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The Family Guy New Season (2005) Thread

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#1 of 507 Jason Adams

Jason Adams

    Supporting Actor

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Posted May 01 2005 - 02:40 PM

Because of the needless interjections in the prior FG thread, I'm creating a new one. Posted Image

I've seen this episode several times, being that its on my computer, (thank you NickSo, if I didnt already say so) but its hilarious. Chris getting spanked by Stuwie, Peter stealing the sequel to The Passion Of The Christ, and appearences of that old pedophile, and the Greased-Up Deaf Guy...its truly a return to form. Posted Image

American Dad...not so much. Posted Image

#2 of 507 NickSo



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Posted May 01 2005 - 02:48 PM

yeah, i liked how they had 'cameos' from characters... they also had the the weather man (ITS GOIN' RAIN!), the evil monkey... who else.

stewie's reaction to "Upside down face" Posted Image

#3 of 507 Casey Trowbridg

Casey Trowbridg

    Lead Actor

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Posted May 01 2005 - 02:54 PM

I didn't think it was the best episode although it reminded me of what I love about this series, but it also reminded me of things I'm not so fond of but it wasn't a bad first outing. I also had it on my computer this week and watched it then. I really liked the opening of the episode where Peter listed all of those now canceled TV shows.

I'll keep watching because even though I do find flaws in the show I still really enjoy it.

#4 of 507 MarkHastings


    Executive Producer

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Posted May 01 2005 - 02:55 PM

This is the only show that makes me belly laugh. Posted Image It's so funny that it shocks the hell out of me when I am in stiches over the comedy.

The funniest part was the "Bed Bath & Beyond" moment. Posted Image A close second was when Peter walked in with the deer head. Posted Image

#5 of 507 MatthewA



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  • Real Name:Matthew
  • LocationSalinas, CA

Posted May 01 2005 - 03:01 PM

Well, I saw it, and if you love the show, you're likely to be satisfied with tonight's show. If you hate it, move along, nothing to see here. Even the attempt to try to inject politics in it (I thought that was what American Dud...er, Dad, was for) could be forgiven.

Here's to Family Guy. Long, but not too long, may it live.

Enough is enough, Disney. We DEMAND the release Song of the South on Blu-ray.


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#6 of 507 Ryan Peddle

Ryan Peddle

    Second Unit

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Posted May 01 2005 - 03:25 PM

There were simply to many funny moments.
Here were my favs:

1. The kick in the ass to all the other shows that fox has cancelled before and after FG.

2. The dirty names Peter called Lois, exageration is a personal favorite in comedy to me

3. The GI JOE gag, being an 80's kid, that's pure gold

4. The "Stop that...OK" spoof on Passion, killed me.

5. "it's vision is based on movement" line, pure FG.

I am so happy that Family Guy is back on the air. I've watched this show from the very beginning and when I purchased the two dvd sets I thought that would be it. But tonights episode left me with a wonderful feeling of laughter that will continue week after week once again.

#7 of 507 Ryan Peddle

Ryan Peddle

    Second Unit

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Posted May 01 2005 - 03:27 PM

BTW, the line of "it's turned his life upside down face" had me rolling.

#8 of 507 Mark Wielgosz

Mark Wielgosz

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted May 01 2005 - 03:36 PM

I laughed out loud at the G. I. Joe Public Service Announcement part. As with a lot of the series' great jokes, it was totally unexpected as well as semi-obscure.

I'm glad Family Guy is back on the air.

As for American Dad, it can simply join the shows Peter mentioned in the beginning.

#9 of 507 NickSo



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Posted May 01 2005 - 03:38 PM

a picture is worht a thousand laughs... er, words...

Posted Image
Posted Image

1.5MB GIF animation of stewie's response to upside down face:

#10 of 507 Nate Anderson

Nate Anderson


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Posted May 01 2005 - 04:02 PM

Not that greatest Family Guy episode, but still really funny. As a fan of the movie, I loved all the references to North by Northwest.

...I almost killed my roommate when he said, and I quote, "Is that a real movie?" Posted Image
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#11 of 507 nolesrule



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  • Real Name:Joe Kauffman
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Posted May 01 2005 - 04:33 PM

NxNW is my favorite Hitchcock film, so those references had me going too. Also the GI Joe bit.

I never saw the show on FOX. I'm one of those guys that was sucked in by the DVDs. But when the opening credits began, i got that feeling of excitement. Not the best FG epsiode, but not a disappointment.

#12 of 507 Jeff_Standley


    Supporting Actor

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Posted May 01 2005 - 04:45 PM

Hilarious episode. I loved the Gi-Joe bit and the gepetto bit was unbelievably funny. I laughed so hard.

The first episode of American Dad they aired after the superbowl I thought was very funny and couldnt wait for the season to start. This episode was pretty funny but not as funny. I think it will get better though. The comments about real estate guy being gay they were talking about at work had me on the floor.
Once I got out of real estate my sodomy cleared up like that.

American Dad has good potential I think, but you definitely have to watch it like you have no idea what Family Guy is.
"Do you think the average stormtrooper knows how to install a toilet main"?

#13 of 507 David Galindo

David Galindo


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Posted May 01 2005 - 04:47 PM

Ill post here again.

While I never really cared for Family Guy, I think this new ep was hilarious. Some great lines in this one!

"That show only re-enforces the stereotype that George Lopez is funny."

"Give me my wife or another woman of equal physical attraction!"

"And now, back to Two and a Half Men..."

And I loved the shooting lock gun joke.

Yeah, the Passion references were late (understandably, due to the scripts being finished 15 months ago) but still a hilarious show!

#14 of 507 KyleC


    Supporting Actor

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Posted May 01 2005 - 05:07 PM

The GI Joe bit was classic, and I love how they actually got the guy who did Flint to do the voice.

#15 of 507 PhilipG



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Posted May 01 2005 - 07:32 PM

Lots of great Mel Gibson jokes. Posted Image Loved the line about his new film where he saves England from the English!

"Stealing Mel Gibson's towels, bathrobes and Nazi paraphernalia is one thing..."

#16 of 507 Kevin Clemons

Kevin Clemons

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted May 01 2005 - 11:53 PM

My personal favorites-

"Let he who is without sin, kick the first a**"

Also, the license plate for Jesus saying WWID...priceless


#17 of 507 Matt Stone

Matt Stone

    Lead Actor

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Posted May 02 2005 - 02:09 AM

Stewie's reaction to the "upside-down face" line had me laughing the most. I was also cracking up when Brian and Stewie were in bed talking and Stewie mumbled to himself "Did I turn the oven off? ...yes, I did."

I can take or leave American Dad, but thank God Family Guy is back!
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#18 of 507 Scott-S



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Posted May 02 2005 - 02:37 AM

I really liked the episode. It did seem like the story went all over the place to try and fit in as many references and gags as they could. But to me, that only made it funnier.

My favorite was the Pinochio scene. Although it took me a few seconds to figure it out.

Overall, I think it is still at the same level it was when it was cancelled. Which to me, is a good thing Posted Image

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#19 of 507 MatthewA



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  • Real Name:Matthew
  • LocationSalinas, CA

Posted May 02 2005 - 02:44 AM

And unlike the movie it parodied, it had a satisfactory plot resolution.

I didn't even bother to watch American Dad. The pilot still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Enough is enough, Disney. We DEMAND the release Song of the South on Blu-ray.


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#20 of 507 Parris


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted May 02 2005 - 03:10 AM

It's good to have land

Not the funniest line of the night but Stewie in the rocking chair drinking his iced tea was classic!!

Great to have Family Guy back but I must say that Im very disappointed with American Dad. It's almost like Seth is treating this show as an afterthought since he gets to do Family Guy again.

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