be good to wait for the new recievers with Dolby Digital +, Dolby True HD and DTS-HD. The question is when will these formats be available? This year or the middle of 07?

If you do not want to wait for that to happen I would suggest the Denon AVR-2807. While the Pioneer Elite is a really nice option IMHO the Denon offers more bang for the buck at this time. The Pioneer does sound great and performs really nice. But for the money if I am not mistaken the Denon offers more and its processing it alittle nicer. However as long as the Pioneer Elite handles 1080p via its hdmi you can not loose with ether reciever. Yahaha makes some nice recievers but I dont think there recievers will handle 1080p.

Let us know what you end up with

While the Marantz is a nice product if you are going to get HD-DVD or Blu-ray HD I would want a receiver that has 1080p switching.

Good Luck Posted Image

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#13 of 14 OFFLINE   Scotty P

Scotty P


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Posted June 12 2006 - 11:21 AM

I highly recommend the Yamahas. I think they have the most features (zone 2 and 3, and extended remote codes, memory presets, etc.) and are certainly among the Tops in sound quality. I recently posted my experience with the HK 635 that I returned for the Yamaha 2500. I agree with the lack of need for HDMI in a receiver, run straight to the TV-avoid the hassle with HDCP quirks, and be able to have different video settings for each source (on most TVs). For that the Yamaha RXV 2500 is perfectly priced if you can find somewhere that still has them. I got mine at Sound Advice (Tweeter) for $800.

#14 of 14 OFFLINE   RichardCK



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Posted June 13 2006 - 12:43 PM

The sr7500 is a great choice, you will be very happy with it! I have one as a prepro in my system.

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