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#1 of 4 Max_



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Posted January 04 2005 - 03:20 AM

This widscreen, stereo release from Hart Sharp and Fangoria comes in two versions. An R rated version which has been cut by several minutes and the Directors Cut which the MPAA refused to rate - make sure you get the latter as it's a far superior version.

Added Value includes several hilarious deleted scenes, an interesting commentary from the director and lead actor (a must for any indie film maker looking to shoot low budget on DV), a behind the scenes featurette, key cast auditions (which will certainly be of interest to any aspiring thespians), and finally a fantastic 3 minute short called THE SHOE COLLECTOR.

'The Last Horror Movie' is not so much a horror movie as a film about horror movies - a meta-horror whose charmingly bland (and thoroughly sociopathic) narrator provides his own integrated director's commentary for the events on screen. Drawing in viewers with the familiar clichés of an eighties-style slasher, before disrupting the proceedings with some altogether more mundane murders (and a jauntily confronting voice-over), the film reveals a relationship between director, killer, accomplice, victim and viewer that is a little too close for comfort. "We're trying to make an intelligent movie about murder while actually doing the murders" says Max, in an attempt to get an "interesting" reaction from one of his unwilling subjects - her only reaction, of course, is to die, but by then turning to camera and asking "Would you have sold your TV to save that woman's life?", Max reveals that he is far more interested in interrogating OUR reaction and exposing OUR collusion in his dark deeds - or as he later puts it "Now did you want to see that or not, and if not, why are you still watching?"

Slasher films have always exploited that strange, conflicted desire in the viewer to see the killer succeed, and 'The Last Horror Movie' takes this further by focussing almost entirely on the character of Max himself, and by not letting us know or care about any of his victims. There is nobody besides Max with whom the viewer can identify, and the sheer banality of his views and behaviour (apart from all the murders) makes such identification surprisingly easy - but there is a sting in this film's tail that reminds the viewer all too unpleasantly of what it is like to be a victim.

'The Last Horror Movie' gets away with its low-budget look by masquerading as a home video, while the diabolically professional central performance by Kevin Howarth dispels any notion that the film is at all amateurish. Like a combination of 'Funny Games' (1997), 'The Vanishing' (1988), and especially 'Man Bites Dog' (1992), Julian Richards' film is all about discomfiting the ready complicity of the viewer - by turns disturbing, funny, and grim, it cuts much deeper than your average slasher.

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#2 of 4 EricSchulz



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Posted January 08 2005 - 02:42 PM

What an incredibly over-rated film! Is there ANY reason this was un-rated? (If I have to listen to the commentary track to find out, I guess I'll just pass...) I've seen more blood and guts in just about any episode of "CSI". And what could have POSSIBLY been edited out of a film that runs only 80mins uncut?

#3 of 4 Nymus



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Posted July 26 2008 - 08:16 PM

The director of THE LAST HORROR MOVIE has a new film about to be released on DVD. It's called SUMMER SCARS and is billed as a "coming-of-age thriller".

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Posted March 28 2014 - 02:49 PM

Looks like a re-release of THE LAST HORROR MOVIE is planned.


May 5th for UK and August 8th for US





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