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Attempting to View X-Box in HD.. Please Help

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#1 of 6 OFFLINE   shaneT



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Posted March 05 2006 - 05:07 AM

Gentlemen, It has been nearly two years since I have logged in to this site, and I have every time been impressed by the level of professionalism and knowledge within these pages. A tremendous thanks to those of you that take time out to help the beginners. Now for my problem. I have a Phillips 60" HD tv. I do not know the model number offhand, but recall it being something like 60pptv or something similar. It is approximately 4.5 years old, one of the earliest HD tv's available, as it's 4:3 format suggests. I have recently had a roommate move into my house, and with him came the x-box 360. This of course means to me that I had to try to find a way to utilize the HD capability of the x-box. This is my system breakdown (the pertinent parts at least) Philips 60" HD tv Denon AVR-3200 Reciever (The reciever only supports up to S-Video Connections). Denon DVD-1200 DVD Player. (Set on progressive Scan Mode, using HD-DVD input Auxilarry #4) on the TV) Since the TV is older, the TV's inputs are as follows antenna a coax antenna b coax aus 1 svideo/component/rgb/audo RCA aux 2 svideo/component/rgb/audio RCA aux 3 svideo/rgb/audio RCA aux 4 Labled as HD inputs, includes Component/audio RCA aux 5 Labeled as HD input, VGA connection. Within the TV menu, the selections corresponde directly to the inputs. This seems obvious, but as far as i can tell the tv does not have a way to change the resolution, this has to be controlled by the input device. So... Now for my problem. My first step was to plug in the x-box to HDinput #4 (the input that i use for my progressive DVD player) then go to the x-box system menu and change the resolution to a hd mode. When i used the x-box to change the mode, the screen flashed, and looked scambled for 10 seconds and then went back to the original setting. (within that 10 seconds, you are supposed to click on a box that says "accept" that i was obviously unable to see). The last time I saw something like this was when i plugged my DVD player into my tv with an S-video cable with the player set on progressive mode. This led me to believe that the x-box would need to be switched somewhere from interlaced to progressive, but I could not find a hard switch on the unit. This led me to two different questions. 1) Since even if I were able to make this connection work, it would take over my only HD input, therefore leaving my DVD player stranded with no video connection. I then contacted my local Showcase (Tweeter) rep, and he told me that ANY component video connection goes through the same circuitry as the ones labeled HD, even if they only say "DVD in". Can someone please verify this for me? 2) Additionally, I wanted to make use of my other HD input, which is the VGA connection in. So i purchased an adaptor cable from component video to VGa and then connected the x-box to it. Same problem, and in addition everything looked green. I then swapped out the component connection to go from the DVD player to the VGA adaptor, and this time it made a picture, but only a green one. When unplugging the Green component cable, everything went away. Does anyone have any feedback on wether or not i have a faulty adaptor, or potentially a faulty television, or if there is any other way to tell. Summary: 1)How can i get my xbox360 into HD mode, 2)Is any component input on my TV HD capable, even if it isn't labled as such 3) What is wrong with my Component to VGA adaptor, why do i only see green. Any and all feedback is appreciated, and please if more information is needed, I will gladly provide. Thank you Shane Thompson ps: I have previously had the COX HD service, and have verified that HD does work.
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#2 of 6 OFFLINE   John Garcia

John Garcia

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Posted March 05 2006 - 08:49 AM

Sorry, missed the 360 part. Well, HD and progressive aren't the same thing. Try putting in a DVD and see if you get different options for setting progressive output. With the PS2, certain options are only available when a DVD is in the unit. Might ask the mods to move this to the gaming hardware area - you may get better responses there.
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#3 of 6 OFFLINE   JoseLH



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Posted March 05 2006 - 06:07 PM

I have an Xbox 360 hooked to a 52" RCA hdtv set to 1080i. It as well as my Toshiba Progressive Player run through a receiver. Anyway, you need to flip a little switch on the AV CABLE of the 360. It has two modes, TV(480i) and HDTV(480p or 1080i) notsetting it to hdtv will prevent it from displaying HD settings

#4 of 6 OFFLINE   Michael Young

Michael Young

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Posted March 06 2006 - 03:07 PM

Figure out the model number of your TV and find out its capabilities. just saying HD, isn't quite enough, you should know if it accepts 480i 480p 720p and 1080i. Also it might take different signals per inputs, like the component #4 might take 480p and 1080i but the #5 input might take only 480p etc.

#5 of 6 OFFLINE   shaneT



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Posted March 07 2006 - 07:28 AM

Jose, thank you for pointing out the Switch on the AV cable. That was exactly what I was looking for. This allowed me to change the setting to 1080i through the HD4 component connection. However I was unable to get the 720p to work. Apparently my Set does not support this? Micheal, Your question segways back to my point number two, where I asked if different inputs really have different capabilities. What the Showcase rep said seems to conflict with what you are saying. Does anyone know, if in general, All of the inputs are the same, regardless of how they are labeled? I will find the model number of the set tonight at home and post tommorrow. Thanks guys.
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#6 of 6 OFFLINE   Michael Young

Michael Young

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted March 07 2006 - 01:57 PM

They aren't all the same always. Depends on the TV. Some sets can't do 720p. Mine is one of them, so yours might be as well. I have 3 component inputs, 2 are 480p/i and only one does 480p and 1080i. same plug and everything, just different capabilities. Ohh and BTW, showcase reps no didlly, just whatever it takes to get you buying ( for the most part).

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