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New Mannheim Steamroller/Disney music dvd-audio

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Posted October 10 2004 - 02:13 PM

I saw this yesterday at Best Buy. Didn't read the entire label but it did mention 96/24 PCM. A lot of Disney music is pretty neat to listen to but especially if you have kids. To be perfectly frank I got an urge to buy this out of pure curiosity but I know I would only listen to it once or twice and that would be it.

Also spotted another multichannel nature sound disc called "Autumn Song". I love nature recordings and own four from Laser Light's nature series and an Hawaiian ocean one from Rykodisc. I would buy this dvd-audio but only if it has a nature sounds-only option. I bought the "Summer Song" title when it came out but was dismayed that music played along with the nature sounds.....and the music became louder and more energetic the longer the disc played (the Laser Light discs I own do have some random synthesizer notes but this is very subtle and consistant through the entire disc). This kind of drove me nuts because for me anyway, the longer I listen to a relaxation recording the more relaxed I become. And to have the music--any music--become louder as the disc plays is IMO counter to the idea of r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n.

And what made this worse is that the nature sounds portion of that recording was so very well recorded, and at the time I could only access the Dolby/DTS portion of the disc! For example, when the rain started coming down it sounded sooooo real. And the thunder was frigging awesome! The rumble of it shook the couch and it literally rolled overhead as it faded away. SO cool.........

To be fair, the music portion was also very well recorded. In fact, during a "solo" portion where some kind of marraccas(?) are being shook, they sound like they are right in the room with you. And as Dave Barry would say, I swear I am not making this up: our dog would sit up & stare at the speaker and twist her head from side to side trying to figure out what was happening. IIRC Mark Waldrep of the AIX Records audiophile dvd-audio label assisted with the recording of this disc.

But the menu only had options for music + sounds or music-only. Posted Image I finally gave the disc to a buddy who wasn't bothered by this feature; I kept the CD though.

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Brian L


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Posted October 12 2004 - 02:31 AM

Hey LanceJ...with a 6 year old in house, and a dad that has an unhealthy affection for all things Disney, you would expect that this one is on my hit list, but I just can not stomach Manheim Steamroller.

I have a few of their Christmas discs, and do admit to having spun them while decorating the tree, but I really am quite unimpressed with the sound quality, and I can only swallow so much synth work before I hurl.

And, as I now have the AIX Records Christmas DVD-A, I have a new soundtrack for tree trimming.

But, if you do bite, please post a review...I can be persuaded.


#3 of 4 LanceJ



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Posted October 12 2004 - 06:12 AM

BGL: I see where you're coming from with the synth stuff. And on that Ambience disc I owned, the music, well, sounded too elevator-ish. Posted Image

I own A Fresh Aire Christmas (the one with the trees on the cover) from 1988 that doesn't have that.....muzak......feel to it. And it has a great & powerful version of "Carol Of The Bells", my favorite Xmas tune.

#4 of 4 Raheel Saimgroup

Raheel Saimgroup


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Posted September 03 2013 - 03:11 AM

The Mannheim Steamroller "other" album are careful to be everything but their Christmas and new Aire CDs. Mannheim Steamroller is a found of the new age melody type, and has incessantly been producing unique and set music for the last more than a few decades. Click here for more detail.



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