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Employee may never make large purchase from Best Buy again

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#1 of 53 OFFLINE   Andrew Grall

Andrew Grall

    Supporting Actor

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Posted July 05 2001 - 10:53 AM

I worked at Best Buy part-time this spring/early summer just to pass the time until we moved. I thought I would use the discount to make a couple of necessary purchases, and a fun one. I bought a washer/dryer for our new house, and a Toshiba 65H80 TV. They came to deliver these items on Wednesday, June 20th. They informed me before even taking anything off the truck that there was no way they were even going to try to deliver the TV. Our house is technically a quad-level house. Each level is only separated by half flights of stairs, however. I want the TV in the lower level, and yes, they need to make ONE turn. My measurements made it look like it would have been close with the 65", but they should have made it.

Well, they absolutely refused to do it... So, they delivered the washer and dryer (which went down the one level and around down another level), and left without ever taking the TV off the truck. Before leaving, however, they gave me some bullsh*t about how they were sure that the 55" Toshiba would fit. I said, "They don't make a 55" widescreen Toshiba." They said they sure did because they moved them before (Toshiba does make a 55", but not a widescreen or HDTV). I said that they do make a 56" in that same model, and asked if they thought it would fit. They were like... I don't know... kind of leary-like.

So, anyway... I go to the local Best Buy later that night, and the video guy says they'll take care of it for me, but I should come back in the next day when the GM is in. He made a photocopy of my receipt for the GM and I left. So, I think, okay, no problem... I come in the next day, and I get to speak to this b*tch sales manager instead of the GM. She has a terrible attitude, walked away from me several times while I was speaking to her, and then didn't help me at all. She said I had to work through my old store where I had purchased it. Well, that store was now 6 hours away, and I wasn't planning a visit any time soon.

So, I called my old store. They (at least they were nice there) told me that we would have to wait until the TV showed back in their stock before we could work and exchange for the 56". Ok...ok... Well, on Sunday, June 24th, I talked with a manager at my old store, and she told me that the delivery was now set for Wednesday, June 27th. Ok, fine... Wednesday comes, and no TV. They had never even called to give me a time window for delivery... So, I call my old store again (after calling both the delivery number, and the 800 customer service number), and apparently my order was cancelled for some unknown reason. ?????? So, I had to call back every day until Monday, July 2nd, until there was someone there who could help me. Apparently there is only ONE person who works at that store who knows how to do this properly. So, they tell me the delivery date is today, Thursday, July 5th.

I actually received a voice-mail with a time-window. However, the half of the time window was covered by my working hours. They left no phone number to call, and I didn't have my receipt yet because they were mailing it to me. I left a note on the door saying something to the effect of,


Best Buy Delivery,

I received a voicemail with the time window of 11-2. I will not be home until 12:30, however. Please make another delivery and return after 12:30. Thank you.


When I got home today, the note was gone, and there was no new note, so I assumed they would return before 2:00. Nope. 2:00 came and went. At about that time, the mail came, and my receipt was in it. At about 2:05, I called the number on the receipt, and they informed me that I missed the delivery. Now, I am usually a very calm person who doesn't even like to yell at people on the phone...but I was extremely p*ssed off at this point. I asked if they could still deliver it today, and they said no...the delivery people are already off-shift (this is 5 minutes after my delivery window!). I ask to speak to a manager. She gives me the same crap...and want to set me up for another delivery tomorrow or Saturday. I said I want it today...I have waited for over 3 weeks for my $3000 TV! But, no...there was no way they could do that...

So, what do they have available tomorrow? 9 a.m. - noon. Of course, I am at work then too. But my wife could be home. Now, I eventually settled on them coming tomorrow, but I can just imagine them coming and saying...nope can't put this there... So...

Anyhow, this has been such a nightmare that I highly doubt I will ever make another significant purchase from Best Buy, and I am a former employee. If they treat an employee like this...how do they treat you average Joe?

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

So, anyhow, thank you for reading my rant.

#2 of 53 OFFLINE   DeborahK


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Posted July 05 2001 - 11:31 AM

what an awful story! Please let us know if you finally do get it tomorrow... Deborah ------------------

#3 of 53 OFFLINE   John Berggren

John Berggren


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Posted July 05 2001 - 12:06 PM

Best Buy's customer service sucks. Unless you got your TV for less than the current $2499 + shipping that Costco is offering, I'd cancel your order altogether very loudly. They were wrong from the start in refusing to unload the first television. If you measured & it would go into the place where you want it, they ought to have taken your word for it and tried. I do love their media prices, but BB makes me very angry otherwise. Posted Image

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#4 of 53 OFFLINE   Andrew Grall

Andrew Grall

    Supporting Actor

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Posted July 06 2001 - 12:09 PM


Ok, so the delivery people came while my wife was home. Immediately, they said (again) that they wouldn't even try to take that down. My wife told them that the last delivery people thought this size might fit, and they should try. They refused. She insisted again that they try and prove that it doesn't fit. He walked out the door, she assumed to get the TV. Then my wife heard the truck start, and they just left! Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

So, my wife immediately called the delivery number, and she was told my the supervisor that it is their policy that if a delivery person doesn't think it would fit, that they shouldn't even try. She was told that they could return within half-an-hour to just leave it in our living room... But she wanted to wait to talk to me (320 lbs between just the two of us and no special carrying tools?).

I come home and she tells me the story. Infuriated, I call the delivery line. The supervisor she spoke to informed me that they had set up a delivery for Monday. I said no, absolutely not. The TV is coming today. He put me on hold, and they came back 10 minutes later, telling me they would call me back. I was called back by the distribution center manager, and she told me that she was told that my wife had turned down the half-hour return and had agreed to a Monday delivery. I said no...she had only said that she wanted to talk to me before they drop it off in our living room. I asked her about why they couldn't even try to put it in our basement, and she again said that there was too much liability for them to try. Ugh... So, was left with the choice of having them return and drop it off in our living room, and see if the two us us can handle it...or tell them not to bother. I told her to go ahead and have them come back. I would call her back in 20-25 minutes if I changed my mind. She said I probably shouldn't expect them until 2-6 p.m. sometime. So, in the meanwhile, my wife has the idea to take some old cardboard boxes (we had just moved recently after all), and try to construct a box based on the dimensions of the TV, and see what it looks like trying to take that down the steps. Well, about 20 minutes after I got off the phone, the delivery guys showed up again... So much for after 2:00... I tried to talk them into trying it down the stairs, unsuccessfully. So, they took the box off the truck, and before we know it, they took the TV out of the box, and are bringing it into our living room. My wife and I checked it out, and there was no way the two of us were going to be able to handle it down that tight space...especially with the weight of the thing... So, after they got it in our living room, I told them to take it back on the truck. T^hey had to check to see if they could, because apparently they had destroyed the box when they took it off the truck. Ugh. Well, they eventually took it away...after some bitching and complaining about extra work and having to come to our house 3 times... (like that was OUR fault?!?)

Well, at this point, I was pretty down... I didn't know what my choices were... But I wanted to go to a local Best Buy and talk to (or bitch at) someone. I went to the Southfield Best Buy (as opposed to the Madison Heights Best Buy where I encountered the b*tch sales manager), and asked right away to speak to a manager. I told him the whole story, and asked what he could do. He was actually very courteous, and promised me we would get this taken care of, one way or another. I went back and talked to the guy in video, and these are my options:

1. Try the Pioneer 53" widescreen HDTV. The dimensions are matters of just a few inches smaller of the Toshiba, yet it is more expensive... I am afraid that the delivery people will just laugh if I ask them to try this one too.

2. Go all the way down to the Toshiba 40H80. It would almost definitely fit without much complaining, but I am sacrificing 16" of diagonal screen space, and I would like the largest TV possible. On the positive side, I would get a large chink of money back.

3. Return this TV, and the manager I spoke to assured me that he would make sure I get the new Toshiba 50H81 when it comes in. To me this sounds like the best option right now. It is 80 lbs lighter than the 56H80, and is several inches less in both depth and width, so maybe the delivery people won't complain...

So, anyhow... That's the latest chapter in the story... Please feel free to leave your opinions, comments, suggestions.


#5 of 53 OFFLINE   Deane Johnson

Deane Johnson

    Supporting Actor

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Posted July 06 2001 - 12:44 PM


I felt for you as I read your well written essay. I hope you don't have a dog around that you kicked in frustration. Posted Image

When I was making my plans for large screen several years ago, I determined that a large screen RPTV was just too cumbersome to fight with physically getting into my living room. Instead, I spent $4000 on an LCD projector and now enjoy a 7' wide picture with stunning clarity. And I can carry the "TV set" under one arm.

Just a thought. It seemed like a bold and far out move to me at the time, but here is where it's progressed to.


#6 of 53 OFFLINE   Marty M

Marty M


  • 2,920 posts
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Posted July 06 2001 - 01:14 PM

Andrew: Have you considered contacting a professional mover? It may cost more, but at least you might get the TV you want, and hopefully, professional movers would know what they are doing. We had a professional mover move a piano out of our old house in a space that seemed to be impossible to get a piano through.
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#7 of 53 OFFLINE   Scott Wong

Scott Wong

    Second Unit

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Posted July 07 2001 - 06:32 AM


Hang in there... I can certainly understand what that must have felt like. Especially to pay that much money for an item only to be let down and know you can't have it right this very second!! Posted Image I was angry just reading your posts... heh heh...

What was the t.v. like out of the box? You mentioned it going into a fairly tight space. I know it's difficult "eye-balling" these kind of things... but if it looks as though it would fit, perhaps the previous suggestion of hiring professional movers might be a good idea?? *shrug* You could have Worst Buy deliver the t.v. again and take it out of the box... and then have the pro movers come by right behind them and manuever it into the area you want it??

Nonetheless, I hope you get it all straightened out... sounds like it was more of a hassle than anything else.

Good luck to you...


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#8 of 53 OFFLINE   Jon_Are



  • 2,038 posts
  • Join Date: Jun 25 2001

Posted July 07 2001 - 09:34 AM

Hey Andrew... Best Buy has been at the top of my Sh*t list for some time now, and it all revolves around their refusual to accept a return of a package of - of all things - vacuum cleaner bags. The package was unopened, intact, labeled with a BB price tag, and I had the receipt. I was not asking for a refund, just an exchange for the right bags. The MO-RON salesperson would not accept them back. When I asked for a manager, I was kept waiting 45 minutes because he was 'in a meeting' (he was behind a closed door, which, when opened by a worker, revealed him to be standing around drinking coffee). Finally, when he came to speak to me, he was even crankier than the first woman. He refused the return, giving no reason at all, even when pressed. I wrote up the entire incident and mailed copies to BBs customer service dept. I indicated that BB was about to lose a customer who has spent thousands of dollars on software and hardware - including two complete computer systems - over a $7.99 package of vaccuum cleaner bags. I did not even receive a response to my letter. Reading your sad story, Andrew, re-filled me with rage against BB. I feel for you. Best of luck, Jon ------------------ "This one goes to eleven." (Nigel Tufnel)

#9 of 53 OFFLINE   JohnnyG



  • 1,523 posts
  • Join Date: Dec 18 2000

Posted July 07 2001 - 11:12 AM

Wow Andrew, that's quite the story! I can only imagine how frustrating it is for you. In my experience, we've never had a TV not fit. It often looks like it'll never fit, but the delivery company I use always seem to find a way, so kudos to them! The 50H81 should be a killer set and that's the choice I recommend. ------------------ John Golitsis Next Big Thing Electronics

#10 of 53 OFFLINE   Luis Esp

Luis Esp

    Supporting Actor

  • 585 posts
  • Join Date: May 25 2001

Posted July 07 2001 - 01:26 PM

I've never understood why people who obviously depise working in the retail market, end up in a position involving customer service. Here in Toronto, we have FutureShop and from what I've come across, the "Sales ASSociatES" are not better than what you've experienced at BestBuy. Just recently I saw BestBuy's ad in the Employment section. Apparently they will be opening many stores in Canada. It should be interesting what kind of "service" they will be providing. I would never make any major investments at either one of these stores. Sure at BayBloor Radio the prices are sometimes more expensive, but the service is always stellar.
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#11 of 53 OFFLINE   Eric Samonte

Eric Samonte


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Posted July 08 2001 - 08:42 AM

Wow..what a horrible story. But I second using professional movers. I just moved here and frankly am quite impressed by our movers, putting this oversized ref ( got it do a bargain so) into a small doorway. They would know how to deal with these things and they protect the merchandise and your walls, etc. from damage. Quite impressive indeed. ------------------ Eric Samonte Dito sa Pilipinas..may Hom Tiyeter rin kami!

#12 of 53 OFFLINE   Andrew Grall

Andrew Grall

    Supporting Actor

  • 646 posts
  • Join Date: May 17 1999

Posted July 08 2001 - 08:55 AM

Thanks for all the advice so far folks... Right now, I am tending to lean toward going the new Toshiba 50H81, because it is a new model with some neat features, and I'm fairly sure that a 50" TV will still look pretty huge in the space we are putting it. This is not to say however that I still won't have problems with the Best Buy delivery people, so we shall see how that works out. ------------------

#13 of 53 OFFLINE   Wil_J


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted July 09 2001 - 08:20 PM

Wow.....what a horror story. Now I am a newbie and haven't bought anything from anywhere yet. So, BB is that bad huh? Hmm....well I'm glad I was warned before I made a stupid mistake........Wil

#14 of 53 OFFLINE   Scott Hanson

Scott Hanson


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  • Real Name:Scott

Posted July 10 2001 - 09:12 AM

I just can't believe you're actually still considering purchasing from them. Don't the 65" Mitsubishi's come in two pieces? Plus, you'd get a better picture.

#15 of 53 OFFLINE   Andrew Grall

Andrew Grall

    Supporting Actor

  • 646 posts
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Posted July 10 2001 - 09:56 AM

I wouldn't, except for the huge price break that I am getting... ------------------

#16 of 53 OFFLINE   PS Nystrom

PS Nystrom

    Second Unit

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Posted July 10 2001 - 08:00 PM

Wow, what a story. I'm hoping to buy a TV from Best Buy with an employee discount before I leave next month, but now I'll always have your story in the back of my mind, worrying me. And that story about the vaccuum cleaner bags?! Again, wow, what a ridiculous story! Why wouldn't Besy Buy exchange 'em? That's just silly.

If you haven't been directed their yet, check outwww.bestbuysucks.org for some other great stories about everyone's favorite electronics superstore.


#17 of 53 OFFLINE   Andrew Grall

Andrew Grall

    Supporting Actor

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Posted July 15 2001 - 03:14 PM

Just a little update... No TV yet. I last called Best Buy on Friday, and asked the nice manager if there was any further news on when the Toshiba 50H81 would be in stock. He checked, and the warehouse did not have an update yet. There also just happened to be a Toshiba rep there that day, but all he said was by the end of the month. So, I plan to call again Tuesday. I am extremely anxious because I should be getting the bill for the TV any time now. The TV should be coming into stock this week from what I have heard, but they will be in limited supply... So I better get one!!! ------------------

#18 of 53 OFFLINE   Peter McM

Peter McM

    Supporting Actor

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Posted July 15 2001 - 05:15 PM

Two words for you, my friends--Circuit City! Sure, they've pulled their blunders in the past, like DIVX. But their customer service is the best that I, personally, have ever experienced. Working on commission can be a great motivator when pleasing the public. Believe me, I know; I sell cars for a living!
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#19 of 53 OFFLINE   Andrew Grall

Andrew Grall

    Supporting Actor

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Posted July 15 2001 - 05:24 PM

Peter, I would be there tomorrow if I thought they would give me close to the deal I get with my (former)-employee discount at Best Buy. I would doubt they would be so generous as to match that deal... P.S. As much of a motivator as commissioned sales is, and as much as I realize that it helps get better service... You know what I hate about commissioned salespeople? I am Dr. Grall. My wife is Dr. Grall. But when we go shopping, especially on weekends and in the evening, I wear casual clothes (jeans/shorts and a T-shirt). Many times I get little to no help because of how I dress. Sometimes makes me want to go up to the salesperson who is ignoring me and say, "Hi, I'm Dr. Grall...and you will not be getting the commission from my sale." [Edited last by Andrew Grall on July 15, 2001 at 08:29 PM]

#20 of 53 OFFLINE   Andrew Grall

Andrew Grall

    Supporting Actor

  • 646 posts
  • Join Date: May 17 1999

Posted July 16 2001 - 08:01 AM

Well, I stopped in at the Southfield Best Buy this morning, and they still don't have them in stock. However, Dan (the nice manager guy) assured me that he is checking every day, and will lock one in for me as soon as he sees them in stock... So, hopefully I will hear something positive soon... ------------------

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