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Why are so few TV movies released on DVD?

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#1 of 9 OFFLINE   Bruce Morrison

Bruce Morrison

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Posted February 26 2006 - 02:58 AM

There are several TV movies and miniseries that I would love to have on Region 1 DVD. To name just a few:

Fatal Vision
Small Sacrifices
The Deliberate Stranger
Bangkok Hilton
The Tragedy Of Flight 103
Unnatural Causes
Friendly Fire

Many of these were issued on laserdisc, but none of them are available on Region 1 DVD (and most aren't available anywhere on DVD). Is there a basic explanation for why so few of these TV productions ever get DVD releases?
Bruce Morrison

#2 of 9 OFFLINE   Stephen Lilley

Stephen Lilley

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Posted February 26 2006 - 05:10 AM

I can't imagine there is a huge demand for these, honestly. Bigger TV movies are available (the Stephen King flicks, for example), but I can't see it being a hugely profitable investment for studios.

#3 of 9 OFFLINE   Claude North

Claude North

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Posted February 26 2006 - 06:45 AM

I think there would be a significant demand for many of the made-for-TV movies that came out during the 1970s and 1980s. Over in the TV on DVD section of this forum, a thread about made-for-TV movies generated many responses, with everyone listing several of their favorite titles. They might not seem as significant as theatrical releases, but many of these films have followings and are remembered fondly by those of us who saw them when they first aired.

#4 of 9 OFFLINE   todd s

todd s

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Posted February 27 2006 - 02:44 AM

I would love the 1984 mini-series..."The First Olympics: Athens 1896". My wife and I enjoy it very much. I purchased it on vhs and transferred it to dvd. But, would still get it if it ever came out.
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#5 of 9 OFFLINE   Glenn Overholt

Glenn Overholt


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Posted February 27 2006 - 04:14 AM

I wish I knew the answer to that one too. I am fortunate that I like sci-fi, as the Sci-fi channel has come out with some. As for the rest, I am hoping that after the TV on DVD craze slows down a little, the studios might market the movies.

When I think about it, the networks aren't really putting out TV movies anymore. They only come out on cable channels. I wonder what the answer is to that question too.

Anyway, if the sci-fi channel can put some out, they can't cost that much.


#6 of 9 OFFLINE   MarkHastings


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Posted February 27 2006 - 06:13 AM

A lot of TV movies are meant to stir interest. For example, the TV movies "The Tragedy Of Flight 103" and "Poseiden (whatever)" was probably meant to either stir up awareness of the theatrical movies, or to leetch off of the fame of the upcoming movie.

If the prior is true, I would assume the theatrical movie studio would sue the tv studio that tried to put their tv movie on DVD. I'm sure there are legal ways of putting it on tv, but once they go to DVD, they may be in risk of being sued.

#7 of 9 OFFLINE   Jeff_HR



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Posted February 27 2006 - 06:29 AM

"Bangkok Hilton" is available, but not in R1.
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#8 of 9 OFFLINE   LarryDavenport



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Posted February 27 2006 - 07:29 AM

There were some really great TV movies back in the 70s that I would love to buy:

A Short Walk To Daylight
A Cold Nights Death
The Day the World Shook
The President's Plane Is Missing
Isn't It Shocking
Salvage 1
The Girl in the Empty Grave
Deadly Game
Winter Kill
The Law
One of My Wives Is Missing

#9 of 9 OFFLINE   DouglasBr


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Posted February 27 2006 - 08:46 AM

Excellent question -- long overdue.

The ABC Movie of the Week, especially in its earlier days (think "The Night Stalker", "Crowhaven Farm", and the many of titles Larry mentioned) were high-quality movies, and I'd certainly buy a goodly number of 'em.