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Gilmore Girls fans

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#1 of 58 OFFLINE   Jay_B!



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Posted October 06 2005 - 10:19 AM

I have always been kinda oblivious to the show, but I caught one episode from season 4 and actually kinda liked it even though I didn't really know the characters. I was wondering, is this show worth checking out on DVD? I know 1 and 2 are on sale cheap right now so this is the perfect time to enter the world of Gilmoreism without spending too much. Among my fave shows from the past 10-15 years are Buffy, Firefly, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Popular, Freaks And Geeks, Charmed (early seasons), Roseanne, South Park, Desperate Housewives, Supernatural, Ally McBeal and Sex And The City. Would somebody who likes those shows like Gilmore as well? I generally like dramedy type shows and I know GG is in that vein. While we're at it, which season is the best thus far? whether out on DVD or not.

#2 of 58 OFFLINE   LeonaB


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted October 06 2005 - 11:09 AM

Jay: YES, you should DEFINITELY check out Gilmore Girls. Judging from your list of favorite shows, I have a feeling you will love GG!!! My personal favorite is Season 1, but all the seasons have been enjoyable, IMO. -Leona

#3 of 58 OFFLINE   Eve Brown

Eve Brown

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted October 06 2005 - 02:57 PM

I would recommand it anyway but I think you would enjoy based on the shows you said u liked. Run to pick these up. Not sure what my favorite season is. I wasn't a fan of Jesse so was glad when he left but still enjoyed season 2 and 3. Season 4 starts off slow when Rory first goes to college there is critism of her going home alot. However at my college many people went home most weekends so it does happen.

#4 of 58 OFFLINE   Joseph DeMartino

Joseph DeMartino

    Lead Actor

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Posted October 06 2005 - 03:38 PM

Definitely worth checking out, especially at these prices. I got hooked on the ABC Family Channel reruns. I bought the first three seasons a couple of months ago and the fourth when it was released in September. I'm about 5 episodes into S4 and couldn't pick any of them as a favorite; I've enjoyed them all. (And Lauren Graham looks so fetching doing her little dance and running down the stairs in the opening credits. Posted Image)



#5 of 58 OFFLINE   Jon Martin

Jon Martin


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Posted October 07 2005 - 06:20 AM

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Run out now, THIS SECOND, and buy the first two seasons at Target. I didn't think I would like it, thinking it was just for girls, but in the second season (when it was on opposite Buffy), BUFFY had a repeat so I flipped over, heard a minute or two of the fantastic dialogue (the best on any TV series) and was hooked. Been watching it ever since. It is one of the funniest, smartest shows on TV. Even today, which is going through one of the more interesting storylines yet. And I have to add, yes, I hate the Jess character too. I thought it was the actor, but he was in the recent film CURSED. Not a good film, but he wasn't as obnoxious in it, so it must be the way they write the character.

#6 of 58 OFFLINE   Mark Talmadge

Mark Talmadge


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Posted October 07 2005 - 07:27 AM

After having mixed feelings about buying this series I decided to give the show a chance due to the fact that Target has the first two seasons on sale at $18.88 and the fact that my discount as an employee would lower that price by 10%. Now, having never seen one single episode before now, and I probably will never catch a single originally aired broadcast episode on television, I finally bought the first season (I received a raincheck for the second season since Target was sold out). After watching the first disk, the first four episodes, I was pleasantly surprised by how well these episodes were written. Not only is the acting believable and the script-writing at the top of list but Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledell bring with them, a sense of wonder and beliebability with their characters that draw you into each episode. I do have to say that this series, and I would have never given it a try without the exceptional Warner Bros price drop, has drawn me in and I look forward to buying future releases of this series. This series seems more familiar with me because it reminds me of Providence, that series with Melina Kanakaredes and Mike Farrel (MASH). I'm really looking forward to watching the rest of this series and hope that quirky humor, such as the ditzy personality trait of Lorelai Gilmore seems to pop out in every epsiode. It's hilarious. Kudos to Warner for producing such a prime number one television show.

#7 of 58 OFFLINE   MatthewLouwrens



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Posted October 07 2005 - 07:57 AM

The amusing thing about this thread is that the guys outnumber the girls. Absolutely. It really is a very strong brilliantly scripted, well-made, well-acted comedy-drama. It's one of the communal shows that my etire flat (two guys, two girls) will watch together and talk about afterwards. The thing about the show is it actually earns the "comedy-drama" label. Most comedy-dramas are given that label just because they don't really know what they are. They're too light to be fully dramatic, but they're not really all that funny either. With Gilmore Girls, the show usually manages a few good laughs out of me (more than most straight comedies achieve) but at the same time, the drama is usually pretty strong. Season One was definitely the highpoint, almost perfect. The other seasons don't quite attain those heights, but they come pretty close and are all well worth your time.

#8 of 58 OFFLINE   Cameron Yee

Cameron Yee

    Executive Producer

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Posted October 07 2005 - 10:26 AM

Buy now before it's too late! Posted Image

Favorite season so far is probably the first as well. I've been trying to figure out who to buy the sets for as Christmas gifts, but sadly I'm coming up short. And no, none of you here count Posted Image

#9 of 58 OFFLINE   Dave-P



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Posted October 07 2005 - 02:23 PM

I wouldn't be so sure...

#10 of 58 OFFLINE   Joel C

Joel C


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Posted October 07 2005 - 04:29 PM

I am a fan of every show you listed (well, not so much Supernatural), and Gilmore Girls is my favorite show ever, I think (though that title changes based on my mood, from Angel to new Battlestar Galactica to Buffy or West Wing). FWIW.
"Why I laugh?"

#11 of 58 OFFLINE   John*P


    Second Unit

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Posted October 07 2005 - 05:31 PM

I would definitely recommend this show to you on DVD. With the shows you have listed as your favorites, I think this series would be compatible with your taste. Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino use to be a writer/producer on Roseanne in its heyday, and her husband, Daniel Palladino, (who also writes, produces and directs for GG) was also a writer/producer on that show in its later seasons. (Amy wrote some of the teen angst episodes, including the early Becky and Mark stuff and episodes when Darlene was deep in her depression) Gilmore Girls is one of the smartest and funniest shows I've ever seen, and it is easily one of my all-time favorites. Don't judge the series solely on the Season 4 eps; many people consider that to be the weakest batch of shows. You should definitely check out the series from the beginning. I bet you'll get hooked...

#12 of 58 OFFLINE   ElijahS


    Supporting Actor

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Posted October 07 2005 - 05:43 PM

I'm going to try to swing by Walmart tomorrow, and if they have both sets, I'll probably pick 'em up.
- Elijah

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#13 of 58 OFFLINE   Mark Talmadge

Mark Talmadge


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Posted October 07 2005 - 07:28 PM

If they don't I'd get a raincheck because I believe this is a one week event, through this Saturday, today.Posted Image

#14 of 58 OFFLINE   Nate Anderson

Nate Anderson


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Posted October 07 2005 - 08:34 PM

I'm currently addicted to Gilmore Girls. I love this show so much, even if the current season is really letting me down... I got hooked last fall. One of my friends, Aaron had bought the first season set and was watching it when I came over. I watched some of it with him, but became hooked when this priceless bit of dialoge was uttered: [Jackson and Sookie are arguing over the fact that he brought her blueberries instead of strawberries.] Jackson: So, use the blueberries. Sookie: To make what? Jackson: Blueberry shortcake. Sookie: There's no such thing. Jackson: Hey, the world was flat until someone took a boat trip. Then, the following Tuesday, I saw a wonderful episode from season five called, You Jump, I Jump Jack, where Rory goes to the Life or Death brigade event with Logan. (Never mind the fact that I have a total crush on Matt Czuhry...) After that, there was no going back.
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#15 of 58 OFFLINE   Mark Talmadge

Mark Talmadge


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Posted October 08 2005 - 04:06 AM

Just got back from picking up Gilmore Girls Season 2 and I'd like to know what the hell is up with Warner Bros. idea of packing the set with a cheap-ass packaging format? The first season packaging was well done but the cheap packaging for Season 2 as well as the cheap packaging for Smallville Season 2. And they didn't even lower the price for those that picked up these seasons at the original cost. The very least they could have done was dropped the retail price.

#16 of 58 OFFLINE   Joel C

Joel C


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Posted October 08 2005 - 05:59 AM

My copies of seasons 1 and 2 are in the same thick packaging, and the thinner ones tart with season 3. I actually prefer the thinner set, though, it seems more or less as sturdy and takes up a lot less room.
"Why I laugh?"

#17 of 58 OFFLINE   Mark Talmadge

Mark Talmadge


  • 2,379 posts
  • Join Date: Jul 21 2005

Posted October 08 2005 - 07:04 AM

That was exactly my first impression that the set seemed a little flimsy while they did not even drop the original retail price. Not to mention the fact that they could have used thin-packs to make them smaller sets. The boxes feel like they are going to fall apart.Posted Image

#18 of 58 OFFLINE   Jon Martin

Jon Martin


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Posted October 08 2005 - 08:16 AM

In this month's ESQUIRE, there is an article calling it "The Best Show that Guys Don't Watch and Should" or something like that.

#19 of 58 OFFLINE   Mark Talmadge

Mark Talmadge


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Posted October 09 2005 - 05:06 AM

... dum-dum-da-dum-dum ...

** does the happy dance around town **

I'm so thrilled, I got a raincheck for Smallville Season 2 and Gilmore Girls Season 2 but managed to pick up Gimore Girls at a second Target Store and got ... TA-DA ... Gimore Girls Season 3 and Season 4 substituted for the two they did not have and got them both for $18.88 each ... god I am so happy ... I'll get to work on picking up Smallville Seasons 2-4 at a later date. I'm so thrilled ... ehehe ... I'll be working on watching Seasons 2-4 throughout this week and the next week ...

Posted Image

#20 of 58 OFFLINE   Mark Talmadge

Mark Talmadge


  • 2,379 posts
  • Join Date: Jul 21 2005

Posted October 12 2005 - 06:47 AM

AGHHH!!! Somebody help me quick!!! I've been stuck on Gilmore Girls for the past few days that it's having a rotting effect on my brain. I've watched through the complete First Season and the first 14 episodes of Season 2 and those hilarious one liners that Heather Graham pops off in the show? MY GOD, I've started popping one liners at work and it's causing me laugh at myself.

** cries **

I still have 10 episodes of Season 2 and all of Season 3 and 4 to watch through along with Season 5 coming out in December.

Does anyone have a cure?Posted Image

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