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DTC 100 vs. DST3000 vs. Hughes E86

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#1 of 7 OFFLINE   Steve Faberman

Steve Faberman


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Posted April 02 2001 - 02:31 AM

Need to order a STB in the next couple of weeks. Will use it for Satellite as well as an HDTV receiver for OTA broadcast. Want to get some feedback on these three units I'm considering.

With the breadth of information on this forum, Hometheatherspot and AVS forum, so far I've learned the following :

1. DTC is cheapest, but you have to buy the adapter and cables for component video.
2. DTC is a loud unit b/c of fan.
3. DTC lets you use 2 OTA antennas.
4. DST3000 lets you hook up component and s-video at the same time and will switch automatically.
5. Hughes is new and not reviewed all that much.

Looks like the RCA can be had for $449 (extremeshopper.com) plus adapter for another $90. The DST3000 and the Hughes are in the $699 ballpark.

So, what else am I missing? Anyone have feedback to sway me one way or the other. BTW, this will be hooked up to a Pioneer Elite 610, which I cannot wait to finally have in my family room!!!!

Thanks for the input. - Steve

#2 of 7 OFFLINE   RoyGBiv


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Posted April 03 2001 - 12:08 AM


I have had the DTC-100 since November, just before the latest software upgrade. A few days later I got the upgrade, and it has performed flawlessly since. I have not heard of a lot of people complaining of fan noise. I myself never hear it during use. The DTC is across the room under the TV. I have the Mitsubish 46805 on the Mitsubishi stand. I have only heard it once or twice when the TV was not on. I don't think fan noise is a big issue here. Similarly, although you need a breakout cable or adapter, the total expense is still less than the others. Using one of these devices does not seem to have altered picture quality. Last, for the Pioneer, you may not even need the adapter. I believe the Pioneer has a VGA in, and you can just use a VGA cable. From what I have read using this input does not allow you to adjust some of the picture controls, though.

I don't know what you mean about the DST allowing you to hook up both HD and SD at the same time and switch automatically. All of the current DirecTV based HD STBs allow you to switch from HD to SD, but will not output both at the same time. The DTC can be toggled back and forth via the remote. Also, if you program the DTC to record something, it will automatically swtich to SD when it comes on to record.


#3 of 7 OFFLINE   Bruce N

Bruce N

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Posted April 03 2001 - 12:57 AM

You DO NOT need a $90 adapter to connect a DTC-100 to a Pioneer Elite 510/610/710. My DTC connects directly to the VGA in on my Elite 710 with a plain VGA cable.


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#4 of 7 OFFLINE   Jesus J

Jesus J


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Posted April 03 2001 - 10:06 AM

I have a question! I also have a Pioneer HDTV with the VGA input. I have the DTC-100 connected through the component input because I heard that the VGA input won't allow you to change a few picture settings. But then, as I was reading through another forum...they said that the VGA input is a better choice because it automatically uses the settings that the content creator's wanted originally. Is this true..or did I just misunderstand?

What other, if any, advantages does using the VGA input have over the component input?

Jesus J

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Posted April 03 2001 - 05:14 PM


Could you tell me where you found the DST3000 for $699? The cheapest I've seen so far is $799.


Mike P.

#6 of 7 OFFLINE   Scott O'Keeffe

Scott O'Keeffe

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Posted April 04 2001 - 05:22 PM


It is true that hooking up via component will add the ability to change tint and color in addition to contrast. (i'm talking Pioneer).

If you want to use the TV's screen modes, either won't help as it locks into full mode for all progressive signals. But, the DTC-100 can take care of this for you.

I'd recommend the VGA connection. I agree that there's a question as to why you need adjust any color/tint control with a "perfect" picture. Maybe lighting conditions?

For me, I go with the VGA. As usual, try each and see whatcha like. We've already spent thousands, what's another couple of bucks for some cable? Posted Image

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Charles R


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Posted April 06 2001 - 08:24 AM

For what it is worth... I have seen the RCA unit compared to another brand (the unit with a Firewire connection which you can record off of! - no longer available) on the same TV and it didn't look good.

The RCA was around DVD output levels while the other unit looked truly HDTV.

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