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Panny Replacement, Maybe

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#1 of 15 Tim Jin

Tim Jin

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Posted May 25 2004 - 03:44 AM

I finally had enough with my PT47WX42. I filed a claim with Panasonic at trying to get my set replace. From my previous thread (Dimmer Panny 47), I stated that my set is a lot dimmer with 480i materials. I ruled out the s video cable and Time Warner came out to check their signal. Everything is fine at their end.

The local tech and I troubleshooted over email. We even use the DVD player as a 480i source and still got the same awful picture. The tech called up Panasonic and they told them to go ahead and order a new (A-Board) mainboard. My mainboard was repaired 3-4 months ago and the TV was down for over 2 weeks because the board needed to be sent back to Panasonic. This time they sent out an new board.

While the board was being ordered, I filed a complaint to Panasonic because the set is always broken. So far I've had all of the parts replaced, including all 3 guns within the 16 months of ownership, but still problems. They gave me a case number and they pretty much told me that there is nothing that they can do at this point and to call the tech. "Okay???"

The tech and I are friends now because he has come out so often that whenever I call the shop, he assumes that my TV is broken. He came out on Saturday with the new board. The box wasn't even opened. He pointed out that the board was brand new and not a refurb.

He put in the board and turned on the TV. "Huh, that's weird, maybe I connected it wrong." So, he reconnected it again, but still nothing, no menu, just a red screen. He then tried the old board again, and there was a picture. For the last time, he tried the new board again and nothing. Finally, he put back in the old board and told me that the new board that Panasonic sent to him was broken, and he would have to order another one.

I was frustrated as h*ll. "Okay, whatever, see you again next week." The tech even suggested to call Panasonic and ask for a replacement.

I ended up writing a formal complaint letter and sent it off via email, snail mail, and fax. When I called this time to complain, they ask me to send all of the repair receipts.

I bought the extended warranty through Panasonic.

What are my odds that my issue will be resolve from Panasonic?

Will the end result be a letter from them with a 10% coupon on my next purchase???

This is why I haven't ISF my TV, because I know that my set will break again!!!

My set is a lemon...

#2 of 15 Jack Briggs

Jack Briggs

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Posted May 25 2004 - 04:07 AM

It may be.

You have to remain persistent with these people. If you get any flack, mention something about putting your attorney on the matter. I'm sure Panasonic will authorize a replacement set, but you will have to ride herd on the service people. Be polite but firm. Don't lose your cool. Collect all paperwork and receipts.

#3 of 15 Ken Smith

Ken Smith

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Posted May 25 2004 - 06:53 AM

At least you've got the extended warranty. I've had a Sony XBR and a Panasonic. Both direct-view crt's. Both of them needed a new picture tube once the 2 year warranty ran out. These are 2 electronic companies I have crossed off my list for future purchases.

#4 of 15 Tim Jin

Tim Jin

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Posted May 25 2004 - 11:59 AM

I will keep the group posted on the outcome. In the meantime, this week I'm getting another board .

#5 of 15 Chris PC

Chris PC


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Posted May 26 2004 - 10:23 AM

Write a letter of complaint to Panasonic and CC it (send carbon copies) to the Better Business Bureau or whatever equivalent there is in California. Ask that your demands, and demand a full refund or more, be met and then some. Send the letter certified mail.
Going from projector to flatscreen for a while.... :P

#6 of 15 Tim Jin

Tim Jin

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Posted May 26 2004 - 11:21 AM

They should be getting my letters soon. I've sent to 4 different addresses for Panasonic. If I don't hear from them anytime soon, I will call again and file a claim with BB.

#7 of 15 Tim Jin

Tim Jin

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Posted May 27 2004 - 08:59 AM

I ended up calling Panasonic this morning. It took 4 reps to get a clear answer from them. They have received the documents that they have requested from me, via fax. My case has now been transfer to their warranty department and I'm waiting to hear from them.

Panasonic should be getting my complaint letters via mailman by now.

Hopefully, my case will be resolve soon.

Keep the thread posted.

#8 of 15 Tim Jin

Tim Jin

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Posted May 29 2004 - 01:28 PM

Ahhh, it's been a long day. The tech came out with another A Board. He spent like 20 minutes at installing it and it works! The convergence was way off the screen. He always re do the convergence each time he opens up the tv and he usually take 45 minutes to an hours or so. This time the convergence was way off that he spent like close to 4 hours trying to do his best and he told me that he will order the template from Panasonic to get it perfect for me, while trying to do his best with the convergence by his eye.

We finally were done and got all of the input saved. 1080i looks good. 480i/480p is way off. It's off center, too much overscan, bending etc.

To make this short, the tech is coming out again, next Saturday to do the adjustment again, with the grid.

3 weekends in a row...

#9 of 15 Tim Jin

Tim Jin

    Supporting Actor

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Posted June 03 2004 - 04:57 PM

I've been getting the run around with Panasonic on my case. No one has an answer, bluh, bluh.

My case got forwarded to the manager of the extended warranty dept. I finally got to talk to him. He understands and etc. I also was calm and cool with him and there were no misunderstanding. I clearly stated of what I wanted, a replacement.

My case is being transfer to a field rep and the manager will have an answer by next week. He also questioning on why a field tech hasn't issued me a replacement a lot sooner. He sounded positive that my issue will be resolve by a replacement, but who knows. I also have to deal and come to some kind of agreement with them.

In the meantime, the tech is coming out again in a few days to try to correct the current problem.

and the drama continues...

#10 of 15 Bill Will

Bill Will


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Posted June 04 2004 - 08:46 AM

When the Tech comes I would have him get right on the phone with the manager & get a replacement issued. And if Panasonic still gives you the run around I would contact one of your local TV Station's Consumer Reporter's & let Panasonic know you are doing that. If it's one thing companies hate it's a 6:00 "Bad "News" story on one of their products. This usually works faster then the BBB & even if the station's don't have a Consumer News Reporter they can usually help you out with just a call to Panasonic about your troubles. Just some food for thought & let Panasonic also know about this thread & how many HTF members are reading it. Posted Image

#11 of 15 Tim Jin

Tim Jin

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Posted June 05 2004 - 08:59 AM

The tech came out this morning with the template. He did the 1080i, 480i, 480p. He also noticed that the 1080i had drift again after the last time he was here. The "zoom" convergence has to be done by it's own. He tried to go into the zoom setting in the service menu, but it kicked him out with this weird menu. "Clear page, clear all, etc, etc." The tech never seen it before. So, instead of risking and loosing all of the settings, he is going to check with Panasonic and let me know.

In the meantime, when I talk to the manager next week, I have more defense for my case and I will take the next step if I need to.

The tech also agrees that something has to be done. Some kind of replacement is needed, either with the life line or the entire TV. He will talk to the field rep again and pled for my case.

It's ongoing, but I am sure that my issue will get resolved.

I am very unpleased with Panasonic right now.

#12 of 15 Tim Jin

Tim Jin

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Posted June 08 2004 - 09:40 AM


I ended up calling the manager at the extended warranty dept. this morning. He wasn’t in. I end up calling the shop to see if their tech heard of anything and told them that my 1080I have drifted again. They said, that the extended warranty dept. contacted them and it’s up to the field rep to make the final call to replace the set or repair it again.

After a few hours, I end up calling again to see if I could speak to the manager at the extended warranty dept. He pretty much told me the same thing and they are going to replace my TV and it should take 2 to 3 weeks for the regional office to get it delivered to me.

Great!!! Finally, I’m getting somewhere after almost 18 months of headaches.

I told the manager that I want the most current model and not a remanufacture and I even offer to pay the difference for the upgrade. He assured me that it will not be a remanufacture and he will call me as soon as he knows the model and delivery date.

Here are my questions because this is my first time at trying to get anything replaced by warranty and I hope this will be my last.

My pt47wx42 is about two generations old, if you count the new coming models, which are out.

What are the odds that they will upgrade to me to wx53 series or better?

I have about 6 months left on my extended warranty.

What can I expect from Panasonic with my policy? Will they give me another manufacture’s warranty, or will they just continue on what is left on the extended?

I apologize for keeping this thread alive, but you guys been most helpful.

I just don’t know what to expect from the replacement.


#13 of 15 Michael TLV

Michael TLV


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Posted June 08 2004 - 10:07 AM


You will likely get the new warranty on the new set and the extended warranty's obligations end with the arrival of the replacement.

Michael @ The Laser Video Experience
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#14 of 15 Tim Jin

Tim Jin

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Posted June 08 2004 - 11:36 AM

Thanks for the reply.

Which model do you think that they will offer me?

Means to an end, hopefully.

#15 of 15 Tim Jin

Tim Jin

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Posted June 10 2004 - 03:09 PM

Panasonic has offered me the new PT47X54 or a refund.