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The Archive of Incomplete TV DVDs - Buyers Beware! (Updated 3/27/05)

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#41 of 393 OFFLINE   Eugene Esterly

Eugene Esterly

    Supporting Actor

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Posted August 15 2004 - 07:21 PM

The info about the US Acres/ Orsen Farms title cards of Garfield & Friends is explained at http://www.tvshowson...cfm?NewsID=2076

#42 of 393 OFFLINE   Amy Mormino

Amy Mormino

    Supporting Actor

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Posted August 15 2004 - 10:26 PM

This list of cuts on TV DVDs would make a good permanent feature for TVShowsonDVD.com. It would give would-be buyers a dependable place to see what they are getting before buying.

#43 of 393 OFFLINE   RossH


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted August 16 2004 - 12:08 AM

The Fraggle Rock DVD apparently has Episodes 1 & 2 merged together, or ar least, missing the closing credits of Ep 1, and the opening credits of Ep 2...if that counts.

#44 of 393 OFFLINE   Dane Marvin

Dane Marvin


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Posted August 16 2004 - 02:04 AM

Couldn't agree more. Gord? Dave? Any plans to implement a feature like this?

I will update more of these late tonight, as I have to go to work now and after that my band has practice and a show! Posted Image

#45 of 393 OFFLINE   Mark Zimmer

Mark Zimmer


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Posted August 16 2004 - 04:01 AM

Dark Shadows, beginning about vol 7 or so, started cutting out flubs. This continued at least into the next volume, and I'm not sure if they've continued doing that (I did complain to MPI). There was a thread on HTF about it a year or so ago. Rocky & Bullwinkle isn't the first season but all the segments from the first season (some of which were duplicated in other first season episodes) reassembled, with some Dudley Do-Rights from I think the second season inserted. The title sequence is from the second season.

#46 of 393 OFFLINE   AnthonyC



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Posted August 16 2004 - 04:50 AM

Also, it's not really 'cut' but the Rocky and Bullwinkle season 1 set has that little R&B bug in the bottom right corner.

#47 of 393 OFFLINE   Juan Books

Juan Books

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted August 16 2004 - 05:13 AM

This is a great thread. It should be made "sticky" in this forum, so everyone can quickly find the relevant information before making a purchase. I am surprised no one has mentioned "Mr. Bean - The Whole Bean (Complete Set)" has many cut episodes.

#48 of 393 OFFLINE   Scott_F_S


    Second Unit

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Posted August 16 2004 - 05:17 AM

Sopranos S3: Scenes involving the undercover FBI agent in the season finale were reshot after the original airing with a different actress. The DVD set has the new scenes, but not the originals. Buffy S1: Welcome to the Hellmouth/Harvest originally aired as a feature-length pilot and then was broken up into two episodes for reruns and syndication. The DVD set has it broken up into two eps.

#49 of 393 OFFLINE   Keith H

Keith H


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Posted August 16 2004 - 06:44 AM

Tour of Duty Season One (Columbia/Tri-Star) has the original music replaced.

#50 of 393 OFFLINE   Claude North

Claude North

    Second Unit

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Posted August 16 2004 - 06:58 PM

In the Absolutely Fabulous box set featuring seasons 1-3, the episode entitled "Death" is edited. A scene in which Edina quotes Madonna's "Like a Prayer" has been deleted, most likely because of licensing issues.

#51 of 393 OFFLINE   Jeffrey Nelson

Jeffrey Nelson


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  • Real Name:Jeffrey Nelson
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Posted August 16 2004 - 07:32 PM

On the Monty Python A&E set, a line has been cut from the Funny Bus Conductor sketch. Originally, Graham sings "Tonight, tonight, I'm getting pissed tonight", but it is now missing due to copyright reasons. The line is intact on my old Paramount laserdisc. The Biggles line is also intact on the old laserdisc. I'm glad I held onto those!

#52 of 393 OFFLINE   Andrew Chong

Andrew Chong

    Supporting Actor

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Posted August 17 2004 - 02:27 AM

The X-Files, Season Six
The original broadcast of season six's first episode was preceded by a recap-montage that included scenes from X-Files: Fight the Future (the first X-Files movie) and the previous season while the first episode of the season six set does not.

#53 of 393 OFFLINE   Jonathan_Clarke


    Second Unit

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Posted August 17 2004 - 02:51 AM

I was just watching a few X Files 2 parters on dvd recently and I think none of them have the "Previously on the X Files" recaps.
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#54 of 393 OFFLINE   Joe Karlosi

Joe Karlosi


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Posted August 17 2004 - 04:33 AM

I don't know. I mean, are you going to boycott an entire show because an episode or two is missing a few seconds? What's the alternative if you want the whole series? Do you really think there will be another set offered or something? I bought LOST IN SPACE Season One. Ok, so two of the episodes are missing several seconds. The whole show runs 83 episodes; I'd rather have it this way than not buy it at all.

#55 of 393 OFFLINE   AndyMcKinney



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  • LocationKentucky, USA

Posted August 17 2004 - 05:40 AM

Some more edits/alterations:

V: the Original Mini-Series
The OAR 4:3 image has been cropped to "fake widescreen" (like Kung Fu) for the DVD, with Kenneth Johnson's blessing (Boo!)

V: The Final Battle
The OAR 4:3 image has been cropped to "fake widescreen" for this DVD, too. Since Johnson didn't direct the sequel, no one can make the claim that the "director" intended a widescreen image. This was, apparently, a marketing decision.

E.R. (all seasons)
the OAR 4:3 image has been cropped to widescreen. Some people claim that ER was shot "widescreen-safe" but this does not appear to be necessarily true of the earliest seasons. To accomodate the cropped image, apparently some of the on-screen credits (which appear after the main title sequence) had to be re-made for the new widescreen presentation as the original 4:3 version got "cut off" by the matte.

Only Fools and Horses
As on the UK discs (and current TV repeats), the original theme song for seasons 1-2 has been replaced by the theme tune that appears on all subsequent episodes (written by the series creator). This is a change he insisted on years ago, apparently. Also, watch out for music edits/substitutions with this series, as they are quite notorious on the UK DVD and VHS releases (don't know if these other music alterations extend back to series 1-3 or not).

Black Adder's Christmas Carol
I'm not sure about the American release of this, but on the R2 UK release, Baldrick's line about using a dog for Jesus in the Christmas play was edited. When he mentions about an Easter encore, the line where he says "they want to see us nail up the dog" is removed. This line was also removed on the British VHS of this title, though the American VHS was unedited.

Sapphire and Steel
The ad breaks for Assignments 3-6 (such as "end of part one" or "Sapphire and Steel, part 2", which were superimposed over live-action of the episodes themselves) have been hacked out, sometimes losing important dialogue). Also, the original ATV Colour Production intro is cut out of all episodes, and the ATV slide that originally appeared at the end of every episode only appears on some of them (it is replaced by a modern Carlton one on some episodes, and by a black screen on others). All these edits also affect the R2 release. The R4 release is the only one that preserves the ad breaks.

The Complete (sic) Mr. Bean
The scene of Mr. Bean using a bathroom scale to help him guess the weight of the turkey has been cut out from the "Merry Christmas" episode. This scene was[/i] in the original broadcast and is retained in the R4 release.

One scene often labeled as a "cut" is the scene where he competes with an elderly couple to buy a chair in the after-Christmas sale in a subsequent episode. It has since been established that this scene was [b]not
part of the original UK broadcasts on ITV but was in fact extra footage, apparently supplied to HBO to pad out the running time for the show's run on that channel.

#56 of 393 OFFLINE   Eddy-C


    Supporting Actor

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Posted August 17 2004 - 09:14 AM

Edited. because someone already said it.

Edited again. There is a small B/A scene missing from Lie To Me when they are in the bronze. The only time it was ever shown was during the original airing of the episode, I used to have it on download somewhere on my computer. I don't know why its never been shown since.

The season 6 finale, Two To Go/Grave also got split up into 2 parts when it originally aired as 2 hours with a "this year on Buffy the vampire slayer" intro.
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#57 of 393 OFFLINE   Dan Rudolph

Dan Rudolph


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Posted August 17 2004 - 09:57 AM

Which is odd, as the season 6 premiere, Bargainign is presented as a 2-hour episode. Why they didn't do this for any of the other 2-hour specials is beyond me.
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#58 of 393 OFFLINE   Joseph Miller

Joseph Miller

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted August 17 2004 - 12:44 PM

I'd like this thread to include warnings about shows that are time compressed. TV Shows on DVD has reported that "Combat!" is time compressed.

#59 of 393 OFFLINE   george kaplan

george kaplan

    Executive Producer

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Posted August 17 2004 - 01:07 PM

Every PAL disc (a pretty long list).
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#60 of 393 OFFLINE   Jeff Jacobson

Jeff Jacobson


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Posted August 17 2004 - 04:35 PM

That's a good point, this list should also include the regions of the DVDs. Regarding Black Adder, I recenty checked out the R1 Black Adder set from the library. The Black Adder's Christmas Carol did include the lines you mentioned.

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