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Opting Out of the Popular

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#1 of 87 OFFLINE   MichaelBA


    Supporting Actor

  • 747 posts
  • Join Date: Oct 19 2005

Posted November 18 2005 - 12:18 AM

What famous, ubiquitously popular "stuff" have you deliberately opted out of... and why?

For example, someone might say, "I have never watched an episode of SEINFELD, either when it was on or in reruns, because I hate that insular, self-referential style of comedy."

Or someone might say, "I have never seen the revamped original STAR WARS films because I am loathe to endorse the revising of works of art ex post facto."

These are just examples. It could be any kind of "stuff."

"I have never removed carbs from my diet."

"I refuse to read the New York Times."

Et cetera.
He's got the bit between his teeth... all right!

#2 of 87 OFFLINE   BrianW



  • 2,561 posts
  • Join Date: Jan 30 1999

Posted November 18 2005 - 01:21 AM

I've never seen (or purchased) the reworked Star Wars films. I would have bought them on DVD had they remained untouched. I have never owned a PDA. I don't think they're "gauche", or anything. They're just not for me. To me, a PDA is like a ball-and-chain, with everything governing your life in one easily lose-able package. I never upgraded to Windows XP. I opted for desktop GNU/Linux instead. I've never owned a laptop, either. I finally got an MP3 player, but I waited until flash units had 1GB of memory. However, I don't listen to it in public in some incredibly annoying fashion as depicted in the young-demographically targeted media. In fact, I don't listen to it in public at all. I listen to classical music at my desk as I write firmware.
Come, Rubidia. Let's blow this epoch.

#3 of 87 OFFLINE   Marko Berg

Marko Berg

    Supporting Actor

  • 857 posts
  • Join Date: Mar 22 2002

Posted November 18 2005 - 02:06 AM

I never bought a full-screen DVD that wasn't OAR.

#4 of 87 OFFLINE   Grant B

Grant B


  • 3,213 posts
  • Join Date: Mar 29 2000

Posted November 18 2005 - 02:14 AM

A few years back my mother mentioned how disappointed she was when I was growing up because she could never use the old line "if so & so jumped off a bridge would you follow them" because I always did everything I could not to be like anyone else.
I guess now I have hit the age were I can be 'ecentric' and not just weird.

I guess having half of my living room engulped by my Antique American Flyer Model Railroad layout tends to make most peoples jaw drop (And not Lionel or HO scale which is about 70% of all model trains sold) and considering the value of San Francisco property it made the last appraiser stare in amazement (and being married tends to make it more odd I guess)

Generally I like to at least say I watched or did something once before I say it sucks.
Seinfeld falls into that catagory (i just didn't laugh)along with reality TV (which annoys the Bejesus out of me).
During HS while everyone was into Styx I resorted to the Beatles and old Blues artists.....I can proudly say but it didn't make me friends at the time....

SW don't much matter one way or the other which is different at least on this forum Posted Image
"Whatever it is, I'm against it!" G. Marx

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#5 of 87 OFFLINE   Alf S

Alf S


  • 1,920 posts
  • Join Date: Apr 23 2000
  • Real Name:Alfie

Posted November 18 2005 - 02:21 AM

I have no plans to buy into the whole Ipod thing. I have no desire, nor the time to cart this thing around to listen to music via earbuds etc...A friend of mine just got the video version and showed it off, but when I asked, "when do you plan on watching a two hour movie on a 2" screen?" he reminded me of Nigel on Spinal Tap.."But this one goes to 11"

#6 of 87 OFFLINE   Julian Reville

Julian Reville


  • 1,197 posts
  • Join Date: Aug 29 1999

Posted November 18 2005 - 02:49 AM

I have never owned a cell phone. I have never eaten sushi. I have never owned a Nike golf club.

#7 of 87 OFFLINE   RobertR


    Lead Actor

  • 9,655 posts
  • Join Date: Dec 19 1998

Posted November 18 2005 - 02:50 AM

I have no interest in Starbucks, SUVs, sushi, "reality shows", ipods, fad diets, camera phones, PDAs, or plasma TVs. I use all of maybe 10 minutes a month on a cell phone. I can't remember the last time I listened to popular music that was recorded in the last 10 years or so. None of the "trendy" ABC shows (Lost, Desperate Housewives, Invasion) appeal to me.

#8 of 87 OFFLINE   BrettB



  • 3,024 posts
  • Join Date: Feb 01 2001

Posted November 18 2005 - 03:03 AM

Don't do cell phones. Don't want any part of ipod. Never seen Titanic, any of the Matrix films or more than 20 minutes of any of the Harry Potter films. Don't watch 'reality' tv. Never been in a Starbucks. Podcasting and blogging are only slightly more desirable than being beaten with a large stick.

#9 of 87 OFFLINE   chris_everett


    Second Unit

  • 403 posts
  • Join Date: Jul 20 2003

Posted November 18 2005 - 03:39 AM

Reality TV. Sit-com's. Trend-of-the-moment poker. Diets. Newspapers (might take a good digital version). Portable video. My _home_ telephone (it felt like I had it so telemarketers could call me. Fow awhile I shut off the ringer, then killed it off altogether)This was before VoIP/DNC I refuse to get HBO until they switch to OAR. Don't yet own a MP3 player, but I may break down on that one soon. I've given up on PDA's until they are integrated with other stuff _well_. No game consoles. Never had a Camcorder. Wristwatches. (strange, I know) Overpriced designer clothes, shoes. Generally speaking, a lot of "disposable culture/wal-mart" stuff. I like to buy stuff that lasts, even if it means paying a lot more.
--Chris Everett

#10 of 87 OFFLINE   John_Bonner


    Supporting Actor

  • 667 posts
  • Join Date: Oct 25 2000

Posted November 18 2005 - 03:48 AM

Never had a Starbuck's.....Dunkin' Donuts baby! Never had a Krispy Kreme...Dunkin' Donuts baby! Rarely use the cell phone and if I was a regular user I'd never wear one of those bluetooth/headset jobs. Won't buy an overpriced iPod Won't buy a Tivo....use my pc as a PVR...no subscription fees! Won't buy satellite radio...hate the thought of subscription-based listening You'll never catch me leasing an automobile Although I love computers, no PDA for me thanks

#11 of 87 OFFLINE   Joe Szott

Joe Szott


  • 1,962 posts
  • Join Date: Feb 22 2002

Posted November 18 2005 - 03:53 AM

I only breathe once a day, and I never enjoy it. I take all my sustenence intraveneously while hanging upside down in a homemade eyrie. I rarely leave my home, but when I must travel it is always by walking along power lines in full sunlight. Other than that, I'm just like everyone else. Life can be so boring...

#12 of 87 OFFLINE   Christ Reynolds

Christ Reynolds


  • 3,597 posts
  • Join Date: May 06 2002

Posted November 18 2005 - 04:14 AM

i dont own a cell phone, and will never do so, unless forced to by an employer.

i've never eaten a salad, never drank a cup of coffee.

i never listen to music on the radio. i've never seen any reality tv, i've never seen an episode of friends.

i havent watched television in the past 3 years. (apart from hockey games, and lost. actually, my gf got me into lost on dvd, then she tapes it, we watch it on saturdays. if i didnt play hockey on wednesday nights, i'd probably refuse to watch it, because it's on live tv Posted Image)

i refuse to take more than a passing interest in the patriots and red sox.

i refuse to step inside a walmart.

And then when I feel so stuffed I can't eat anymore, I just use the restroom! And then I CAN eat more!

#13 of 87 OFFLINE   Bob McLaughlin

Bob McLaughlin


  • 1,130 posts
  • Join Date: Aug 14 2000
  • Real Name:Bob

Posted November 18 2005 - 04:25 AM

Lowfat or diet anything. I can't even buy cookies without being careful I don't buy the lowfat versions of those cookies! Arrgh! (It's similar to being careful I don't accidentally buy a movie in fullscreen.)

#14 of 87 OFFLINE   Max Leung

Max Leung


  • 4,612 posts
  • Join Date: Sep 06 2000

Posted November 18 2005 - 04:33 AM

I don't drink diet soda - although I tried them a few time and am always grossed out. I haven't seen E.T. I haven't seen Beetlejuice. I don't drive, and never plan to drive, an SUV (unless I have to for work, which hasn't happened yet).
Mahatma Gandhi, as you know, walked barefoot most of the time, which produced an impressive set of calluses on his feet. He also ate very little, which made him rather frail and with his odd diet, he suffered from bad breath. This made him...a super-callused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis.


#15 of 87 OFFLINE   Francois Caron

Francois Caron


  • 2,145 posts
  • Join Date: Jul 31 1997
  • Real Name:Francois Caron

Posted November 18 2005 - 04:34 AM

Professional sports have never interested me that much. In fact, I find baseball to be one of the most boring sporting events I've ever seen.

Ditto on iPods. The iPod's main advantage is style and accessories. As far as convenience is concerned, my modified Lexar player is much more convenient and it has a display. Also, I never liked earbuds. I prefer my Grado headphones.

I no longer purchase or rent movies and music. I...
borrow them from the library! Posted Image
I'll listen to music and even learn how to play a musical instrument, but I don't have the patience to attend a concert, either rock, classic or jazz.

I no longer watch prime time television shows. I can no longer respect the schedule, and today's shows simply drive me nuts, especially the faux-reality shows.

I don't follow the latest fashion trends.

I don't vacation to sunny beach paradises where it's hot. I'd rather go to New York City in the summertime, especially during garbage pick-up day! Posted Image

I'd rather go museum hopping than clubbing.

#16 of 87 OFFLINE   MarkHastings


    Executive Producer

  • 12,013 posts
  • Join Date: Jan 27 2003

Posted November 18 2005 - 05:06 AM

As much as I am into Star Wars and science fiction, everyone is always astonished that I've never seen an episode of X-Files.

Definitely "Reality TV" - A bit OT, but I loved Patton Oswald's line (during that comedy tour show on Comedy Central) about Reality TV. He said "Our show isn't a reality tv show because we show things that are real" Posted Image

Altough I've done it (very few times), I don't understand the obsession with gambling and casinos.

and I've never learned to drive manual trasmissions.
Homer Simpson: "I never realized how boring this sport is without beer!" Posted Image

#17 of 87 OFFLINE   BrianW



  • 2,561 posts
  • Join Date: Jan 30 1999

Posted November 18 2005 - 05:18 AM

Same here (but without so much Star Wars). I also have never owned a game console, and I simply don't see the attraction. I'm also not a sports fan. I just don't see the point. I'm not a coffee drinker, but if I were, I would probably pop into a Starbucks (or cheaper alternative) a couple of times a month.
Come, Rubidia. Let's blow this epoch.

#18 of 87 OFFLINE   Jason Seaver

Jason Seaver

    Lead Actor

  • 9,306 posts
  • Join Date: Dec 31 1969

Posted November 18 2005 - 05:59 AM

Trendy cynicism, especially when it comes to bragging about what I don't do.
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"What? Since when was this an energy...

#19 of 87 OFFLINE   RobertR


    Lead Actor

  • 9,655 posts
  • Join Date: Dec 19 1998

Posted November 18 2005 - 06:13 AM

Including bragging about what you don't brag about? Posted Image

#20 of 87 OFFLINE   MichaelBA


    Supporting Actor

  • 747 posts
  • Join Date: Oct 19 2005

Posted November 18 2005 - 06:15 AM

Is it really "cynicism" or "bragging" not to care for baseball (or any other sport) and simply be honest about that? Is it really "cyncism" or "bragging" to disdain candidly Reality TV or The X-Files?
He's got the bit between his teeth... all right!

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